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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
Lacey George Springfield 7B
Larrie Jennette Springfield 6A
Laughlin Noah Springfield 8A
Lautsbaugh Elmer Springfield 13A
Lawrence Norris Springfield 12A
Lee Joseph Springfield 10B
Leiter Charles C Springfield 5B
Lipps James J Springfield 9A
Lipps Marion Springfield 9B
Loch George Springfield 1A
Long David Springfield 9B
Loomes Walter Springfield 1A
Lorimor Craig A Springfield 5B
Luderey George Springfield 10A
Maglott Susana Springfield 12A
Maker Ernest Springfield 13B
Maker John Springfield 13B
Marchall Herman Springfield 2B
Marsh Maude Springfield 6B
Marshman Charles H Springfield 6B
Matthews Henry Springfield 15A
May Martin L Springfield 16B
McCallough Charles Springfield 4B
McCarty John Springfield 3B
McClelland Charles Springfield 14B
McCoy Benton Springfield 13A
McElroy Raymond E Springfield 5A
McFadden Kenneth Springfield 8B
McKinney James L Springfield 4B
McLaughey Frank B Springfield 13B
Metcalf Harold B Springfield 10A
Miller George H Springfield 7B
Miller Glenn C Springfield 2A
Milliron George E Springfield 6A
Mitchell Corydon Springfield 12A
Mitchell Flora Springfield 4B
Mitchell Frank R Springfield 11A
Mitchell William C Springfield 11B
Molder George W Springfield 11A
Moon John E Springfield 8A
Moore Edward Springfield 2A
Morehead William Springfield 4B
Moury Clarence Springfield 14A
Mulbero M Springfield 12B
Mussbaurn Wallace Springfield 7A
Muth Earl J Springfield 2B
Myers William Springfield 17A
Nettelhorst Merretta Springfield 2A
Nixon Claude E Springfield 9B
Nobbet Homer Springfield 7A
Norman George A Springfield 5B
Obes Walter B Springfield 1A
Orevilas Charles C Springfield 6B
Oriveler Orley Springfield 16B
Palmer Andrew W Springfield 17A
Palmer Foster Springfield 7A
Palmer Harold Springfield 15B
Palmer Mary Springfield 15B
Paris Steve Springfield 13A
Parr Gideon Springfield 16A
Parrish John A Springfield 15A
Patterson Jesse J Springfield 15B
Peiffer Matthew Springfield 4A
Perman Forest E Springfield 4A
Pfeifer Andrew P Springfield 16A
Pfeifer Coy A Springfield 16A
Pifer Charles S Springfield 3A
Poffenbaugh Charles P Springfield 4B
Poland Frank W Springfield 5A
Pugh Hubbert J Springfield 14B
Rader David A Springfield 6B
Rader Joseph H Springfield 6B
Reed Albert Springfield 1A
Reed Sherman Springfield 7A
Reidel Franklin J Springfield 12A
Renard Mary Springfield 1A
Rhoads George Springfield 5A
Ricker Mary E Springfield 14A
Rinehart Ralph M Springfield 8B
Rittenger Frank Springfield 5A
Robbins Thomas Springfield 15B
Roberts Archie Springfield 8B
Roedicker Hattie Springfield 14A
Ross Charles Springfield 2A
Ross Corodor Springfield 13A
Rumford Marshall Springfield 10B
Rupp Herbert Springfield 9A
Rush Charles E Springfield 10A
Rush I J Springfield 2B
Sallmen John Springfield 16A
Samped Daniel Springfield 14A
Sauder William T Springfield 3B
Sauer Michael Springfield 9B
Scarabrough Howard Springfield 11B
Scarbrough John H Springfield 4A
Schaffler Adam Springfield 6A
Scharter Harold Springfield 10B
Schaub John J Springfield 7A
Schaus Christian Springfield 14A
Schaus Herman Springfield 14A
Schaus William H Springfield 14A
Schell Robert W Springfield 5B
Scherier Charles B Springfield 8B
Schisler Balser Springfield 7A
Schmidt Julia A Springfield 4A
Schrader Clinton Springfield 8A
Schwert Henry Springfield 3B
Scott Charles Springfield 7A
Scrafield John M Springfield 13A
Shafer Andrew J Springfield 4B
Shafer C. Waldo Springfield 16B
Shafer Edward C Springfield 13B
Shafer Harold Springfield 5A
Shafer Walter W Springfield 9A
Shaffer Charles B Springfield 3B
Shaffer John T Springfield 1B
Shalter Frank Springfield 5B
