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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




Submitted by Joanna


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Names on this portion of the census were a little trickier to read.  If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp. Page
Adams Clara W Plymouth 192A
Adams Frank F Plymouth 190B
Adams George W Plymouth 191A
Adams Gertum S Plymouth 190B
Adams Orville Plymouth 191A
Akers Lafayette Plymouth 182B
Alexandro James Plymouth 181A
Ames Mary Plymouth 182B
Anderson Bert W Plymouth 184A
Arnold Henry S Plymouth 190B
Artz Charles C Plymouth 190A
Aumend Williard Plymouth 193B
Bachisch Sol Plymouth 185B
Bachman Anthony H Plymouth 194A
Bachrach Abraham Plymouth 184A
Bachrach Maurice Plymouth 184A
Bachrach Samuel B Plymouth 183B
Baird Charles Plymouth 189A
Baker Bert D Plymouth 189A
Baker Charles A Plymouth 182B
Baker Frank M Plymouth 181B
Balduff Elmer E Plymouth 184B
Baldwin Harlan Plymouth 190A
Baltzell Joseph H Plymouth 184A
Barall Sarah E Plymouth 194A
Barber Bessie Plymouth 184A
Barber Edward Plymouth 184A
Barnhart Asby Plymouth 187A
Barr Charles A Plymouth 187A
Beard Ida E Plymouth 184B
Berberick Clinton J Plymouth 184A
Berberick Frank C Plymouth 187A
Bettac Chester C Plymouth 186A
Bettac George W Plymouth 186A
Bevier Cornelia B Plymouth 184B
Bevier George Plymouth 187A
Bevier Isaac Plymouth 193B
Billier Howard A Plymouth 186B
Bingham Frank Plymouth 187A
Bistline Hannah Plymouth 187A
Bland Henry H Plymouth 191A
Bland Thomas Plymouth 186A
Bloom Raymond Plymouth 190A
Boardman Georgia Plymouth 182A
Bottinfield Sarah Plymouth 182B
Bowman Harry C Plymouth 183A
Bricker Charles R Plymouth 190B
Briggs Orra Plymouth 181A
Broadhead William Plymouth 187A
Brokaw Florence L Plymouth 185A
Brokaw Sarah Plymouth 185A
Brook Alonzo I Plymouth 191B
Brooks Frank B Plymouth 181A
Brooks Harry F Plymouth 182B
Brothers Levi C. Plymouth 194A
Brown May Plymouth 184A
Brown Ralph R Plymouth 182A
Brown Robert G Plymouth 180B
Brumback Dell Plymouth 183B
Burgett Omer G Plymouth 186B
Burgett Sherman Plymouth 186B
Burkett David Plymouth 186A
Burkett Harley C Plymouth 182A
Burr Clayton C Plymouth 187B
Buzard Elmer C Plymouth 187A
Caldwell Oscar Plymouth 193A
Carnahan Carl Plymouth 194A
Carnahan Clarien S Plymouth 182A
Carnahan Norma Plymouth 180A
Carrick Russell Plymouth 183A
Cashman Elias W Plymouth 189A
Cashman Samuel H Plymouth 189A
Caywood Mark W Plymouth 186B
Champion Lewis Plymouth 189B
Champion Lincoln A Plymouth 190A
Chappell Herbert H Plymouth 184B
Cheeseman Edward Plymouth 192B
Cheesman George Plymouth 193A
Childs Edwin F Plymouth 193B
Chronister Benton Plymouth 187A
Clady Samuel Plymouth 183A
Clark Daniel E Plymouth 182A
Clark Laura E Plymouth 185A
Clark Robert G Plymouth 183A
Clark Russell Plymouth 192B
Clouser Mary Plymouth 185A
Coe James C Plymouth 194B
Colwell William Plymouth 182B
Colyer Mary K Plymouth 188A
Connley Ida Plymouth 194B
Cooke Walter Plymouth 189B
Cornell Archie F Plymouth 184B
Crager Bert Plymouth 189A
Cray Clyde G Plymouth 181A
Croninyer Philmon Plymouth 194B
Curren Charles H Plymouth 192B
CuyKendall Frank R Plymouth 193B
Dalias Melvin C Plymouth 180B
Dallas Mathiar Plymouth 182B
Darnest Oliver S Plymouth 182B
Darsie Amia Plymouth 181B
Davis Earnest H Plymouth 180B
Davis John Plymouth 180B
Dawson Harry Plymouth 195A
Dawson Walter C Plymouth 183B
Dellevar Claude J Plymouth 192A
Dibert Edward Plymouth 186A
Dick Doris L Plymouth 192A
Dick Harry Plymouth 182A
Dick Ivan Plymouth 194B
Dick Michael Plymouth 180B
Dick Walter R Plymouth 187A
Dickson Emerson Plymouth 189B
Diehl Valentine Plymouth 194A
Dodge John Plymouth 181B
Dorion Dominic J Plymouth 185A
Dorion Leo J Plymouth 185A
Downenwirthe Martin Plymouth 192A
Doyle John F Plymouth 186B
Dreier Henry A Plymouth 192B
Earick Daniel Plymouth 189B
Ebey George B Plymouth 184A
Eckles Harrison M Plymouth 189A
Eckstein John A Plymouth 194B
