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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Submitted by Joanna


If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
Aby Elmer Springfield 9B
Alexander Walter E Springfield 9A
Andrews Elmer Springfield 12A
Andrews Thomas Springfield 11A
Armstrong Harry Springfield 8B
Arter Fred M Springfield 5A
Arter Kenneth Springfield 16B
Backenstove L Springfield 12B
Bailey James M Springfield 16A
Baker Doyle Springfield 12A
Baker Mike Springfield 15B
Baker Samuel Springfield 11A
Baker Thelma Springfield 8B
Balliet John T Springfield 4B
Barber William Springfield 16B
Bard Homer H Springfield 7B
Barney Trenner E Springfield 2B
Barnhill Clifton Springfield 5A
Barnhill Thomas Springfield 7A
Beale Clarence P Springfield 1B
Beer Joe Springfield 15B
Beer Robert Springfield 17A
Beer Simon Springfield 13B
Bell Barney Springfield 11A
Beltz William J Springfield 6A
Berjarolds William Springfield 2B
Bernolf Alva Springfield 12B
Betscher Colonel Springfield 11A
Bigler Levi Springfield 14B
Bishop William W Springfield 14A
Bodd Gladys H Springfield 2B
Bodswalter Earl Springfield 13A
Bogantz Eva Springfield 5B
Bond John Springfield 8A
Boon Glenn C Springfield 8B
Borden Lester Springfield 12B
Bortrif Dallerous Springfield 16A
Boterf Martin S Springfield 6A
Bowers Harry Springfield 13A
Bowman S A Springfield 2B
Braden Edward B Springfield 13B
Brady James P Springfield 10B
Bridges Arthur J Springfield 7B
Bridges Harold Springfield 9B
Briunch Anton Springfield 4A
Brokaw Harold Springfield 6B
Brooks James W Springfield 3A
Brooks William S Springfield 3A
Brown Allen S Springfield 9A
Brown William Springfield 11B
Burns Edward Springfield 10B
Busiska Christina Springfield 10A
Butler Bert Springfield 6B
Bymes John Springfield 13A
Carman Alfred Springfield 16B
Carter George Springfield 9A
Carter May I Springfield 9A
Carver Keneth Springfield 8A
Casad Harry Springfield 3B
Cassidy Robert Springfield 5A
Castle Fred J Springfield 2B
Cawell John L Springfield 9B
Chambers Clarence Springfield 17A
Clever Paul A Springfield 8B
Clever Samuel A Springfield 8B
Combs William P Springfield 1B
Conley John W Springfield 12A
Cook Horace M Springfield 4B
Cook Martin Springfield 10A
Cosick Paul Springfield 12B
Cotter William Springfield 15A
Craig Samson Springfield 14A
Crall William Springfield 8A
Crooks John Springfield 14A
Crouch William Springfield 1B
Croy LeRoy Springfield 16B
Crunkelton Daniel Springfield 3A
Culbertson Elihier Springfield 12A
Daniels Rellion L J Springfield 11B
Darrals Harry A Springfield 11B
Darrals Herbert Springfield 12B
Darrals Orlan Springfield 12B
Darrals Vernon Springfield 12A
Daughterty Roy Springfield 10A
Daum Clarence P Springfield 1B
Daup Geroge B Springfield 3A
Davey Martha Springfield 2B
Davis Charles Springfield 5B
Davis Frank E Springfield 3A
DeLashmitt Margaret Springfield 9B
Derror Elra Springfield 1A
Derror Fred S Springfield 1A
DeVoe Roy Springfield 12B
Dewall Herbert Springfield 5B
Dickicher John Springfield 14B
Doolittle Lucus Springfield 17A
Doolittle William Springfield 10A
Downs Ray Springfield 15A
Duffner Willis M Springfield 11A
Earhart William Springfield 1B
Earick Elizabeth Springfield 8A
Earick Levi Springfield 6B
Eberhart Clyde Springfield 2B
Edwardton Blake Springfield 14B
Eichof Nick Springfield 8B
Eicles John K Springfield 11A
Eivers Herbert Springfield 16B
Elliot Rolla J Springfield 2B
Ellison George Springfield 1A
English Gertrude Springfield 1B
Farrow George G Springfield 2A
