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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




Submitted by Joanna


Names on this portion of the census were a little trickier to read.  If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
Accuntius Henry F Mifflin 155B
Au Albert H. Mifflin 157A
Au Jesse E. Mifflin 156B
Au Viola Mifflin 153A
Baker Ira E. Mifflin 157B
Balliett Boyd C Mifflin 153A
Balliett Calvin Mifflin 157B
Balliett Wilbur C. Mifflin 152B
Ballitch Wasse Mifflin 153B
Barr Harry S. Mifflin 158B
Barr Ralph E. Mifflin 152A
Bell Charles O. Mifflin 158A
Bell Silas E. Mifflin 158B
Bisel Elizabeth Mifflin 156A
Blust Orla B Mifflin 152B
Boala John D Mifflin 153A
Boals Frank L Mifflin 155A
Boals Lymana Mifflin 154B
Boals Wade P. Mifflin 155A
Boggs Wilson C. Mifflin 156A
Bossler Evelyn Mifflin 153A
Braden Charles F. Mifflin 152B
Brindle Ray W. Mifflin 156A
Broach Joseph Mifflin 157A
Brokaw Frank Mifflin 155A
Brokaw William Mifflin 155A
Brown Harry G. Mifflin 157B
Brubaker Mary Mifflin 152A
Caldwell Bernard M. Mifflin 158A
Chamberlain Eunice Mifflin 152A
Charles Melton O. Mifflin 155B
Chew Nettie Mifflin 158A
Christia Dorothy Mifflin 154A
Chronister Albert H. Mifflin 155A
Cole Ben H Mifflin 152B
Cook Delbert Mifflin 153B
Culler Charles Mifflin 152A
Darling Loyd B. Mifflin 157B
Daubenspeck Ira O. Mifflin 157B
Davies Charles A. Mifflin 155A
Dise Homer J. Mifflin 153A
Ditch Austin H. Mifflin 155B
Doerrer Edman Mifflin 153A
Doerrer William H. Mifflin 152B
Dohner Dale M Mifflin 154B
Down---ith Edward Mifflin 158A
Dudley Gareld V. Mifflin 155B
Earick Riley Mifflin 154A
Enderly Henry Mifflin 153B
Ernsbarger George Mifflin 152B
Ernsbarger Nora E Mifflin 152B
Ernsbarger Samuel H Mifflin 152B
Eyerly Abraham B. Mifflin 158B
Fanello Joseph Mifflin 155A
Fehne Otto C. Mifflin 153B
Fisher Pete Mifflin 157A
Foster Charles W. Mifflin 154A
Fry Newton Mifflin 157A
Fulton Vera M. Mifflin 155B
Gardner Robert M. Mifflin 154A
Gingwer Clarence C. Mifflin 158A
Gingwer Dewey H. Mifflin 155A
Gladden William J. Mifflin 152B
Good Oran Mifflin 154A
Goodron Leon W. Mifflin 158A
Gordon Florrie Mifflin 157B
Griehand Arthur Mifflin 157A
Griffith Clayton Mifflin 158A
Griffith Earl C Mifflin 154A
Griffith Elmer Mifflin 157B
Hale Avery Mifflin 156A
Hale Willard F. Mifflin 156A
Hannan Harry E Mifflin 156A
Harlan Orman J. Mifflin 158B
Harlen Ray P. Mifflin 152B
Harlen Samuel E. Mifflin 155A
Heilman Joseph Mifflin 154B
Henry Magaret A Mifflin 154A
Hess Emil Mifflin 154B
Hess William Mifflin 157B
Hiller Alice Mifflin 155A
Hiller Vernon E Mifflin 153A
Hines William A Mifflin 157A
Hoover Alva Mifflin 152A
Hoover Caroline A Mifflin 156B
Hoover Harold H. Mifflin 156A
Hostetter Roy Mifflin 152A
Houston Fredrick L. Mifflin 156A
Hout Byron B. Mifflin 156A
Hout Charles A. Mifflin 156B
Hout H. Cland Mifflin 156A
Hout Herbert Mifflin 155B
Hout Ray Mifflin 153A
Hout Walter Mifflin 157A
Hout William F. Mifflin 155B
Johnson Annie Mifflin 152A
Keefer Frank Mifflin 158B