Egner Charles Plymouth 190A
Ehret Clarence W Plymouth 191A
Einsel Don W Plymouth 183B
Elmer Charles Plymouth 180A
England Rachel M Plymouth 185B
Ervin Chester Plymouth 193A
Ervin Elmer H Plymouth 184B
Ervin Florence M Plymouth 182B
Ervin Foster Plymouth 192B
Ervin Mary Plymouth 185B
Everett Paul Plymouth 180A
Fackler Morris F Plymouth 191B
Fairchild Oliver Plymouth 194B
Fate Anna Plymouth 181B
Fate Mary B Plymouth 180A
Faulkner Roy Plymouth 189A
Fazio Carl Plymouth 181B
Feichtner Albert Plymouth 187A
Fellows Horace Plymouth 191B
Fenner Carl Plymouth 181B
Fenner Frank Plymouth 193A
Fenner William A Plymouth 193B
Ferguson Daniel Plymouth 193A
Fetters William H Plymouth 181B
Fleming John S Plymouth 184A
Fogal Celia Plymouth 187A
Foraker Clyde Plymouth 193B
Ford Thurman R Plymouth 181A
Frakes Arthur Plymouth 183A
Fransens Frank Plymouth 192A
Franzens Fred F Plymouth 191A
Fritters Luther R Plymouth 180B
Garner Lester Plymouth 195A
Garrett Ensell R Plymouth 186B
Garrett Willard Plymouth 180A
Garwood Mary B Plymouth 180A
Gary Minnie Plymouth 181A
Gates Diamond S Plymouth 192A
Gebert Lewis Plymouth 183B
Gibson Artie Plymouth 193A
Gilger Lucy L Plymouth 193A
Gilger Robert F Plymouth 193A
Goin Everett Plymouth 193B
Gourtzka Oscar C Plymouth 184A
Greenawalt Orlo A Plymouth 190A
Grice Milton G Plymouth 189B
Griffith Amanda Plymouth 192A
Griffith Cleo C Plymouth 192A
Grimmer Albert J Plymouth 185B
Groden Harry Plymouth 184B
Guadagmins Don Plymouth 181A
Guerin Bernice L Plymouth 190B
Gurrett John Plymouth 186A
Gutchall Robert Plymouth 189B
Hale Howard Plymouth 181A
Hale Lemuel P Plymouth 182A
Hanick Dollie Plymouth 180B
Harris George W Plymouth 193B
Hartae Charles C Plymouth 189B
Hartz Roman F Plymouth 190A
Harvey Boyd W Plymouth 194B
Hatch Walter Plymouth 193B
Hatcher Robert Plymouth 192A
Haten Noah W Plymouth 192B
Hawk Hamer A Plymouth 190A
Hay H. A. Plymouth 183A
Heath Charles Plymouth 185A
Heath Earl W Plymouth 184B
Helfer Florence F Plymouth 185A
Hemminger William G Plymouth 191A
Henry Frank S Plymouth 194A
Henry William Plymouth 180B
Hershiser George E Plymouth 185A
Hershiser Sherman Plymouth 194B
Hershiser Willard J Plymouth 193A
Heskitt James W Plymouth 182B
Hester John H Plymouth 182B
Hills Ardella E Plymouth 187A
Hills Emma Plymouth 183A
Hills Mary F Plymouth 193A
Himes Albert M Plymouth 180A
Hisey Alton L Plymouth 186B
Hoffman Alberta Plymouth 183A
Hoffman Frank J Plymouth 183A
Hollenbaugh Leroy Plymouth 191B
Hollenbaugh R Nettie Plymouth 194B
Holtz Alvin C Plymouth 192A
Holtz Barney Plymouth 190B
Hough John W Plymouth 184B
Huckett George H Plymouth 180B
Huckett Vane M Plymouth 185A
Hunter Adelbert Plymouth 195A
Hutchison David Plymouth 194A
Hutchison Roscoe Plymouth 194A
Jackson Iden Plymouth 184B
Jacobs Blain P Plymouth 189B
Jenkins Theodore S Plymouth 183B
John Philip Plymouth 189A
Johns Clifford E Plymouth 189A
Johns William Plymouth 183B
Johnson Ray J Plymouth 180A
Johnston N. K. Plymouth 189B
Jones Albert E Plymouth 183A
Kanestrick Frank Plymouth 194A
Kappenberg Edith Plymouth 182A
Keller Charles E Plymouth 190B
Keller Jud C Plymouth 185B
Keller Wilbur J Plymouth 194B
Kellerman Jay R Plymouth 180A
Kendia Harley L Plymouth 187B
Kenestrie John Plymouth 184A
Kent Alfred Plymouth 194A
Kinsel Alfred Plymouth 195A
Kirkendall Albert Plymouth 191A
Kirkpatrick Norris Plymouth 180A
Kirshner Ignatious Plymouth 191B
Kistler George D Plymouth 191A
Kochenderfer Ezra Plymouth 187B
Kuhn Bert E Plymouth 194B
Kuhn Cyrus D Plymouth 194B
Kuhn Fred Plymouth 194B
Kuhn Jessi Plymouth 189B
Lash Elsworth Plymouth 193A
Ledrick Frank Plymouth 181B
Lehman Raymond Plymouth 187A
Lofland Catherine A Plymouth 183B
Lofland Ned Plymouth 182B
Long Harry F Plymouth 184B
Lutz Doris Plymouth 180A
Lybarger Boyds Plymouth 190B
Lybarger Orville Plymouth 187A
Lynch Mabel T Plymouth 192A
Lynch Milton I Plymouth 192A

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