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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Names on this portion of the census were a little trickier to read.  If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
Adams Barney Cass 266B
Adams John Cass 267A
Alfrey Emert Cass 267B
Alfrey Luther Cass 261B
Alfrey Ray Cass 267B
Anderson Emmit Cass 259A
Ankney Luella Cass 259B
Arnold Jacob Cass 270A
Arnold Jacob Cass 270B
Arnold Joseph Cass 269A
Arnold May Cass 268B
Arnold Ruth Cass 265A
Artman Everett Cass 270C
Ase--- Lea Cass 269B
Backensto Ira Cass 260B
Backensto Mary Cass 262A
Baker Cletus Cass 267A
Baker Cloyd Cass 267A
Baker Erven W. Cass 265A
Baker Gailen Cass 262B
Barnd Grace Cass 260A
Barnes Emma Cass 260A
Barnes George Cass 262A
Barnes Ross Cass 269B
Barnes Tully Cass 259B
Barr Edgar Cass 266A
Beck Frank Cass 265B
Beck Fred Cass 267A
Beiber James Cass 265B
Benedict Merton Cass 259B
Benton Anna Cass 261A
Beveridge Susan Cass 263B
Bevier Seripta Cass 260A
Bisline Ella Cass 267B
Bixler Otto Cass 263A
Black Frances Cass 260A
Black Leroy Cass 260A
Black Loyde Cass 263B
Bloom Chester Cass 269A
Bloom Clement L. Cass 265A
Bloom Henry Cass 268A
Boldt William Cass 270A
Boldt William Cass 270B
Boyd Glenn Cass 266B
Bray Edward Cass 262A
Briskley Dallas Cass 265B
Brodrick Harry Cass 270C
Broughton Ella Cass 265B
Brown Claude Cass 267B
Brumbach Etta Cass 260A
Brumbach Olto B. Cass 265B
Bushey David Cass 259A
Bushey Jane Cass 259A
Bushey Nancy Cass 260A
Caldwell John Cass 270C
Call James Cass 262B
Carl Daniel Cass 270C
Caugherty Charles Cass 259B
Champion Wesley Cass 270A
Champion Wesley Cass 270B
Clark George Cass 270C
Clealand Mary Cass 263B
Clevenger Marion Cass 261B
Clevenger Norma Cass 260A
Cline Dick Cass 269A
Cline Jonas Cass 263B
Clinker Frank Cass 266A
Cockburn David Cass 259A
Cockburn George Cass 260A
Cole Mary A. Cass 261B
Colier Robert Cass 270A
Colier Robert Cass 270B
Company John Cass 265B
Conley Charlott Cass 265A
Cox John Cass 264A
Crager Richman Cass 265B
Crain Lyde Cass 267B
Crall Elizabeth Cass 268B
Crawford Clinton Cass 263A
Crawford Elizabeth Cass 259B
Croy Walter Cass 261B
Daup Edward Cass 269A
Dawson Frank Cass 266A
Dawson Fred Cass 265A
Dawson John Cass 260B
Deck Addison Cass 261B
Delamater Henry Cass 266B
Delancy Hattie Cass 269B
Delong Ellis Cass 268B
Delong Helen Cass 268B
Deveny Benford Cass 266A
Dewitt Cornelius Cass 259A
Dick Allen J. Cass 268B
Dick Andy Cass 266B
Dick David Cass 266A
Dick David I. Cass 269B
Dick Edward Cass 263B
Dick Howard Cass 266B
Dick Scott W. Cass 266B
Dickenson George Cass 262B
Dickerson Addie Cass 259B
Dininger Chriss Cass 266A
Dininger Ora Cass 266A
Doerflinger Lottie Cass 260B
Domer Sarah C. Cass 263A
Donar Loyd L. Cass 262A
Donathan Arlis Cass 263B
Donathan Marion Cass 263B
Dowend Otis Cass 260B
Downend Floyd P. Cass 265A
Dunlap Edward O. Cass 269A
Dunn Homer Cass 263A
Easly Charles Cass 268A
Easly Edd Cass 268A
Echelberger Ruben W. Cass 269B
Edwards Maude Cass 264A
Eller Manly K. Cass 259A
Elliot Elmer Cass 260B
Evans John Cass 263A
Fackler Anna Cass 267A
Fackler Delbert Cass 265B
Fackler Frank Cass 260B
Fackler Henry F. Cass 268B
Fackler Henry H. Cass 267A
Fackler Virgil Cass 268A
Failor Clide Cass 270C
Fair Eva Cass 262A
Fair Ross Cass 262B
Ferree Elizabeth Cass 261B
Ferrell Frank Cass 260A
Firestone Arlo W. Cass 260B
Forsyth Salvester Cass 260A
Frazier Delpha Cass 259A
