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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Surname Given Twp Page
Laneheart William Troy 23B
Lape Charles E. Troy 22A
Laurence Jenny E. Troy 19A
Lawrence Wilbur F. Troy 18A
Laycox Beulah Troy 29A
Lee Washington Troy 19B
Leonard Albert E. Troy 22B
Lindsey Frank M. Troy 21A
Lindsey May R. Troy 21A
Linton Harry J. Troy 20A
Lockheart Aaron Troy 28A
Lockland Susan Troy 18B
Logan Fanny E. Troy 21B
Logan George H. Troy 23A
Logan John F. Troy 18B
Logan Nelly A. Troy 18A
Logan Victor E. Troy 25B
Logan William Troy 20B
Logan William L. Troy 30B
Lucas Thomas Troy 21A
Lutz Floyd H. Troy 22A
Lutz Ralph C. Troy 23B
Lutz William Troy 23B
Maglott Walter B. Troy 28B
Maple Joseph Troy 22A
Markley Charlie A. Troy 27B
Marsh Mattie Troy 21A
Marwell Floyd Troy 20A
Matuch Martin Troy 19A
Maxwell Amada Troy 23A
Maxwell Berch Troy 30A
Maxwell Garnet Troy 24A
Maxwell Geo. H. Troy 20A
Maxwell Harry H. Troy 29B
Maxwell Lynn T. Troy 30B
Maxwell Margaret Troy 29B
McBride Jenner J. Troy 28B
McCoy Frank Troy 19A
McCready Wm. Troy 23B
McFerran Lottie Troy 24A
McGregor William Troy 26A
McIntire Howard Troy 23B
McIntire Jesse M. Troy 21A
McKee Dean V. Troy 20B
McKenna John E. Troy 26A
McKinnly Francis Troy 19A
McNaul Albert Troy 29A
McNaull Allen B. Troy 21B
McNaull John E. Troy 21B
Mell Adam Troy 21A
Mellick Edward Troy 18A
Mendenhall Roy Troy 21A
Mentzer George A. Troy 29B
Mentzer Raymond E. Troy 25B
Miles Clyde W. Troy 26A
Miller Charles C. Troy 26B
Miller Frank Troy 27B
Milligan Byron Troy 28B
Milligan Isac N. Troy 28B
Mills Charles Troy 27A
Minnear Norval Troy 22A
Minnear Paul L. Troy 19A
Moore Frank B. Troy 21A
Moore Isa M. Troy 21B
Morris Andy Troy 22B
Morris Wentz P. Troy 20B
Murphy Oliver P. Troy 26A
Myers Glenn S. Troy 21B
Myers Naoma A. Troy 21B
Narrance Albert Troy 21A
Newly Peter Troy 18B
Newman Charles Troy 20B
Nichols John W. Troy 18A
Olds Harry Troy 26A
Palm Mary E. Troy 23A
Palmer John H. Troy 25B
Parker Bert R. Troy 21A
Parkison Clarence Troy 30B
Parkison George Troy 29B
Parrott Ross L. Troy 23B
Perman Arthur C. Troy 25B
Perry Stephen Troy 25B
Perse Metyie Troy 28A
Peterson Frank Troy 29B
Pfeifer Charline Troy 19B
Piffar Charles Troy 23A
Pipper Luella Troy 19B
Pipsey Floyd L Troy 18A
Poffenbaugh Wilber Troy 27B
Pollock Earl S. Troy 20B
Pollock Ella M. Troy 28B
Pollock Joseph J. Troy 23B
Poorman John B. Troy 18B
Post Almeda Troy 25B
Post Arthur Troy 21A
Prosser Frank Troy 30A
Prosser George W. Troy 23B
Prosser Glenn R. Troy 18B
Prosser Harry W. Troy 20A
Prosser Jud O. Troy 26B
Prosser Lige Troy 18B
Prosser Raymond Troy 28A
Queen Arthur Troy 20B
Ramirez Christopher Troy 25B
Reed Mary M. Troy 21B
Reynolds Charlotte Troy 26B
Rhinehart Mary Troy 22B
Richter Hale N. Troy 24A
Rieck Frank W. Troy 30A
Ritchie David F. Troy 19A
