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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




Submitted by Joanna


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Names on this portion of the census were a little trickier to read.  If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp. Page
Major Earnest L Plymouth 180B
Major James Plymouth 189A
Major Roscoe A Plymouth 190A
Marsh Sophia Plymouth 182A
Martin Hubert C Plymouth 186A
Marvin Bert S Plymouth 187B
Matthew Wilferd Plymouth 191A
Matthew William Plymouth 189B
May Levi Plymouth 182A
McDonough Robert Plymouth 184A
McDougal Warren Plymouth 192A
McFadden Charles W Plymouth 180A
McFougal Clement H Plymouth 183A
McIntire Jacob W Plymouth 185A
McIntire Olive I Plymouth 187A
McKasky Henry Plymouth 193B
McKinsey Kelroy Plymouth 190A
Metzger Mony J Plymouth 190B
Meyers Frank Plymouth 181A
Miller Cora E Plymouth 187A
Miller John W Plymouth 185A
Miller Nettie E Plymouth 188A
Miller Raymond R Plymouth 183A
Mills John B Plymouth 187B
Moon Frank Plymouth 190A
Moon Sarah A Plymouth 190A
Moore Earl E Plymouth 189A
Moore Harrison C Plymouth 186A
Moore Howard Plymouth 191B
Moore Jerome L Plymouth 186B
Morgan Charles Plymouth 181A
Morris John K Plymouth 189A
Morrow Adelphia Plymouth 182A
Morrow Frank Plymouth 184A
Morse Cray Plymouth 195A
Mumea Bertha M Plymouth 187B
Myers Frank Plymouth 193B
Myers Frank D Plymouth 186A
Myers George M Plymouth 182B
Myers Harvey S Plymouth 185A
Myers Jacob W Plymouth 186A
Myers Joseph F Plymouth 187B
Nelson John B Plymouth 190A
Nimmons Mahlon Plymouth 185B
Norris Russell E Plymouth 184A
Noss Grover C Plymouth 191B
Nye Peter Plymouth 194B
Nye Stella Plymouth 183A
Opdyke Ollie Plymouth 188A
Page Elizabeth Plymouth 183A
Parsel Delbert J Plymouth 183B
Parsel William B Plymouth 194A
Patterson Mary E Plymouth 180A
Payne Gertrude Plymouth 193B
Penrod William M Plymouth 185A
Pettit Andrew J Plymouth 193B
Pettit William Plymouth 193A
Philipp Wendell E Plymouth 185A
Phillips Fred E Plymouth 188A
Phillips Max M Plymouth 191B
Post Fred Plymouth 194B
Postle Harry Plymouth 181B
Poth William H Plymouth 182A
Powers Calista J Plymouth 182A
Preston Perry J Plymouth 191A
Price Joseph L Plymouth 183B
Price William L Plymouth 191A
Pry Everett V Plymouth 192B
Pugh Clayton C Plymouth 182A
Ream Ralph D Plymouth 182B
Reed John A Plymouth 183A
Reed William Plymouth 182B
Reviers Warren Plymouth 180B
Rheinbalb William Plymouth 191B
Rhine Huff S Plymouth 194A
Rhine James Plymouth 183B
Ridgler Earl H Plymouth 184B
Roberts Leo B Plymouth 193A
Robison Dorothe Plymouth 187B
Rogers Mack Plymouth 187A
Roller Curtiss Plymouth 180B
Rook John A Plymouth 180A
Rooks Irvin Plymouth 194B
Root Halsey F Plymouth 185A
Root Percy H Plymouth 184B
Ross Hershel C Plymouth 181B
Ross Ira A Plymouth 194A
Ross Williard Plymouth 185B
Rowalt Charles B Plymouth 183B
Rowe William Plymouth 194B
Ruckman Fayette Plymouth 182A
Rule Bert A Plymouth 184A
Russell Charles H Plymouth 183B
Sampson Israel H Plymouth 194A
Schaffer Harold F Plymouth 187B
Scheerer Clarence J Plymouth 189A
