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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Names on this portion of the census were a little trickier to read.  If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
Allen John Bloominggrove 248B
Alverson Theodore W. Bloominggrove 247A
Amsbaugh Albert Bloominggrove 246A
Amstutz Edward Bloominggrove 248A
Amstutz Henry C. Bloominggrove 251A
Amstutz Lester Bloominggrove 251A
Amstutz Orly Bloominggrove 251A
Arnold Donald Bloominggrove 249A
Arnold Lloyd L. Bloominggrove 245B
Arter Helen Bloominggrove 248B
Backenstoe A.G. Bloominggrove 245B
Backenstoe Clyde Bloominggrove 246A
Backenstoe Gloyd Bloominggrove 246A
Baker Maurice Bloominggrove 246A
Baker Victor Bloominggrove 249A
Baker Wesley Bloominggrove 248A
Becker Floyd E. Bloominggrove 246B
Beistline Clifford Bloominggrove 247B
Beistline Lemuel Bloominggrove 247B
Bell Ray Bloominggrove 249B
Bell Roy Bloominggrove 245A
Benedict Albert Bloominggrove 245B
Benedict Norris Bloominggrove 248A
Berry Alpha Bloominggrove 251B
Berry Clinton Bloominggrove 245A
Beveridge James Bloominggrove 250A
Bly Nina M. Bloominggrove 246B
Boerman George Bloominggrove 247B
Bowen Glenn A. Bloominggrove 246A
Boyce Albert O. Bloominggrove 246A
Boyce Hugh Bloominggrove 251B
Brault Marson Bloominggrove 247B
Briggs Dwight Bloominggrove 247A
Briggs John H. Bloominggrove 247A
Brown Harry Bloominggrove 249A
Brown Simon Bloominggrove 246B
Burgoyne John Bloominggrove 248B
Burns Charles F. Bloominggrove 245B
Burns James A. Bloominggrove 245B
Burns Sherman Bloominggrove 249B
Buzard Alvin Bloominggrove 247A
Carlisle Will--- Bloominggrove 250A
Carlson Carl Bloominggrove 247A
Caskey Harry Bloominggrove 250A
Caton Lymon Bloominggrove 251A
Charles Marion Bloominggrove 246B
Clark Nile Bloominggrove 246A
Clawson Frank Bloominggrove 248B
Cleland Catherine Bloominggrove 250A
Cleland Ma---- Bloominggrove 248A
Cline Frank M. Bloominggrove 247B
Cline Judson Bloominggrove 245A
Cline Levi A. Bloominggrove 248B
Cline Simon Bloominggrove 248B
Clingan Cloyd E. Bloominggrove 247A
Clingan James Bloominggrove 247A
Copland Emma Bloominggrove 249A
Cox Arthur H. Bloominggrove 246B
Cox David W. Bloominggrove 247A
Crevling Charles Bloominggrove 247A
Crooks Russell Bloominggrove 247B
Cross ---- Bloominggrove 250A
Cross John Bloominggrove 250B
Crouse Otis R. Bloominggrove 245B
Crouse Owens Bloominggrove 246A
Crouse Paul Bloominggrove 245B
Crouse Vaughn Bloominggrove 247B
Cullors James Bloominggrove 250A
Cuppy Abraham Bloominggrove 250A
Cuppy Fred Bloominggrove 250A
Daup Henry E. Bloominggrove 246A
Daup Ralph B. Bloominggrove 246A
Davidson Ollid Bloominggrove 252A
Derrenberger W. Bloominggrove 252A
Dick Alva Bloominggrove 248A
Dick George L. Bloominggrove 247B
Dick Julia Bloominggrove 250B
Dickerson Orlando Bloominggrove 248A
Dildine Charles Bloominggrove 248B
Draght John A. Bloominggrove 246A
Dunlap Charles Bloominggrove 251B
Egner Willis Bloominggrove 249B
Ellis Lester Bloominggrove 251A
Esbenshade Jess C. Bloominggrove 246A
Fidler Charles Bloominggrove 249B
Fisher Adam Bloominggrove 246B
Fluke Clyde Bloominggrove 249B
Fluke Mary Bloominggrove 248A
Forquor Wilham Bloominggrove 250A
Forsythe Clarence Bloominggrove 248A
Fox Charles Bloominggrove 251B
France W. Arthur Bloominggrove 245A
Frazee George Bloominggrove 248A
Gates Donald Bloominggrove 248B
Gates Martin Bloominggrove 247B
Geisinger ---- E. Bloominggrove 246B
Geisinger David Bloominggrove 248B
Gentry Charles Bloominggrove 247B
Goldsmith Alvin Bloominggrove 246A
Greenawalt Evelyn M. Bloominggrove 247A
Grey Woods J. Bloominggrove 246B
Guthrie Almeda Bloominggrove 248A
Guthrie Taylor Bloominggrove 248A
Hackett Martha Bloominggrove 250B
Hahn George Bloominggrove 245B
Hamman Jesse Bloominggrove 248A
Hammett Clark C. Bloominggrove 247A
Harding Fred Bloominggrove 247B
Harman Camron Bloominggrove 251B
Harman Chas. Bloominggrove 248A
Hartman Lorena Bloominggrove 245B
Harvey Tobias Bloominggrove 245B
Harvey Tobias W. Bloominggrove 245B
Hawkins Willis Bloominggrove 250B
Heifner John Bloominggrove 249B
Herf Andres Bloominggrove 245B
Hiner Livne Bloominggrove 246B
Hisey John H. Bloominggrove 247A
Hoffman Jacob Bloominggrove 250B
Holt Turner Bloominggrove 245A
Holts Orville Bloominggrove 247B
Hook Nora Bloominggrove 247B
Hopkins James Bloominggrove 248A
Hopkins William Bloominggrove 249B
Howell Clyde Bloominggrove 249B
Humbert Albert W. Bloominggrove 251A
Humbert Dwight Bloominggrove 251B
Hunter James I. Bloominggrove 251A
Huston James Bloominggrove 251B
Huston John J. Bloominggrove 250B
Icaman Helen M. Bloominggrove 246A
Jackson Orlie Bloominggrove 249B
Jackson Pearl Bloominggrove 249B
Jacobs Ami Bloominggrove 247B
James Joseph K. Bloominggrove 251B
Jerncy Claude Bloominggrove 245A
Jewell Oro Bloominggrove 250B
Kaylor Oliver Bloominggrove 248A
Keinoth William Bloominggrove 250B
Kinsell Edward O. Bloominggrove 250B
Kinsell John Bloominggrove 250A
Kirkwood Charles Bloominggrove 247A
Kissel Sireman Bloominggrove 249A
Kissell Clyde Bloominggrove 246A

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