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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Submitted by Joanna


Names on this portion of the census were a little trickier to read.  If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp. Page
Lambert Joe Monroe 168A
Lambright Curtis Monroe 173A
Landis Herbert M Monroe 174A
Laro Mrs. Ira Monroe 161A
Leach C. P. Monroe 160A
Leiter Arthur Monroe 173A
Leiter D. P. Monroe 160B
Leiter Rolland Monroe 160A
Leiter S. H. Monroe 160B
Leiter Tipp C Monroe 164A
Leiter William S Monroe 174A
-lenner Sarah Monroe 163A
Lewis H. C. Monroe 163A
Liede Frank A Monroe 173B
Locke George Monroe 171B
Lockhart Helen R Monroe 160B
Lorentz Thurman A Monroe 168B
Luttia Culler Monroe 164A
Lyon James Monroe 173B
-m---- ------ Monroe 161B
Maglott Arthur Monroe 169B
Manner Frances W. Monroe 167B
Mathich George Monroe 160A
Matther Levi Monroe 173B
Matthews J. O. Monroe 162B
Matuck Martin L. Monroe 172A
Mc-arron Arthur Monroe 166B
McCarron Lewis Monroe 171B
McClurg Homer Monroe 166B
McConnel H. M. Monroe 162B
McDaniel (No name Lodger) Monroe 171B
McDaniel (No name Step Daughter) Monroe 170B
McDaniel M Monroe 170B
McDaniel Wm S. Monroe 174A
McDermot J. C. Monroe 163A
McFarlan Sarah Monroe 172A
McFarland (No name head of house) Monroe 171B
McFarland Win Monroe 170B
McKinley Thomas Monroe 165B
McKisson Rebecca Monroe 164B
McNutt (blank) Monroe 168A
Mecklen Fred W. Monroe 166A
Mengers Ralph Monroe 169A
Mengert Frederick Monroe 169A
Mengert Roy C. Monroe 169A
Miller D. C. Monroe 163A
Miller Margarette Monroe 169A
Miller Mrs. James H Monroe 161B
Miller Samuel S Monroe 173B
Millier John J Monroe 166A
Milligan Anna Monroe 173A
Milligan Francis M. Monroe 173A
Milligan Olive Monroe 171A
Milligan Williard C Monroe 164B
Mitchel Mathew Monroe 172A
Mitchell Earl L Monroe 173B
Mitchell Harold Monroe 163A
Moffet Gaylord Monroe 167B
Moffett Clifford Monroe 160A
Moffett D. O. Monroe 162B
Moffett Earnest Monroe 166B
Moffett Fred Monroe 162A
Moffett Laura Monroe 162A
Money V. O. Monroe 164A
Moore C. C. Monroe 163A
Mowers B. H. Monroe 163A
Mowers Frank Monroe 166B
Mowers Fred Monroe 162A
Mowers Fred C Monroe 166B
Mowers Gaylord L. Monroe 167B
Mowers Jane Monroe 169B
Mowers Kemp Monroe 161B
Mowers N. K. Monroe 162B
Muth Ray Monroe 162B
Oaks Millie Monroe 167B
Oaks Ralph Monroe 167B
O'Connell Dennis Monroe 168B
Ohler Jane Monroe 167A
Ohler Jesse B Monroe 167A
Ostermyer Milo Monroe 165B
Oswalt Floyd B Monroe 165B
Oswalt Homer Monroe 169B
Overmyer Ja-esley Monroe 172A
Palmer Frank Monroe 171B
Parrott Dortha Monroe 165B
Parrott Earl Monroe 165B
Peterson James H. Monroe 174A
Phillips W-- Monroe 166A
Piatt Meloin F. Monroe 167A
Pitts Harvey Monroe 169A
Polkinghorn Ed Monroe 173A
Pollock Joseph M. Monroe 171A
Powers Claton Monroe 169B
Pr-h-t Watler R---- Monroe 163A
Pritchard John Monroe 168B
Pritchard W. Edward Monroe 166B
Pritchard Walter S Monroe 163B
Pritchard Wayne Monroe 167B
Puhier W. A. Monroe 162A
Pulver Bert Monroe 171A
Query George Monroe 162A
Rader Henry Monroe 170A
Rader James Monroe 171A
Ramsell Fred Monroe 172A
Raren Rosemary Monroe 163A
Raylor Rebecca J. Monroe 165A
Rebman Frank Monroe 173A
Reeckler Frank Monroe 161B
Reed Emma M. Monroe 167B
Reed Joseph Monroe 166B
Reed Joseph Monroe 170A
Rehman John Monroe 164A
Remington C. D. Monroe 161B
Rider Isaac B. Monroe 170B
Ridge W. O. Monroe 160B
Rissler Jacob L Monroe 160A
