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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Names on this portion of the census were a little trickier to read.  If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
Nelson Ben Cass 268B
Nelson Charles D. Cass 259A
Nelson Tryst Cass 270C
Nesbitt Harlan Cass 262A
Newhouse Irin Cass 263A
Nilson David Cass 265A
Niswonger Floyd Cass 263A
Noble Florn Cass 260B
Noble Loyd Cass 270A
Noble Loyd Cass 270B
Noble Luvel Cass 259B
Oney James Cass 261A
Oney Merlin Cass 261A
Oney William Cass 261B
Page George Cass 262B
Pain Harold Cass 270C
Patterson Judson Cass 269B
Patterson Roy Cass 259A
Pennell Bobbie Cass 260B
Pennell Charles Cass 262A
Pettit Lorenzo Cass 262A
Pittenger Ira Cass 259A
Pittinger Waldo Cass 262B
Plotts Amanda Cass 264A
Porter Arthur Cass 259B
Porter Robert Cass 269B
Praine Sarah Cass 259B
Pridmore Jesse Cass 267A
Pugh Harry Cass 267B
Racer Theador Cass 266A
Rader Rudy Cass 265A
Rambo Alma Cass 268A
Rambo William Cass 267B
Ramey Grover Cass 261A
Ramey Howard Cass 261A
Ratliff Howard Cass 261A
Ratliff Jeff. Cass 261A
Reber William A. Cass 269A
Redick William Cass 266A
Remy Taylor Cass 262B
Renolds Cloyd Cass 269B
Renolds Dale Cass 270B
Renolds Doras Cass 265B
Renolds Maude Cass 265B
Reynolds Duey Cass 261A
Rigg Sylvia Cass 260A
Rinehart George Cass 269A
Roor Mason Cass 269A
Rose Adeline Cass 263A
Rose Seabury Cass 262B
Rothlisberger Harry Cass 260B
Ruchman Noel Cass 262B
Ruckman John S. Cass 266B
Ruke William Cass 262A
Russell Gloyd Cass 260A
Russell James Cass 269A
Russell Leslie L. Cass 265B
Russell Ross Cass 268B
Sauder Ira J. Cass 267B
Schott William Cass 267B
Seaman Charles Cass 262A
Seaman Lester Cass 270A
Seaman Lester Cass 270B
Seaman Marian Cass 263A
Sexton Lewis Cass 261A
Sexton William Cass 261A
Shafer Emerson Cass 269A
Shafer George Cass 259B
Shafer N--- Cass 269A
Shatzer John Cass 269B
Sheely Earl E. Cass 267B
Sheely Ellis Cass 267A
Sheely George Cass 267B
Shepherd Beulah Cass 259B
Shook Eldon Cass 262B
Short Cynthia Cass 262A
Shover John Cass 268B
Sloan Cloyde Cass 270A
Sloan Cloyde Cass 270B
Smith Clyde Cass 262B
Smith Harley Cass 262B
Smith Laurence Cass 262A
Smith Wallace E. Cass 265B
Sonanstine Clifford Cass 262B
Spitler Zelda Cass 260B
Sprague George Cass 269A
Stentz Lina Cass 267A
Stevenson Earl J. Cass 262A
Stout Frank Cass 259B
Stout Oscar Cass 262A
Stule Merl Cass 270C
Sundaum Perry Cass 266B
Swanger Chester Cass 262A
Swanger John Cass 261B
Swanger Rebecca Cass 270A
Swanger Rebecca Cass 270B
Swartz Cloyde C. Cass 265A
Swartz Roscoe Cass 268A
Thomas Bertha Cass 261A
Thomas George Cass 261A
Thruman Martin Cass 259B
Travis Mary Cass 262B
Troxell Elmer Cass 263B
Urie Robert Cass 263A
U---t Letta Cass 265B
VanHorn Nellie Cass 261A
Varner Ray Cass 267B
Vaughn Eva Cass 262A
Vaughn Jennie Cass 263A
Voss Hirman Cass 262B
Wagner Bernerd Cass 268A
Wallace Clifford Cass 261A
Warnes Elverta Cass 266B
Washboures Lynn Cass 266A
Waters Minnie Cass 262B
Watson Egbert Cass 266B
Wayt Samuel A. Cass 268A
Weaver Clyde Cass 269A
Weaver Paul Cass 259A
Wharton Hulbertus Cass 265B
Whatman Edgar Cass 263A
Whatman Edger Cass 270C
White Alice E. Cass 271A
White Earl Cass 271A
White Vivian R. Cass 262A
White Wilfred P. Cass 260A
White William Cass 266B
Willet Arlo G. Cass 261B
Willitt Abraham Cass 271A
Willitt Aden Cass 271A
Willitt Ethel Cass 259B
Willitt Peter Cass 261B
Willitt Samuel Cass 266B
Wilson Or--- Cass 271A
Wilson Rosy Cass 261B
Witchie Fred Cass 261A
Wolfersberger Charles Cass 263A
Wolford Margrete Cass 267B
Woliver George Cass 260A
Yockey Clarence A. Cass 265A
Zellers Glenn Cass 268B
Ziegler Charles H. Cass 269A
Ziegler Jesius Cass 263A

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