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Chapter Patriots and home location during the American Revolution

Patriot Name Location
Anspach, John Adams PA
Ater, George VA
Bradford, Henry VA
Chapman, Jr., Robert CT
Comstock, Noah CT
Davis, Ann Simpson PA
Grow, Nathaniel CT
Hancock, Jr., Joseph PA
Heller, John PA
Hempleman, Adam PA
Hicks, Barney MA
Higley, Seth NY
Hite, Andrew VA
Holstein, George PA
Hormel, John Henry PA
Hutson, Skinner PA
Kelley, William P. NH
Keller, George VA
Keller, John VA
Kirkwood, David MD
Lockwood, Timothy NY
Nicely, Jacob VA
Page, Peter NH
Parker, Jr., Nathaniel MA
Parrett, Jr., Frederick VA
Perkins, Jr., Timothy MA
Prater, Archibald VA
Richmond, Nathan MA
Shields, Matthew PA
Spencer, Reuben NY
Stimmel, Peter MD
Stansill, Godfrey NC
Sturtevant, Lot MA
Surratt, John NC
Tallman, Benjamin PA
Van Der Mark, Jeremiah PA
Wardwell, William CT
Winget, Caleb PA
Wood, William PA
Wyly, James VA


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