Robinson Earl F. Monroe 164A
Robison Clarence Monroe 165A
Robnolte Charles Monroe 169A
Roe Helen Monroe 161B
Ross Ray Monroe 168B
Roughman F--ia Monroe 164B
Rowe John Monroe 168A
Royer Jefferson T Monroe 164B
Rummel Carl H. Monroe 163A
Rummel Clifford Monroe 174A
Rummel J. H. Monroe 160B
Rummel Otis A Monroe 168B
Russel Harvey Monroe 160A
Russel Lorence Monroe 164B
Ruth Frank Monroe 170A
Sampsel Delner D. Monroe 171A
Sampsell Harry Monroe 162A
Schnidt Fred T Monroe 169A
Schrack Allen D. Monroe 171A
Schrack Charles Monroe 167A
Secriss Jason Monroe 169A
Sellers Otto Monroe 172A
Shach L. C. Monroe 161A
Shafer Brice Monroe 164B
Shambaugh R------ Monroe 165A
Shanabarger Alberta Monroe 173B
Sheets Elza Monroe 170A
Shelby James Monroe 167A
Shenberger Rufus Monroe 166A
Sheriff Earl R. Monroe 170B
Shindledecker K. Monroe 165B
Shipley Guy Monroe 161A
Should Clarence Monroe 168A
Sicola John Monroe 171A
Sites Charles Monroe 171A
Smart Edward Monroe 173B
Smart Harlen P. Monroe 173A
Smith A. E. Monroe 161A
Smith C. D. Monroe 161A
Smith Carles Monroe 171B
Smith E. Joseph Monroe 172A
Smith Gaylord I. Monroe 174A
Smith George Monroe 173A
Smith Hattie M. Monroe 168B
Smith L. M. Monroe 162B
Smith Norman Monroe 162B
Smith Richard W. Monroe 169B
Smith Thomas W. Monroe 170B
Smith Walter Monroe 162A
Snavely Lee Monroe 170B
Snider Leo V. Monroe 160B
Snow Carl S. Monroe 171A
Snyder Alice Monroe 170B
Snyder Grover C. Monroe 167A
Snyder William O Monroe 169A
South Eunice Monroe 169A
Sowash Roy L. Monroe 166B
Sowask A. H. Monroe 162A
Spohn Royd Monroe 171A
Spohn Vertus Monroe 168B
Spra-- Harvey H. Monroe 168B
Stake Dwight Monroe 172A
Stake Wilma Monroe 169A
Stakey Katherene Monroe 169B
Steiner Leo Monroe 168B
Stevick Solomon Monroe 165B
Steward H. C. Monroe 163B
Stewart Guy L. Monroe 163B
Stotts John W. Monroe 166B
Stotts N. B. Monroe 162B
Stout James L. Monroe 170B
Stusser Margrete Monroe 171A
Suitzer Charles H. Monroe 169A
Swain A. Ba--l Monroe 160B
Swigart Michael Monroe 160A
Swigart Walter G. Monroe 170B
Swit Froney Monroe 172B
Switzer Lee D. Monroe 172B
Tarus John Monroe 160A
Teeter William M. Monroe 167B
Ti--n--s Anna Monroe 162B
Torris Harley H. Monroe 171B
Trease Harley G. Monroe 168A
Trumpower Edith Monroe 168B
Trumpower Emmert S Monroe 165A
Trumpower Grover Monroe 168A
Trumpower Henry Monroe 168A
Trumpower William Monroe 166A
Tucker Clinton Monroe 171B
Tucker John A Monroe 160A
Tucker Laura Monroe 171A
Turner Albert Monroe 166B
Unde Annis Monroe 172A
Unifleet Jacob Monroe 165A
Vail A. M. Monroe 162B
Vail J. W. Monroe 163A
Vairick David Monroe 172A
VanScoyac Benjamin Monroe 174A
VanScoyac Carl Monroe 172B
VanScoyac Joseph Monroe 172B
Veach Eugene F Monroe 173B
Wallace Mrs. J. H. Monroe 160B
Warner Melvin Monroe 174A
Weltz Arthur Monroe 167B
Weltz Olive Monroe 167B
Wheeler Belle Monroe 160B
White Chester Monroe 171A
White Ralph O. Monroe 172B
Wigton Howard E. Monroe 168A
Wiles Otto W Monroe 165B
Wilson Andrew Monroe 168B
Wilson George Monroe 166A
Wilson Lee Monroe 168B
Winters Ira J. Monroe 170B
Wise Earl R. Monroe 172B
Wolfe Hobert H. Monroe 167B
Woodhull J---- Monroe 165A
Worley L. P. Monroe 161A
Young Aaron Monroe 165B
Young Nettie Monroe 165B
Zediker H. W. Monroe 163A
Zellner Dollie Monroe 169B
Zelner Frank E Monroe 162B
Ziegler Ida Monroe 163A
Zimmerman Ray O Monroe 168B
Zody David J. Monroe 166A
Zody Harry Monroe 168B

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