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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Submitted by Joanna


Names on this portion of the census were a little trickier to read.  If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp. Page
Airhart Columbus Monroe 160A
Andrews Loyd S. Monroe 170B
Andrews Rettie Monroe 171B
-anscoy A. C. Monroe 160B
Applegate George Monroe 162A
Applegate John Monroe 165A
Applegate Keith Monroe 165A
Arehart C. C. Monroe 162B
Arehart Erma Monroe 160A
Arehart John Monroe 161A
Ateach Erma Monroe 174A
Atherton Frank Monroe 170B
Baer Adam Monroe 169B
Baer Glenn Monroe 172B
Baer William Monroe 172A
Baker James E Monroe 165B
Baker Thomas Monroe 172B
Balliet Donald D Monroe 165A
Balliet Elizabeth Monroe 169B
Balliet Homer E. Monroe 173B
Balliet Katie Monroe 163B
Balliet Maud Monroe 160A
Banks Benne Monroe 165B
Banks C. M. Monroe 160B
Banks Floyd Monroe 161B
Barger W. S. Monroe 160A
Barnet W. F. Monroe 161A
Baughman Ernest Monroe 167B
Baughman Hugh Monroe 167B
Beasore Corra Monroe 167B
Beasore George Monroe 165A
Beasore Mary Monroe 165A
Beck Charles A Monroe 167A
Beck George C. Monroe 167A
Beierla Charles Monroe 172B
Bell Elizabeth Monroe 164B
Berry Clyde D. Monroe 166B
Berry Francis M. Monroe 172A
Berry Frank Monroe 171A
Berry Fred Monroe 171B
Berry Herman Monroe 169A
Berry J. Earl Monroe 169B
Berry Marion Monroe 169B
Berry Watson Monroe 166B
Bishop M. Glenn Monroe 170A
Blackstone Harry Monroe 169B
Blust Eugene Monroe 164B
Bolz Cliff L. Monroe 171B
Bonadis Jr. Mishel Monroe 168A
Bowes Issae Monroe 174A
Bowler Melissie Monroe 171A
Bowman Arthur B. Monroe 170A
Bowman John W. Monroe 170A
Bowman Joseph Monroe 170B
Bowman Winfield E. Monroe 172B
Bricker Harry Monroe 172A
Briggle Levi Monroe 165B
Bright George Monroe 160A
Brown Frank Monroe 161B
Brown Simon Monroe 161B
Bunnell Earnest Monroe 167B
Burger John Monroe 161B
Butler Vern Monroe 167A
Butterbaugh Glenn D Monroe 171B
Byerly Rehena Monroe 160B
Byers Burk Monroe 164B
Calhoun Bert Monroe 165B
Chamberlain F. T. Monroe 161A
Chamberlain S. O. Monroe 163A
Chander ---- Monroe 162A
Chapel Arthur Monroe 174A
Charles Albert Monroe 172A
Charles Andrew Monroe 171B
Charles Floyd Monroe 172B
Charles Frank B. Monroe 170B
Clark Charles Monroe 169B
Cleigh George L. Monroe 169B
Cochel Mary Monroe 161A
Collins B-t- Monroe 160B
Collins Cyrus Monroe 171B
Collins Susan Monroe 169A
Columbus Barbara Monroe 162A
Conrad Albert Monroe 166A
Crawford Elmer Monroe 164A
Crawford Hugh D Monroe 174A
Crawford John B Monroe 162A
Croncis Joseph L. Monroe 169A
Cross A. E. Monroe 163A
Culberson Tom Monroe 173A
Culler Art Monroe 160B
Culler August C. Monroe 166B
Culler David R. Monroe 173A
Culler Emery Monroe 164A
Culler Enoch Monroe 173A
Culler Ezra Monroe 165A
Culler Francis R. Monroe 172A
Culler Fred Monroe 161A
Culler Gaylord Monroe 165A
Culler Ira Monroe 172A
Culler J. F. Monroe 160B
Culler John Monroe 172A
Culler Lawrence A. Monroe 173B
Culler William Monroe 166B
Cully Ruth Monroe 161A
Dandson George Monroe 167B
Darling Alfred W Monroe 168B
