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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




Names on this portion of the census were a little trickier to read. If you find errors - I would
appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
---- John Sandusky 199B
Arter Charles Sandusky 197A
Arter George Sandusky 197A
Arter Lester Sandusky 197B
Arter Park Sandusky 197A
Bailey Charles Sandusky 198A
Balyeat Marquis Sandusky 196A
Barber Norman J. Sandusky 199B
Barker Earl Sandusky 200A
Bauer Elizabeth Sandusky 200A
Berin Calvin Sandusky 197A
Bigler Walter Sandusky 199A
Bisel Harry Sandusky 199A
Bishop William Sandusky 198B
Black William Sandusky 200A
Bronkar James G. Sandusky 196A
Brown Joseph Sandusky 200B
Burtnett Burdene Sandusky 200B
Burtnett Maud Sandusky 200B
Carson William Sandusky 197A
Cochran Maurice Sandusky 199B
Coleman Mandus Sandusky 197A
Craner Earl Sandusky 196B
Craner Laurence Sandusky 197B
Crawford George Sandusky 197B
Dagen Gus A. Sandusky 198B
Daugherty Alva Sandusky 197A
Deems Martin L. Sandusky 198B
Dodds Viva Sandusky 200A
Eckstein William Sandusky 200B
Egbert Daniel Sandusky 196B
Emer David Sandusky 197B
Emmer Dewalt Sandusky 199B
Esley William Sandusky 200A
F-eson Fred Sandusky 196B
Finney Asa Sandusky 198A
Finney Gaylord C. Sandusky 200B
Finney Richard Sandusky 198A
Flowers Theresa Sandusky 196A
Foltz Charles Sandusky 198B
Fowler Roxie Sandusky 199B
Frech Peter Sandusky 199B
Frengel -ustice Sandusky 197B
Gabriel Edward Sandusky 196B
Garberich Irvin K. Sandusky 198B
Gardner Ralph Sandusky 198A
Gearhart Charles Sandusky 196B
Geppard Margaret Sandusky 196B
Gerish Elenore Sandusky 199A
Griffith Wilbur Sandusky 197B
Hanlon Bert Sandusky 198B
Harbaugh William H. Sandusky 199A
Harding Dale M. Sandusky 197B
Henry Orlen Sandusky 199A
Herr Leland Sandusky 199B
Hill Emmet Sandusky 197B
Hillis Alberta Sandusky 198A
Holt Soleman Sandusky 196B
Horning Francis Sandusky 196B
Horning Mary Sandusky 197A
Horning Stephen Sandusky 199A
Hursh Maud Sandusky 197A
James Coy Sandusky 200B
Johnson Edward Sandusky 197B
Keith James Sandusky 198B
Keller William Sandusky 198B
Keplinger Vern C. Sandusky 196A
Krichbaum Oscar Sandusky 199A
Kuhn Arthur A. Sandusky 196B
Kurtzman Charles Sandusky 198A
Kyhn Chas. Sandusky 200A
Lake Otto F. Sandusky 196A
-lauer John Sandusky 199A
Leicy Caroline Sandusky 199A
Li-e E. Jay Sandusky 199B
Lohr Roy E. Sandusky 196A
Lovell Albert Sandusky 200A
Mayor Howard Sandusky 196A
McCrea Harry Sandusky 198A
McCrea Myrtle Sandusky 196A
McCully Robert Sandusky 198A
McCune Harold Sandusky 198A
Mellert John Sandusky 197B
Miller Henry F. Sandusky 196A
Mitchell Luke Sandusky 199B
Musserman George Sandusky 200B
-ner Clarence Sandusky 198A
Newkirk Benjamin Sandusky 196A
Onter Martha Sandusky 200A
Phillips John H. Sandusky 197A
Pinyerd Leroy Sandusky 199B
Pitts Lucinda Sandusky 196A
Pratle Albert Sandusky 197B
Pugh Nelson Sandusky 196B
Rackenbaugh Earl Sandusky 200A
Rackenbaugh Jake Sandusky 199B
Rader Fred S. Sandusky 196B
Rader G. Dewey Sandusky 200B
Reister Catherine Sandusky 196A
Ridey ---- Sandusky 200A
Rinehart Adam Sandusky 199A
Rinehart Lewis Sandusky 200A
Robbins Isaac Sandusky 199A
Sanor Homer Sandusky 199B
Sauers Ernest Sandusky 198B
Scheiber William Sandusky 200A
Schollenberger William F. Sandusky 199B
Schwert Catherine Sandusky 196B
Schwert John Sandusky 196B
Schwert Paul Sandusky 196B
Scott Clarence Sandusky 197B
Scribner John Sandusky 196B
Seloanliter Peter Sandusky 197A
Shefferty Martin Sandusky 196B
Sherer Francis Sandusky 198B
Shoup Elzy Sandusky 197B
Smith Cora A. Sandusky 200B
Spears John Sandusky 196A
Spreas Conrad Sandusky 197B
Stanley Etta Sandusky 198A
Stiffer Guy Sandusky 198B
Stinedeldecker Byron Sandusky 197A
Stoffel Olevia Sandusky 200B
Strauch Margaret Sandusky 200A
Strook Adam Sandusky 197A
Taylor Clyde Sandusky 197A
Taylor James Sandusky 198A
Taylor Lisle Sandusky 197A
-teirns Benn Sandusky 198A
Thrush Elizabeth Sandusky 199A
Thrush Martin Sandusky 199A
Vanziles William Sandusky 200A
Violet Olive Sandusky 200B
Voegele Henry A. Sandusky 196A
Volk Anna Sandusky 200A
Walker William Sandusky 197B
Warner George Sandusky 197A
Watt Mary E. Sandusky 200B
Watt Paul Sandusky 200B
Watt Pryor Sandusky 200B
Weaver Jacob Sandusky 199A
Whisler Frank S. Sandusky 198B
Wilkerson Ben Sandusky 199B
Winbigler Charles Sandusky 198A
Young John Sandusky 196B

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