Kisling Robert Mifflin 158A
Kohl Ray S. Mifflin 156A
Kohler Emerson D. Mifflin 154B
Kohler Jacob H. Mifflin 154A
Koogle Howard C. Mifflin 153A
Koogle Mary E. Mifflin 157A
Kuhler J. Lyman Mifflin 154B
Lambright W. Mifflin 152B
Landis Florion Mifflin 154A
Lantz Alred E. Mifflin 157B
Leathers Oscar M Mifflin 156B
Lemon Vaughy Mifflin 153B
Lewis Anna Mifflin 153B
Lissakin Peter Mifflin 153B
Lutz Adaline E Mifflin 154A
Maglotte Glen A. Mifflin 158A
Maglotte Lewis Mifflin 153A
Marjorie Jean Mifflin 156A
Martin Frank Mifflin 156A
Mason Charles H Mifflin 153A
Mazza John Mifflin 155A
McBride Charles W. Mifflin 159A
McBride Mary E Mifflin 158B
McCormick Andrew J. Mifflin 156B
McCormick William Mifflin 153A
McNaul Arthur B. Mifflin 158B
Miller Anton Mifflin 155B
Milter Homer W Mifflin 157A
Moore Ohi- F. Mifflin 156A
Moses John M. Mifflin 158A
Mowry George B. Mifflin 152A
Mowry Walter H. Mifflin 155B
Niebel John E. Mifflin 158A
Ogden Charles O. Mifflin 159A
Osbun Carl H. Mifflin 156B
Oswalt R. Mifflin 156A
Painter Harold W. Mifflin 155B
Pelton Alice Mifflin 153A
Peterson Freda P. Mifflin 153B
Piper Frank Mifflin 153B
Place Kenneth Mifflin 158A
Prosser Jay T. Mifflin 157B
Pugh Bert-- E. Mifflin 158B
Ramsey Thomas H Mifflin 152B
Reed Clement L. Mifflin 155B
Reed James P. Mifflin 154B
Roberts Marion Mifflin 153B
Ruble George M. Mifflin 157A
Savina Vicent Mifflin 154B
Schag Alexander Mifflin 156B
Schink Fred W. Mifflin 158A
Schwan Floyd H. Mifflin 158B
Shanks Earl M. Mifflin 157A
Shanks Ralph E. Mifflin 156A
Shoup Walter J. Mifflin 154B
Shull-as Lonnie O. Mifflin 155B
Simpson Charles Mifflin 155A
Simpson Mary E Mifflin 153A
Simpson Maurice Mifflin 153B
Smith Arthur W. Mifflin 152B
Smith Givanah Mifflin 152B
Smith William A. Mifflin 159A
Snider Weldon J. Mifflin 158A
Snook August Mifflin 152A
Snook John W. Mifflin 152A
Snook Mary Ann Mifflin 152B
Snook Roy A Mifflin 152A
Snur Frank W. Mifflin 158A
Snyder Jennie Mifflin 153B
Snyder John H. Mifflin 158A
Sol-nic- Rosena Mifflin 158B
Stauffer Glen R. Mifflin 156B
Steigerwalt Charles Mifflin 154B
Steigerwalt George W. Mifflin 154A
Steiner Charlie Mifflin 154A
Stoner Charles A. Mifflin 158A
Strank John Mifflin 154A
Sturgen Harold G Mifflin 152A
Sturgen Loyd M Mifflin 152A
Swigart Thomas L. Mifflin 156B
Switzer Earl H Mifflin 153B
Swoveland Walter J. Mifflin 158B
Thomas Jacob Mifflin 153B
Thush Glenn A. Mifflin 155B
Tucker David C Mifflin 152A
Tucker N. Webster Mifflin 154B
Valentine C-nia D. Mifflin 156B
Vantilbarg Tully J. Mifflin 155B
Wabbert John Mifflin 154A
Wallace Harvey B. Mifflin 158A
Weitzel George A Mifflin 157B
West John W. Mifflin 158B
Wheatcraft Kenneth Mifflin 158A
Wolf Juli--s Mifflin 154A
Wynn John C. Mifflin 157B
Zajack George Mifflin 152A
Zehner Melvin C. Mifflin 154B
Zeitler Fred W Mifflin 157B
Zellner Charles Mifflin 158A
Zellner Charles L. Mifflin 158B
Zimmerson Amos E. Mifflin 157A
Zimmerson Ralph I. Mifflin 157A

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