Furnay Mary J. Cass 263A
Garrett Elmer Cass 264A
Garrett Harry A. Cass 265A
Garrett Urley Cass 270A
Garrett Urley Cass 270B
Garrett William Cass 261B
Gaur Jane Cass 263A
Geissenger Ersa Cass 264A
Gilger Joseph Cass 263B
Gilger Mary Cass 259A
Gilger Myron M. Cass 265B
Gilger Norris Cass 263B
Glasgow Francis Cass 259B
Glasgow Wilber Cass 259A
Graver John H. Cass 265A
Green Izace Cass 262A
Gribben Marth B. Cass 259B
Gribben Stanley Cass 259B
Griffith George Cass 266A
Groscost Alfred Cass 259B
Gross Ray Cass 259B
G--tz Steven Cass 268B
Guthrie Barton Cass 259A
Guthrie Benton Cass 269A
Guthrie Charles Cass 270C
Guthrie Frank Cass 260B
Guthrie Fred Cass 265A
Gutrie Harry W. Cass 265B
Gutshall Harry Cass 268A
Hager Frank Cass 260B
Hamilton John M. "Ab" Cass 264A
Hamman Boyd Cass 269B
Hamman Lyle Cass 270A
Hamman Lyle Cass 270B
Hammon Elmer Cass 262B
Harnly Omar Cass 266B
Harvey William Cass 268A
Haun Harry Cass 270C
Haverfield Luster Cass 267A
Heifner Joseph Cass 268B
Henderson Joseph Cass 263A
Henry Ralph Cass 260A
Hesseledin Samuel Cass 267B
Hetrick Earl Cass 264A
Hiller Herbert Cass 263A
Histler Samuel A. Cass 267B
Hoerbes Fred Cass 259A
Hoffman Joseph Cass 261B
Hollenbaugh Jerome Cass 269B
Holtz Albert Cass 268B
Holtz Sylvester Cass 266A
Horner John Cass 269B
Howard Marvin Cass 265A
Howard Rowland R. Cass 265A
Huddleston Herbert Cass 271A
Humphrey Ira Cass 265B
Hunter Susan J. Cass 260A
Iron W.A. Cass 260A
Kaylor Oliver Cass 262B
Kaylor Sada Cass 259B
Kegley William Cass 268B
Keineth Herbert Cass 268B
Kester William Cass 260B
King Charles Cass 260B
Kingsboro Anna Cass 261B
Kinsell John Cass 270C
Kirkendall William Cass 267A
Kissell Thornton Cass 270C
Kranz Sarah Cass 263B
Kuhn John Cass 262B
Landis John Cass 265B
Lannert Charles Cass 262A
Laser Alva Cass 268A
Lattimer Fred Cass 260B
Lattimer Minerva Cass 261B
Lautermill Loree Cass 268B
Leterner Ida Cass 259A
Livenspire Roy Cass 265B
Lofland Fred Cass 269B
Lookabaugh William Cass 263B
Lutz William Cass 263B
Lyons George B. Cass 266A
Majoy Marguret Cass 271A
Malone John Cass 267B
Malone Walter Cass 267A
Maring Henry S. Cass 260A
Martin William Cass 259B
McBride Agnes Cass 271A
McBride Arthur Cass 271A
McBride Edwin Cass 271A
McBride Ella M. Cass 259A
McBride Fred Cass 269B
McBride Nores J. Cass 260B
McBride Oda M. Cass 262B
McBride Roland Cass 270A
McBride Roland Cass 270B
McBrown Everet Cass 260B
McCalester Roland Cass 266A
McCleland James Cass 265B
McDowell Barbara Cass 263B
McDowell William Cass 264A
McGaw Myra Cass 259A
McLaughlin Nancy Cass 270A
McLaughlin Nancy Cass 270B
McQuate Cloyd Cass 259A
McQuate Ivan Cass 259A
Meeks Elrie Cass 264A
Meeks Fred Cass 260B
Meeks Nancy Cass 264A
Mellick Edward Cass 265B
Ments Emma B. Cass 260B
Messenger Edgar J. Cass 263B
Metzger Constance Cass 260B
Middlesworth Anna Cass 260B
Miller Bradford Cass 261B
Miller Clarence Cass 271A
Miller Thomas Cass 261B
Miller William H. Cass 261B
Millick Florence Cass 263A
Mills Maria S. Cass 266B
Mitchell George Cass 268A
Moon Jacob E. Cass 266B
Moore Clyde Cass 271A
Moore John E. Cass 259A
Mortz Clayton Cass 269B
Moser Arthur Cass 262A
Moser Martin Cass 263B
Moser Vernon Cass 262A
Mount Edward Cass 271A
Murray Clifford Cass 263B
Myers Charles C. Cass 267B
Myers ---draw Cass 269B
Myers John W. Cass 261B
Myers William H. Cass 268A
Myres Aberham Cass 265B

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