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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




Names on this portion of the census were a little trickier to read.  If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
---- Margaret Butler 254A
Backensto Pierce Butler 253B
Baker ---- Butler 255A
Bant John Butler 255A
Barnes Charles Butler 256A
Bentdorff Claud Butler 255B
Berry Wade Butler 257A
Blaney Harry Butler 257A
Bloom Edward Butler 256A
Boardman Eldon Butler 255B
Bornde ---- Butler 255A
Bright Milt Butler 255B
Brokaw Geo. Butler 255B
Chambers Frank Butler 256B
Claberg Almyra Butler 258A
Claberg Rena Butler 257A
Cline Rod Butler 257A
Crawford Amella Butler 255B
Crippy Carl Butler 256B
Cristman Ralph Butler 256B
Crooks Jay Butler 254B
Cuppy Charles Butler 256A
Deffinbaugh Mary Butler 254B
Derre Elsie G. Butler 255B
Diggins Thomas Butler 253B
Eggner John G. Butler 253A
Enzor Morell Butler 256B
Esbenshade ---- Butler 257B
Esbenshade Paul Butler 253B
Evans Corbet Butler 255B
Evel John Butler 256A
Fair Clarence Butler 253A
Fair Floyd Butler 254B
Felter Claude Butler 256A
Fike Leo Butler 253B
Fishpaw Louise Butler 256A
---fner Frank Butler 257B
Forbe ---- Butler 255B
Forbe Harvey Butler 255B
Forber John B. Butler 253A
Ford Benjamin S. Butler 253A
Formm Elizabeth Butler 253A
Fowler Chester Butler 256A
Freer Ellen Butler 255B
Funk --ton Butler 253B
Glenn Andrew Butler 253B
Gray Ruth Butler 256A
Greenawalt Lester Butler 254A
Heifner C.E. Butler 257B
Henderson Milton Butler 255B
Herr Fred B. Butler 253B
Heston Nancy Butler 255B
Hetler Jacob Butler 256A
Hisey Jacob Butler 254A
Hissong Jessie Butler 255B
Houston Orvil Butler 257B
Hou-t Charlie Butler 257B
Huston Alpha Butler 257B
Huston Ransom Butler 256B
Iceman George Butler 254B
Johns Claude Butler 253A
Kiens ---- Butler 254A
Kirk Edwin C. Butler 253B
Kirkpatrick J.W. Butler 253A
Kirkwood Findly Butler 254A
Kirkwood Walter Butler 253B
Kochenderfer Herman Butler 255A
Kochenderfer Howard Butler 257B
Kochenderfer William Butler 257A
Kochenderfler Herman Butler 255B
Kodron Lewis Butler 257A
Krichbaum Peter G. Butler 254B
Kuhner ---- Butler 254A
Latimer Charles Butler 257B
Latimer Martha Butler 258A
Lemley Charles C. Butler 257A
Marks Clayton Butler 253B
Martin Elgie Butler 256B
Martin Geo. Butler 258A
Matt-- Paul Butler 257A
McCarron Robert Butler 254A
McClain Martha Butler 254B
McCormac Areta Butler 253B
McCormac Dave Butler 254A
McFadden Ho---- Butler 256B
McKean Sam Butler 256A
McLaughlin -- Butler 255A
McMillen Dale Butler 253A
McMillen Glenn Butler 253A
McMillen Glenn Butler 256B
McMillen W--- Butler 255B
McQuillen ---- Butler 257B
McQuillen Almina Butler 256A
McWilliams Frank Butler 255A
Mellick Chester Butler 253B
Melrose Ralph Butler 256A
Mely Lena Butler 257A
Mer-- William Butler 254A
Miller George Butler 254A
Milligan Harvey Butler 257A
Mohn Fred Butler 256B
Momsier Jacob Butler 255A
Momsier Lucinda Butler 255A
Murray Roy Butler 255B
Murray William Butler 254B
Nelson -ilo Butler 253B
Nelson William Butler 253B
-norl Chester Butler 253B
Obelrlin Elmer Butler 257A
Oberlin Charles Butler 254A
Oberlin Sam Butler 254A
Oney Verdy Butler 256A
Oswald Adain Butler 258A
Owens Earnest Butler 254B
Owens Frank Butler 256B
Owens James Butler 257B
Owens Ora Butler 257B
Paine Walter Butler 254B
Parmore Zell B. Butler 256B
Pittinger Luther Butler 256B
Punt Clarence Butler 255A
Richards Jane Butler 254A
Ritter Peter Butler 253A
Rutheford Chester Butler 257A
Sebert Francis Butler 256A
Sebert George Butler 256A
Shepperd Elzie Butler 256B
Sherbert Albert Butler 256A
Shultz Dan Butler 254A
Simms Jackson Butler 255B
Smart Charles Butler 254B
Smith Carl Butler 258A
Smith W---- Butler 257B
Snare Donald Butler 254A
Spayde Pearl Butler 253A
Speeker Frank Butler 255A
Sprinkle Saml Butler 255A
Staret William Butler 255B
Streng ---- Butler 255A
Stuart Sarah Butler 254B
Stucker Charles Butler 255A
Sunkle Frank Butler 257B
Taylor Marion Butler 257B
Taylor Walter Butler 257B
Tennis Elmer E. Butler 254A
Tennis Roy Butler 256B
Tinkey Charles B. Butler 254B
Tompson Ed Butler 254A
Troxel Alva Butler 255A
--tton Elizabeth Butler 254A
Tucker Otis Butler 257A
Tucker Robert Butler 255A
Vanhorn George Butler 257A
Vanhorn Mary Butler 257B
Vanscry Eugene Butler 256A
Vashmin Henry Butler 254A
Walker Geo. Butler 257B
Warrick Adrian Butler 253A
Weidler David W. Butler 253A
Werte Albert Butler 254A
Wheatcraft ---- Butler 256A
White Edwin Butler 258A
White Fred Butler 257B
Winters Willis Butler 254A
Wolf Burnace Butler 255B
Wolf Henry Butler 257A
Wolford Alvin Butler 254B
Wolford Vernon Butler 254B
Wright Jack Butler 256A
Yeager John Butler 255A
Yoha Marion Butler 256A
Young Charles Butler 258A
Young Mary Butler 257A
Zimmerman Elizabeth Butler 258A
Zimmerman Eugene Butler 253A

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