Shanock Rossi Springfield 12A
Shea Harriette E Springfield 14A
Shea James Springfield 15B
Shepherd Troy Springfield 2B
Shisler Marshall Springfield 16B
Shrewsbury Arthur Springfield 6A
Shrewsbury Ray Springfield 12B
Shryack Hoyt Springfield 7A
Simmons Tom Springfield 8B
Smith Charles Springfield 6A
Smith Dale Springfield 5B
Smith Ira E Springfield 12A
Smith Lawrence Springfield 15A
Smith Robert Springfield 13B
Snodgrass Frank Springfield 4A
Snyder Levi Springfield 7B
Snyder William Springfield 16B
Soliday Della Springfield 3B
Sonnor William H Springfield 1A
Stabler Ida A Springfield 14A
Stake Clifford Springfield 10B
Stalter George Springfield 17A
Stecher Joseph Springfield 5A
Steele Cora L Springfield 11A
Steele Ervin Springfield 11A
Stevens Bertie Springfield 12B
Stevens Charles E Springfield 6B
Stevens R. E. Springfield 15B
Stewart Burton Springfield 7A
Stier John Springfield 7A
Stoher Harry Springfield 15B
Stolt Arthur J Springfield 3A
Stoops Charles E Springfield 8A
Stough Edgar Springfield 5B
Strominser John Springfield 14B
Sturdza Minnie Springfield 14A
Sturgel Lawrence Springfield 11B
Sugfried Charles G Springfield 15A
Swan James E Springfield 17A
Takos Adam Springfield 16A
Taylor Charles Springfield 15B
Taylor Charles Springfield 11A
Taylor Charles R Springfield 4B
Taylor Harlan Springfield 6B
Taylor Herbert Springfield 6A
Taylor Thomas Springfield 11A
Taylor Wesley Springfield 15A
Taylor William A Springfield 12A
Teeter Todd Springfield 12A
Thompson Herbert S Springfield 2A
Thornton Arthur M Springfield 1B
Tinney William R Springfield 10B
Tippman Fred R Springfield 2B
Tisher Charles Springfield 15B
Tomlinson Floyd A Springfield 1B
Touby Martin Springfield 17A
Traubel Samuel H Springfield 14A
Trey Allen R Springfield 15A
Trey Grover Springfield 14B
Tuck Olto Springfield 1A
Tuhres Alfred Springfield 7B
Tupps Walter Springfield 1A
Turner Arthur Springfield 14A
Turner Walter A Springfield 7B
Turr Lorenzo D Springfield 9B
Unholtz William Springfield 14B
Untieb Marie Springfield 2A
Untieb William Springfield 2A
Urschel Peter K Springfield 17A
Urschel Peter M Springfield 15A
Vermillion Homer H Springfield 11B
Viars Hamilton Springfield 6A
Virtue Raymond Springfield 13B
Vogel George Springfield 12B
Wade Jacob E Springfield 5B
Wagaman Willard T Springfield 16B
Walker Alva Springfield 5B
Walker Joseph Springfield 13A
Walker Louise Springfield 4B
Walker Reed H Springfield 13A
Walker Virgil Springfield 6B
Wally Jerry M Springfield 1B
Walters Carl Springfield 14B
Warne Carl R Springfield 5A
Warren Elell H Springfield 2B
Weber Emil A Springfield 3A
Wentz Frank P Springfield 16B
Wentz George Springfield 10B
Wentz James C Springfield 9B
Wentz John S Springfield 9B
West Upton Springfield 8B
West William M Springfield 8B
Wharton Alva Springfield 2A
Wheeler James Springfield 5B
Whisler Lawrence Springfield 6A
Whitcomb J D Springfield 2A
Wida Edward Springfield 13A
Wilcox Grant Springfield 11A
Williams Jacob A Springfield 1B
Willis Carl A Springfield 9A
Wilson Alva Springfield 5B
Wilson Charles Springfield 8A
Wilson Lee Springfield 15A
Winningham Verna Springfield 6A
Winskey Rudolph Springfield 8B
Winters John Springfield 7B
Wiparina John Springfield 3A
Wirick Ross E Springfield 4A
Witchey Mary Springfield 7B
Wittmer Fito Springfield 14A
Wolf Jacob Springfield 10B
Woodhull Hattie Springfield 15B
Woodward Raymond Springfield 12B
Wright Carroll Springfield 14B
Wright Douglas Springfield 3A
Wright George H Springfield 6B
Wuthrich Mary E Springfield 7B
Wynn Bernice Springfield 11A
York Gillis Springfield 12A
Yunker Fred A Springfield 8A
Zielick John Springfield 5B
Zimmerman William Springfield 4B

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