Richland Co., Ohio


Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




Surname Given Twp Page
Algire G. Emma Perry 176A
Armstrong Milton M. Perry 176B
Baker Clen Perry 176A
Baughman R.A. Perry 179A
Baughman Walter Perry 179A
Beamont J.R. Perry 176B
Bebout Orlando Perry 177A
Bemiller Orvil J. Perry 175A
Bigbee E.G. Perry 176A
Black Frank Perry 177B
Black John H. Perry 175B
Borden James F. Perry 175A
Bowers Albert Perry 179A
Bryan Earl Perry 178A
Burns Alpha R. Perry 176B
Carson Charles Perry 177A
Carter Clyde Perry 178B
Chamberlin John C. Perry 176A
Chilcote Belle Perry 175A
Clever Harry Perry 179A
Crum Lloyd Perry 178B
Daily David Perry 175A
Daily Lloyd C. Perry 176A
Darling H.L. Perry 178B
Daugherty Jessie Perry 176A
Davis Bert Perry 179A
Dean Vance Perry 178B
Dempsey Maud Perry 176A
Denius Oliver Perry 179A
Durbin Garnet Perry 178A
Earnest Anna Perry 179A
Finley Alfred Perry 178B
Finley Annetta Perry 175B
Follin Charles Perry 177B
Follin Howard Perry 177A
Fry Lee Perry 178A
Fuhrer Dorothy Perry 179A
Gano Harry Perry 178A
Greer Winfield S. Perry 175B
Halferty William Perry 178A
Hardman Emerson Perry 175A
Heslep Thomas S. Perry 177A
Hetrick Abraham A. Perry 175B
Hiser Earl C. Perry 176B
Hoover M. Clara Perry 176A
Huntsman Cassius C. Perry 176B
Huntsman Charles Perry 176B
Huntsman John Perry 179A
Iler Harley E. Perry 177A
Iles G.C. Perry 177A
James Marcus Perry 177B
Kemp Jay A. Perry 177B
Kemp Velma M. Perry 177B
Kochheiser John Perry 177B
Kochheiser L.F. Perry 178B
Lane Harold Perry 176B
Lane Norman Perry 176A
Lantz Abe S. Perry 176B
Lantz Al. W. Perry 179A
Lehnhart Philip Perry 179A
Maxwell Orton Perry 178B
McCoy Harry Perry 175B
McCrory Daisy Perry 178A
McCrory Herman Perry 176B
McDaniel Chester Perry 178B
McDaniel Chester Perry 178B
McFarren Carl Perry 175A
McFerren Cash Perry 177B
McFerren William Perry 177B
McPherron Harry Perry 176A
Miller Charles Perry 179A
Morgan Chester Perry 179A
Morris Grace Perry 177B
Morse Niles J. Perry 175A
Myers Lewis Perry 177B
Neptune William O. Perry 176A
Olin Leonard Perry 178B
Painter Albert Perry 177B
Painter Sherman Perry 177B
Parsons Oscar O. Perry 176B
Perman William Perry 179A
Peterson S---- Perry 179A
Powers John Perry 175A
Pritchard C.L. Perry 179A
Radabaugh Denzel Perry 175B
Reed Earl C. Perry 175A
Reed Harry Perry 176A
Reed Ray G. Perry 179A
Rider Roy Perry 175A
Rinehart Arthur Perry 175A
Rinehart Rufus Perry 176A
Ross Albert L. Perry 177A
Ruhl Becky J. Perry 176B
Ruhl Floyd Perry 175A
Ruhl Fred Perry 176A
Ruhl James A. Perry 176B
Ruhl Jason Perry 175A
Ruhl Walter Perry 175A
Schonauer Clarence Perry 175A
Shaffer Frank J. Perry 177A
Shaffer Jasper Perry 177B
Shaffer Miller Perry 179A
Shaffer William Perry 176A
Shi-ly Lewis Perry 178B
Sidell Pearl Perry 176B
Simmons Leroy Perry 178A
Simmons Royd Perry 177B
Sipe Guy Perry 175B
Sites Lester Perry 177B
Smith J. Alfred Perry 176A
Snyder G.L. Perry 179A
Spayde Charles A. Perry 175B
Spayde Clarence Perry 175B
Spayde George Perry 177A
Stewart Charles H. Perry 175B
Stewart Wade H. Perry 175B
Stiffy John Perry 178A
Strong D. Burt Perry 176A
Strong M. Frank Perry 176A
Sugg Harry H. Perry 176B
Thuma Roy Perry 178A
Volz George Perry 178B
Wagner Edwin M. Perry 179A
Walters Charles Perry 178B
Walters John Perry 178A
Walters Lloyd Perry 178A
Walters Martin Perry 179A
Wandle Alfred Perry 178B
Weir El--y Perry 178B
Welch Frank Perry 177B
Welch Minnie Perry 176B
Wells Clarence M. Perry 177A
Wells Frank Perry 178B
Winand Howard Perry 177B
Wirick Burr Perry 177B
Wirick Earl D. Perry 176B
Wirick Elmore Perry 176B
Wirick John Perry 178A
Wirick L. G. Perry 176B
Workman Gwendolyn Perry 179A
Worner Wilbur M. Perry 178A

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