Darling C. Carlton Monroe 169A
Darling Howard C Monroe 164B
Darling Marion M. Monroe 169A
Darling Ralph Monroe 169B
Daugherty F. Monroe 164A
Dickes Lewis Monroe 173B
Dine Ralph Monroe 163A
Doerrer R. W. Monroe 163A
Dole James Monroe 172A
Dome Courtney Monroe 165A
Dome Stiles Monroe 165A
Duery Park E Monroe 165A
Duncan Ma-- Monroe 173B
Duncan William H. Monroe 172A
Durbin W. T. Monroe 162B
Echelbarge Brant Monroe 173A
Erinsinger Frank D. Monroe 165A
Ernsberger Dallis Monroe 170A
Ernsberger Ira Monroe 170A
Eshelman Lewis Monroe 169A
Etz--ler John Monroe 160A
Ferr John Monroe 169B
Flanner James Monroe 161B
Flanner John W. Monroe 173B
Flanner Lawrence Monroe 161A
Fleming Belly Monroe 162A
Fletcher Walter Monroe 160B
Fonpson Allen Monroe 171B
Fox Charles C Monroe 164A
Fox Emery Monroe 164B
Fox Walter Monroe 163A
Frank Lewis Monroe 171A
Frank Neal Monroe 161B
Free J. O. Monroe 161A
Frye Robert Monroe 161B
Fulton Frank Monroe 161A
Fulton James B. Monroe 171B
Gause James Monroe 171A
George Ressler Monroe 169A
Gladden Dodd F. Monroe 165B
Goon Ernest L. Monroe 171B
Goon Wilbert Monroe 164A
Grayham Edna Monroe 165B
Green Alphus Monroe 170A
Green Edward G. Monroe 173B
Grood Nat G. Monroe 162B
Haley E. E. Monroe 162A
Hammett Martha Monroe 160A
Handly Cecil W. Monroe 160B
Hardesty Carl H. Monroe 168A
Hardson Keneth Monroe 169B
Harmon John W. Monroe 168A
Harper Russel Monroe 163A
Harpster Reishel Monroe 161B
Harris Floyd Monroe 162B
Harris Mildre Monroe 161A
Harris Treaver Monroe 163A
Harris Wilson E Monroe 173A
Hartron C. D. Monroe 163B
Hazelett Rollin P. Monroe 168A
Hazelett Wayne L. Monroe 170A
Hebel Harry Monroe 161A
Heldenbrand William H. Monroe 174A
Hendrickson Charles Monroe 162A
Henry Harlon Monroe 165B
Henry Hobert D. Monroe 170A
Henry Orra A. Monroe 170A
Herring Clem M. Monroe 167A
Hersh Willis B. Monroe 172B
Hess Albert Monroe 171A
Hess J. H. Monroe 160B
Heuss Lewis Monroe 170A
Hilderbrant William Monroe 171A
Hively Belle Monroe 169B
Hoggs William Monroe 161A
Hoops Roy Monroe 170A
Hunt Charles J. Monroe 172B
Hunter Wade Monroe 167B
Iceman Fred Monroe 167A
Irwin N. C. Monroe 162B
Isaly Alpha Monroe 172B
Isaly Joseph G Monroe 164B
Isaly Rudolph Monroe 172B
Jack Burney Monroe 169B
Jody Bert Monroe 168B
Jody Luther M. Monroe 169A
Jody Orra Monroe 168A
Johnson Clarence Monroe 170B
Jones Byard Monroe 171A
Jones Charles Monroe 171A
Jones Harry Monroe 173A
Jones Harter Monroe 162A
Jones James C. Monroe 171A
Jones John W. Monroe 166A
Jones Minnie Monroe 172B
Jones O---- Monroe 162B
Jones Walter Monroe 163A
Jones William Monroe 172A
Juce Onetta Monroe 172A
Kaffer Edward Monroe 168B
Ka-ington W. B. Monroe 162A
Kaufman Harold Monroe 161B
Kaufman Marcus Monroe 164B
Kaylor Ora S. Monroe 165A
Kegler John G Monroe 164B
Kehel Louisa Monroe 163B
Keiser Matthew Monroe 170B
Kelser John W. Monroe 173B
Kershner Newton Monroe 168B
Kiner Forence Monroe 169B
King Byron Monroe 166A
Kinton Harry Monroe 167A
Kirsch Frank S. Monroe 173B
Knapp Etta Monroe 163A
Kurtz Thomas Monroe 166B

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