Ritchie Maurice W. Troy 22A
Ritter Philip Troy 31A
Robinson Clark Troy 27A
Robinson Loyd Troy 27A
Rudy Lawrence R. Troy 31A
Ruggles Mary Troy 20B
Ruhl Loyd E. Troy 29B
Rule James H. Troy 29B
Rule Wilma K. Troy 19A
Russell Charlie Troy 29A
Ryan Frank Troy 18A
Ryan Leander Troy 20B
Ryan Louis Troy 22B
Ryan Otto Troy 21B
Saterfield John L. Troy 19A
Schindler Clinton Troy 29A
Schindler John Troy 23A
Schindler John Troy 29A
Schindler William Troy 29A
Schmidt John Troy 30B
Scott John Troy 27B
Secrist V.E. Troy 20A
Seif Simon A. Troy 22A
Shafer Gideon Troy 28B
Shafer Mary E. Troy 19A
Shaffer Adeline Troy 21B
Shaffer Virgil Troy 27A
Shambaugh L.D. Troy 22A
Sh--der Walter E. Troy 18B
Sheetz Connie Troy 25A
Shellabarger Mary W. Troy 20A
Shepphard Ezra Troy 22B
Shepphard Wm. Troy 19A
Sheriff Rachel A. Troy 26B
Sherman Arthur Troy 20B
Shively Avey B. Troy 20A
Shively Benjamin Troy 29A
Shortess Mary E. Troy 21A
Shuler Henry Troy 21A
Shuler Sarah A. Troy 20A
Shultz Edward C. Troy 21B
Sickenger George Troy 21B
Smith Edward Troy 18B
Smith Edwin T. Troy 29A
Smith Irwin W. Troy 28B
Smith Lee B. Troy 25A
Smith Margaret Troy 23A
Smith Mary L. Troy 21B
Snook John Troy 23B
Sowash Howard Troy 24A
Sowash Ira L. Troy 23A
Sowash Martin L. Troy 23B
Sowers Charles W. Troy 21A
Sowers Fanny I. Troy 21B
Spiker Joseph W. Troy 26B
Spriesterbach Vesta Troy 30A
Staats Nellie Troy 29A
Staiger Karl Troy 25A
Steffey George B. Troy 27B
Stevens Katherine Troy 18B
Stiffler Calvin F. Troy 22A
Stobber John P. Troy 18A
Stuart Mary F. Troy 18B
Surdival William Troy 21B
Swank William B. Troy 28A
Swartz Charles C. Troy 20B
Swigart LeRoy Troy 20B
Swigart Nettie Troy 28B
Talhelms Helene Troy 18A
Taylor Lewis S. Troy 30A
Taylor Raymond Troy 27A
Temple Fuller Troy 22A
Temple Mary F. Troy 23A
Texter Levy Troy 20A
Thoma Paul J. Troy 22A
Thomas Marie Troy 20B
Tinkey Ralph Troy 28B
Tinkey Russel Troy 25B
Trout Frank Troy 27A
Trout Fred Troy 27A
Tucker Emma B. Troy 20A
Vanderbelt John Troy 20B
Vercoe Emma C. Troy 22B
Voltz Frank S. Troy 20B
Volz Alton C. Troy 30A
Volz Charley W. Troy 27A
Volz William Troy 27A
Volz William L. Troy 26A
Wagner Edward C. Troy 22B
Wagner Ralph W. Troy 28A
Wagner Theodore Troy 18B
Walters Dayton Troy 21B
Wandel Carey E. Troy 26B
Wandell James A. Troy 21A
Weaver George A. Troy 29A
Weirick Mertie M. Troy 25B
Welch John L Troy 29A
Welch Thedore Troy 27A
Wells Reid Troy 26B
Weltmer Floyd J. Troy 26B
Whiteamire Edward Troy 30B
Wiles John N. Troy 20B
Wiles Oatis Troy 23B
Williams Laura Troy 30B
Williams Ray Troy 26A
Wirick Irving E. Troy 19A
Wirick Phester Troy 18B
Wisamore O.G. Troy 21A
Wittmer Jacob A. Troy 26A
Wolff John D. Troy 25A
Wooster Vern R. Troy 29B
Wright Gerald S. Troy 21B
Young Adrian C. Troy 20A
Young Arthur B. Troy 30B

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