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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




Names on this portion of the census were a little trickier to read.  If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
---- Josh Franklin 274A
Adams Earl C. Franklin 272B
Alexander Charles Franklin 279A
Arnold David Franklin 273B
Baker ---- Franklin 272B
Baker Curtis Franklin 277A
Barr David O. Franklin 277B
Bauer George Franklin 274B
Bauer Peter Franklin 274B
Baughman Alford Franklin 274A
Bell ---- Franklin 277B
Betz Martin Franklin 276A
Bland James Franklin 277A
Bloom Samuel Franklin 277B
Bloor Homer Franklin 276A
Bly William J. Franklin 276B
Boals Robert C. Franklin 278A
Boggs Darley Franklin 276A
Boyce Elzie A. Franklin 272B
Boyce Frank Franklin 278A
Boyce Loyd Franklin 276B
Boyce Mary Franklin 278B
Boyce William E. Franklin 276B
Boyer Geo. W. Franklin 272B
Boyse John W. Franklin 278B
Bradley John S. Franklin 272A
Brewer Elizabeth Franklin 278A
Brokef Mike Franklin 279A
Broneller Samuel Franklin 274A
Browneller John Franklin 273A
Bughan William Franklin 275A
Bush James M. Franklin 273A
Calhoun John Franklin 276A
Canton John Franklin 275B
Carnie Anna Franklin 275A
Chesrough John W. Franklin 276A
Chew Bartley Franklin 272A
Clark ---- Franklin 272A
Clark Jack Franklin 275A
Clark Steven Franklin 273A
Clauss Francis Franklin 277A
Clever Leland Franklin 277B
Cline Hugh Franklin 278A
Cochnour William Franklin 273B
Conn Fred Franklin 275B
Copeland George Franklin 279B
Copeland Richard Franklin 273A
Cozar Alfred Franklin 277B
Crall Margaret Franklin 277A
Crosby Clifford Franklin 273B
Crowl William Franklin 277A
Crunkilton Leah Franklin 276B
DeHart Athurt H. Franklin 275B
Delong Ora O. Franklin 273B
Dick Boyers W. Franklin 272A
Dickson Charles Franklin 278A
Dickson Edward Franklin 278B
Dickson Howard Franklin 278A
Dishong Caleb W. Franklin 275A
Dishong Harry Franklin 278B
Dishong John H. Franklin 273A
Doolittle Rufis R. Franklin 274A
---dore James Franklin 274A
Dunlap Earl C. Franklin 272B
Eller ---- Franklin 272A
-erich ---- Franklin 278A
Ernsberger Rilda Franklin 274B
Esbenshade David Franklin 277B
Etzel John Franklin 279A
Farner Earl Franklin 274B
Faus Joseph Franklin 277A
Feas-- Charles Franklin 276B
Feaster John Franklin 273B
Ferguson Roy H. Franklin 279B
Ferree William Franklin 276A
Ferrell ---- Franklin 278A
Ferrell Adelf-- S. Franklin 278B
Fishar Emma Franklin 277B
Fisher George Franklin 278B
Fisher Hellen M. Franklin 275A
Fisher Lee A. Franklin 273B
Foley John Franklin 275A
Fox Frank A. Franklin 274A
Frank Aurora Franklin 272B
Frank John Franklin 276A
Franks Charles Franklin 278B
Ganty Lucy J. Franklin 278B
Gerber ---- Franklin 278A
Gerhart John Franklin 275A
Gottel Philip Franklin 275A
Gouber John Franklin 278A
Gould Joy Franklin 279A
Graves William Franklin 278B
Grimes Elizabeth Franklin 278A
Guill Archie R. Franklin 275A
Hall Joseph Franklin 279A
Halladean H-y Franklin 273A
Harns Clarance Franklin 274A
Harris Harley Franklin 274A
Hartsong Enoch Franklin 278A
Hecht John Franklin 274B
Heckel Mike Franklin 275A
Hedrick George Franklin 275B
Heichel Alontious Franklin 274B
Heney Daniel Franklin 274A
Hess Kenneth Franklin 273A
Hettinger Kinsel Franklin 278A
Hoff John Franklin 279A
Hoff Mike Franklin 275B
Hoffman Jacob Franklin 274A
Holdsleise Hellen Franklin 279A
Holzwarth Aden Franklin 276A
Hoove ---- Franklin 273B