Schneider Frederick A Plymouth 181A
Schreck James O Plymouth 187B
Scott Leroy B Plymouth 183B
Scott Russell Plymouth 182B
Scrafield William Plymouth 194A
Searle George J. Plymouth 180A
Seaton Elmer K Plymouth 181B
Seville Jean Plymouth 180B
Shafer Georgia Plymouth 180A
Shatzer Edgar S Plymouth 190B
Shepherd Neal B Plymouth 182A
Shoup Logue C Plymouth 191A
Sisinger George Plymouth 186B
Sisinger John A Plymouth 192B
Sisinger Wallace Plymouth 194A
Smedley Viola Plymouth 186A
Smith Eva R Plymouth 182A
Smith Howard J. Plymouth 185A
Smith Ivery Plymouth 191A
Smith William H Plymouth 192A
Snider George C Plymouth 183B
Snyder Bert R Plymouth 192A
Snyder Bruce Plymouth 185B
Snyder George J Plymouth 194A
Snyder Jesse A Plymouth 182B
Snyder Theodore Plymouth 184A
Sourwin Mary B Plymouth 180A
Sourwine Ella A Plymouth 184A
Sourwine Henry C Plymouth 185B
Sourwine Vern Plymouth 185A
Spear Augusta Plymouth 184A
Sponsellor Moody R Plymouth 192B
Stattler William H Plymouth 195A
Stearn Elsie M Plymouth 185A
Steel Lewis Plymouth 195A
Steele Floyd E Plymouth 188A
Steele Raymond Plymouth 187B
Stentz Wood E Plymouth 189A
Stevens Ralph Plymouth 185B
Stewart Forest B Plymouth 181B
Stine Samuel Plymouth 190A
Stock Burton O Plymouth 192B
Stoffer Mabe Plymouth 189B
Stoodt Walter Plymouth 193B
Straub Ethel Plymouth 192B
Stroup Harry B Plymouth 191B
Sturtz John G Plymouth 192A
Sykes Eliza Plymouth 182B
Taylor Catherine Plymouth 180A
Taylor Charles Plymouth 187B
Tessler Berty Plymouth 187B
Thornhill Charles R Plymouth 183A
Thrush Walter B Plymouth 192B
Tighe William Plymouth 191A
Trauger Edwin H Plymouth 192A
Trauger Elmer K Plymouth 180B
Trauger Jessie M Plymouth 180A
Trimarche Carl Plymouth 188A
Truelove Minnie Plymouth 193B
Tubbs Frank Plymouth 180A
Turson Roke Plymouth 181A
Tuttle Willis S Plymouth 195A
Tyson Frank Plymouth 186A
Van Wagner Forrest Plymouth 180B
Vanasdale Gene W Plymouth 185B
Vaughn Gilbert Plymouth 189B
Verbeck George D Plymouth 190B
Vewmeuer Henry Plymouth 181B
Waddington Benjamin L Plymouth 184A
Walker Charles S Plymouth 185A
Walters Howard L Plymouth 188A
Watson Kenneth C Plymouth 185A
Webb Henry H Plymouth 187B
Webber Carl F Plymouth 182A
Weber Katherine D Plymouth 185B
Weck Frank J Plymouth 186B
Weiser Arch C Plymouth 189B
Weller John A Plymouth 180B
Wellinger Fred Plymouth 189B
West Charles E Plymouth 182A
West Pearl A Plymouth 183A
Whittier Harry W Plymouth 184B
Wichter William E Plymouth 185B
Wilcox Alfred M Plymouth 186B
Willer Horace M Plymouth 187B
Willer Josephine Plymouth 187B
Willford Richard Plymouth 195A
Williams Calvin Plymouth 193A
Williams Chester A Plymouth 192B
Williams Clayton Plymouth 181B
Williamson John Plymouth 194B
Williamson Ora J Plymouth 184B
Willocker Joseph Plymouth 181A
Wilson Everett S Plymouth 182A
Winans Mabel Plymouth 190B
Wirth John E Plymouth 183B
Wirth Williard W Plymouth 185A
Wolf Merle S Plymouth 187B
Woodworth Thoer E Plymouth 187A
Wright Mary E Plymouth 187A
Wyandt Elnora R Plymouth 182B
Yohn Jesse Plymouth 189A
Young Dollie Plymouth 193A

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