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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Names on this portion of the census were a little trickier to read.  If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
Laser Chas. F. Bloominggrove 248B
Laser John Bloominggrove 251B
Laser Lemuel Bloominggrove 250A
Laser Sanford J. Bloominggrove 246B
Laterman Louis Bloominggrove 251B
Latimer Norris J. Bloominggrove 251B
Lautermelch Leo Bloominggrove 248B
Lautermilch Ozora Bloominggrove 249A
Lettelman Lewis Bloominggrove 247A
Light Charles M. Bloominggrove 246B
Light Harry L. Bloominggrove 246B
Lybarger A Luada Bloominggrove 248B
Lybarger Curtis F. Bloominggrove 247A
Mackey Edgar Bloominggrove 249A
Magee Sherman Bloominggrove 246B
Mapes John Bloominggrove 250A
McCormick George Bloominggrove 245B
McLaughlin Bert Bloominggrove 249B
McLaughlin Emma Bloominggrove 249B
McQuilan Floyd Bloominggrove 247A
Mead Vivian Bloominggrove 245A
Mellick Arthur Bloominggrove 248B
Mellick Fred Bloominggrove 246B
Miller Catherine E. Bloominggrove 246A
Miller Ray Bloominggrove 250A
Miller Simon W. Bloominggrove 246A
Miller William Bloominggrove 250A
Mitchell Aaron Bloominggrove 246A
Moffett Sam L. Bloominggrove 246B
Mohn William E. Bloominggrove 246B
Moore Ortego Bloominggrove 248B
Moroers Beulah D. Bloominggrove 246A
Morris Eliza Bloominggrove 245A
Morris William A. Bloominggrove 245A
Morton Alfred Bloominggrove 249A
Mowas LeRoy Bloominggrove 246A
Myers Leorey Bloominggrove 252A
Myers Will Bloominggrove 249B
Noble Adaline Bloominggrove 249B
Noble Reed Bloominggrove 250B
Noble William Bloominggrove 249B
Norman Ora Bloominggrove 252A
O'Connor Martin Bloominggrove 248A
Oldwine Arthur Bloominggrove 247B
Oswalt Jennie Bloominggrove 247A
Oswalt Salom Bloominggrove 245A
Owens Archibald Bloominggrove 247A
Owens Carson H. Bloominggrove 247A
Owens Jenene Bloominggrove 248A
Papagoff Frank Bloominggrove 245B
Pennell Ernest E. Bloominggrove 250A
Perkins John W. Bloominggrove 247B
Peterson Chas M. Bloominggrove 247A
Peterson Edward J. Bloominggrove 247A
Pittenger Lee Bloominggrove 251A
Pittenger Luth Bloominggrove 249A
Pittenger Nelson Bloominggrove 251A
Pollock Edwin Bloominggrove 245A
Quinn Elmer Bloominggrove 247B
Renner Enos Bloominggrove 251B
Reynolds Henry Bloominggrove 245A
Reynolds William H. Bloominggrove 246B
Rogers Louise M. Bloominggrove 247B
Royers Argre Bloominggrove 251A
Sackman George Bloominggrove 251B
Seaton Clark A. Bloominggrove 246A
Seaton James W. Bloominggrove 245A
Seaton Wilson J. Bloominggrove 247A
Seymour George Bloominggrove 245A
Shaffer William Bloominggrove 251B
Shorthouse Kennon Bloominggrove 251A
Sibbett Llewallyn Bloominggrove 249A
Sloan James Bloominggrove 248A
Sloan Judd G. Bloominggrove 250B
Smith Frank A. Bloominggrove 247B
Smith Hazel Bloominggrove 245B
Smith Mike Bloominggrove 248B
Smith Rolly O. Bloominggrove 249A
Smith Tyler Bloominggrove 245A
Smith Warren O. Bloominggrove 250A
Sonnanstine Frank Bloominggrove 249A
Sornabeaut Frank Bloominggrove 252A
St. John Cora M. Bloominggrove 246B
Starkey James Bloominggrove 251B
Starr Judson Bloominggrove 245A
Stoner Oliver C. Bloominggrove 251A
Stout Stella Bloominggrove 247A
Sturtz John Bloominggrove 252A
Surell Daniel Bloominggrove 251A
Sutfin Flossee Bloominggrove 250A
Sutter Fred A. Bloominggrove 247B
Swaisel Daras Bloominggrove 251B
Swanger George C. Bloominggrove 249B
Swanger James Bloominggrove 251B
Terman Walter B. Bloominggrove 250B
Van Scoy Chester Bloominggrove 251A
Watson Clarence Bloominggrove 250A
Webber Charles Bloominggrove 249A
Wells Maurice Bloominggrove 245A
Wells Ohio Bloominggrove 250B
Whatman George Bloominggrove 249A
Winters Evangeline Bloominggrove 245A
Wolf Alvin Bloominggrove 251A
Wolfe Ella Bloominggrove 250A
Wolford Raymond Bloominggrove 250A
Wright Pearl H. Bloominggrove 246A
Young Clifford Bloominggrove 250B
Zehner Morris Bloominggrove 245A
Zehner Samuel Bloominggrove 245B
Zeigler Benj. F. Bloominggrove 245A
Zeigler Earl Bloominggrove 245A
Zeigler Jesse Bloominggrove 252A
Zellers Jacob H. Bloominggrove 246B
Zellers Luella Bloominggrove 246B

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