Faulk Elmore C Springfield 10A
Filse Harvey Springfield 13A
Fisher Henry Springfield 5A
Fisher John D Springfield 5A
Fisher Lewis E Springfield 3B
Fitschuger Joseph Springfield 15B
Foster Harry Springfield 9A
Foster Harvey Springfield 15A
Fox Curtis Springfield 11B
Fox Ernest Springfield 12B
Fox Mabel Springfield 10A
Franka Andrew Springfield 16B
Frederick Bowman Springfield 11B
Friday John Springfield 17A
Friday William J Springfield 14A
Frisch Edward J Springfield 2B
Fuherer John S Springfield 14B
Fulton Harley Springfield 8B
Gages Adam Springfield 3B
Gages John Springfield 3B
Gages Paul Springfield 1B
Gale Edward L Springfield 2A
Gansberger George Springfield 14B
Garger Charles Springfield 5A
Gates Ralph Springfield 1A
Gatton Byron Springfield 9A
Gatton Mason Springfield 2B
Gaumbling George W Springfield 16A
Gay Bell Springfield 10A
Geigher John Springfield 13B
Gibson William Springfield 9A
Gifrer John Springfield 9B
Goddern John B Springfield 12A
Goodwin Budd M Springfield 12A
Gordy Benjamin Springfield 1A
Gorter Margaret Springfield 15B
Gragher George Springfield 15B
Graham Alphus Springfield 7B
Green Addie Springfield 2B
Green Richard Springfield 2B
Grey Otis Springfield 14A
Griving Bulsh M Springfield 6A
Guisinger Samuel Springfield 16B
Haefili Carl H Springfield 3A
Hager Catherine Springfield 4A
Hahn Colonel Springfield 3A
Haitline Joe C Springfield 1B
Hall Lewis Springfield 1A
Hamilton Howard Springfield 15A
Hamilton Ira Springfield 3A
Hammer Frank Springfield 14B
Hannes Michael Springfield 9B
Harich Philiph Springfield 4A
Harma Clemate Springfield 4B
Harriman Charles Springfield 14B
Harris Anna Springfield 7B
Harris Earl Springfield 7B
Harrison Frank E Springfield 3A
Hasenzahl Samuel Springfield 9A
Heckok Amanda A Springfield 10B
Heichel Deloin Springfield 5B
Hellinger George A Springfield 11B
Henderson Charles Springfield 17A
Henry George Springfield 7A
Henry Levi Springfield 11B
Herchel Gale J Springfield 11B
Herring John Springfield 1B
Hershs Mary J Springfield 13B
Hess Henry Springfield 1B
Hess Virginia Springfield 8A
Heston Chalmer L Springfield 17A
Hetler Elmer E Springfield 13B
Hetler William H Springfield 10A
Heyes Floretta Springfield 3A
Hina Arthur Springfield 3A
Hoffman Albert S Springfield 4A
Hoffman Howard Springfield 13A
Holland William A Springfield 6A
Hollinger Theodore Springfield 16B
Hoover Nelson A Springfield 15B
Hoover Samuel Springfield 10A
Hopper Atheria Springfield 2A
Housman William Springfield 6B
Huess Ursa Springfield 16A
Hugatt Christ Springfield 16A
Humphrey John E Springfield 1B
Hunricker William E Springfield 2A
Hush Charles Springfield 7A
Hyman Arlie Springfield 11A
Iles Fred J Springfield 6A
Imhoff Edward C Springfield 8B
Jarrie Susie Springfield 13A
Jolley A. C. Springfield 1A
Jolley Charles M Springfield 11B
Jones La Rue Springfield 16A
Juscore Daniel C Springfield 10A
Karcher Charles J Springfield 13B
Kasick Elizabeth Springfield 11A
Kauffman Wayne Springfield 7B
Keipp Anton J Springfield 2A
Keller Charles P Springfield 16A
Kelley John Springfield 9B
Kelly James Springfield 5B
Kent William Springfield 15B
Keplinger Geroge W Springfield 5A
Kernath Albert Springfield 14B
Kerrel Louisa Springfield 4A
Kessel Gaylord Springfield 3A
Keyser George Springfield 1A
Kheillen Andrew J Springfield 7A
King John H Springfield 3B
Kitchen Charles J Springfield 16A
Kitchen George Springfield 12A
Klauer William Springfield 10B
Kneps David W Springfield 4B
Koons Willis H Springfield 12B

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