Hoover Earnest Franklin 273B
Hull Harvey Franklin 277B
Jennings Earl Franklin 278B
Keer John F. Franklin 274B
Keipp Anton Franklin 273B
Keiser Steve L. Franklin 275B
Kern Boyd Franklin 272A
Kerr George Franklin 272A
King Benjamin Franklin 273A
King Isaac Franklin 275A
Kiskel Elnar Franklin 275A
Kissel Marion Franklin 279A
Kissell Andrew Franklin 279A
Kleinknecht Alford Franklin 276B
Kohler ---- Franklin 279A
Korak Barbary Franklin 278B
Kreactiger Wesley Franklin 272A
Kruger Arthur Franklin 279A
Kuhn Samuel H. Franklin 276A
Kyle Robert Franklin 276A
Lantz A--- Franklin 272B
Lantz David B. Franklin 273A
Lantz James P. Franklin 273A
Lantz Lester Franklin 273A
Laser Lester Franklin 278B
Lazer Howard Franklin 272A
Leppo William H. Franklin 274A
Letts Charles Franklin 279A
Letts Dale Franklin 273B
Light Elmore Franklin 276B
Ligt Victor Franklin 276B
Linn S. Claud Franklin 275B
Liston Dale Franklin 278B
Lybarger ---- Franklin 272B
Lybarger Dewey Franklin 274A
Mahon Charles A. Franklin 277A
Martin -illen Franklin 273B
Martin William Franklin 272A
McBride Samuel Franklin 273A
McClain Albert Franklin 274B
McCormick Charley Franklin 275B
Miller Frank Franklin 276A
Miller Paul V. Franklin 277A
Miller Sarah L. Franklin 274A
Montis Fred Franklin 275A
Mottayaw Flor-- Franklin 279A
Myers Russell Franklin 277A
Myers Willis V. Franklin 276B
Nelson Albert Franklin 277A
Nidler Frank Franklin 272A
O'Brien Emery Franklin 277A
Osbun David Franklin 278A
Pagani Pasquale Franklin 275A
Palmer Glenn Franklin 274A
Paramore Joseph Franklin 277B
Parker Robert Franklin 279B
Phifer Lois M. Franklin 278B
Pifer Albert Franklin 278B
Pifer Benjamin Franklin 273A
Pifer George A. Franklin 273A
Pittenger Roy Franklin 277B
Pittinger John Franklin 276B
Pugh ---- Franklin 274A
Pugh Hamon Franklin 276B
Pugh Henry Franklin 276B
Pugh James Franklin 276B
Puoucke John Franklin 274B
racer Raymon Franklin 272A
Reiner Peter Franklin 275B
Riddish Frank Franklin 277B
Robinson Milton Franklin 278A
Robinson William Franklin 272B
-rom Levi Franklin 272A
Rouch Lester Franklin 273A
Ryan Howard Franklin 274B
Sankey Mark Franklin 279B
Schalyo John Franklin 274B
Scott Flora Franklin 276B
Shade Rebecca Franklin 274A
Shade Sarah Franklin 277B
Shaffner William Franklin 273A
Shatzer Amos Franklin 277A
Sheriff Edward Franklin 277A
Sheriff Lurenzo Franklin 277A
Sherman Arthur Franklin 277A
Sherman Jack Franklin 273B
Shortess Budd Franklin 274B
Simpson Frank Franklin 276B
Simpson George Franklin 278B
Simpson Jno. Franklin 272A
Souders Ora Franklin 276A
Sout--- John Franklin 278A
Spring La-- Franklin 275B
Sprow William Franklin 272B
Statler Arthur Franklin 279A
Statler Robert H. Franklin 279A
Steiner Solomon Franklin 272B
Stewart Zeph Franklin 272A
Stortz Carl Franklin 276A
Swisher John Franklin 278A
Swisher Perry Franklin 278A
Tinnenantorg ---- Franklin 275B
Tollis Addie Franklin 278A
Tompson Nora Franklin 275A
-uhn Charls Franklin 275B
Urijcich George Franklin 278B
Vesearescu John Franklin 276A
Wadley Esllie Franklin 274A
Weaver Alfred Franklin 272A
Weddell Grant Franklin 274B
Weiner Peter Franklin 274B
Wharton Herbert Franklin 277A
Williams Jacob Franklin 277B
Winbigler Lew W. Franklin 276B
Windbigler H--- Franklin 273B
Wolf Charles E. Franklin 272B
Wolf Herman Franklin 272A
Young Earnest Franklin 276B
Zashman Henry Franklin 272B
Zimmena Charles Franklin 277B

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