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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Submitted by Joanna


If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
Ackerman Albert Washington 35B
Ackerman Donald Washington 35B
Ader Junior Washington 44B
Ader Virgil Washington 44A
Alexander Leroy Washington 41B
Alexander Loran Washington 36A
Alexander Loren Washington 37B
Andrews Frank Washington 46A
Armentrout Russell Washington 34A
Armstrong Rolla Washington 45B
Baer Henry Washington 43A
Bailey George H Washington 32B
Baker Hattie Washington 32A
Ballin Henry Washington 35A
Banks Nelson Washington 39B
Beachler Oliver Washington 38B
Beer Albert Washington 42A
Beer Fred W Washington 44A
Beer George Washington 42A
Beer Harry Washington 38A
Beer Manuel Washington 43B
Beer Martin Washington 42A
Berger Clayton Washington 35A
Bessmer Paul Washington 33B
Bigler Charles L Washington 34A
Bischoff Carrol Washington 32A
Black Gaylord Washington 45A
Bletz Edward Washington 42A
Boals Arthur Washington 35B
Bogner Jacob Washington 34B
Bowden Howard Washington 34B
Bower Delbert Washington 37A
Bower Nick Washington 44B
Bower Sam Washington 44B
Bowers Adam Washington 46B
Bowers Miller Washington 33A
Brade D. Glenn Washington 40A
Brewer Budd Washington 42B
Bricker Irene Washington 33A
Brook Charles E Washington 32A
Brook James H Washington 32A
Brown Richard Washington 39A
Bunn Cecil Washington 36A
Burghard John Washington 43A
Burghard Lewis Washington 43B
Bush Edward Washington 34A
Buzzard Jacob Washington 37B
Campbell D. G. Washington 35B
Campbell John M Washington 35B
Cann Ernest Washington 45A
Cates John Washington 46A
Caul Ralph Washington 34A
Cemp James H Washington 38B
Chalfaud Irvin Washington 35A
Clan John Washington 46A
Clark Simon C Washington 32B
Clever Andrew Washington 46A
Cline Joseph Washington 43A
Coustance John D Jr. Washington 35A
Crawford Jacob F Washington 44B
Darr Simon Washington 33B
Daup Wayne Washington 41A
Day Judson Washington 43A
Denley William Washington 34A
Deschner Peter Washington 44B
Dickerson Thomas Washington 38A
Dickson Austin Washington 43B
Dickson Floyd Washington 43B
Dill John F Washington 42B
Ditchinger Stephen Washington 38B
Donough Doyle Washington 32B
Dorner Frank Washington 39A
Dunaitshite Phillip Washington 36A
Emerick Tina Washington 46A
Englehart George Washington 41A
Farst Delbert Washington 44B
Febdy Howard Washington 32B
Felber Frank Washington 43A
Fike Frank Washington 40A
Fike Simon Washington 34B
Finney Frank M Washington 34B
Finney Ross Washington 34B
Fisher Fred Washington 36A
Fisher John Washington 32B
Flick Harvey Washington 42A
Flick Walter Washington 42A
Foss Charles Washington 35B
Fox John E Washington 34B
Franks Paul Washington 39A
Franzen George W Washington 43B
Frazier Elmer Washington 32A
Freedy Gina Washington 36A
Freeman William A Washington 34A
Freund Henry Washington 32A
Freund William Washington 32B
Fry L. Ward Washington 35B
Fuhrer John Washington 45B
Fulmer M. Luther Washington 45A
Fulton John W Washington 33B
Fulton Marion Washington 39A
Gable W. I Washington 35A
Gadd Donna Washington 36A
Gallagher Floyd Washington 32A
Garber Francis Washington 43B
Gardner Sabesta Washington 44B
Gatton James Washington 42A
Gerger Catherine Washington 44B
Gerhart William F Washington 33B
Gerrell Edward Washington 33B
Gilbert William Washington 43A
Gladen John Washington 46A
Gleisinger Catherine Washington 46A
Gleisinger John Washington 45B
Gray Herbert Washington 35B
Grazel Karl Washington 44B
Green Tane Washington 46A
Gresmer William F Washington 36A
Greving Joe H Washington 34B
Griedling William L Washington 37A
Griffith Orva Washington 40B
Gruneison Fred Washington 34B
Grunlison John Washington 33B
Grunlison Jona Washington 34A
Grutwell John Washington 45A
Halloway Frank Washington 33B
Hammer Joseph Washington 46B
Hammett John H Washington 40A
Hammett Robert R Washington 34A
Hanely Elmira Washington 36B
Hanely Samuel Washington 36B
Harden Christine Washington 33A
Harris Charles D Washington 35A
Harter Benjamin F Washington 38A
Hathaway B. Munson Washington 44A
Hayes Carl Washington 34B
Hendricks Eva Washington 32A
Herrick Howard Washington 41A
Herrick John C Washington 43B
Hess Henry H Washington 32A
Hesselton Eliza J Washington 38B
Hildenbrand Charles Washington 44A
Huffman Mary Washington 39B
Hull Owen Washington 32A
Humphrey Wilbur Washington 45B
Jensen Norma Washington 46A
Jones Cecil Washington 33B
Kabble Leo Washington 46A
Kacheiser W. Melvin Washington 36B
Kauf Fred Washington 44A
Keefer Albert H Washington 34A
Keefer Jacob W Washington 34A
Keller Mate Washington 38B
Kennedy Cull C Washington 34B
Kennedy Henry H Washington 35A
Kent H. L. Washington 33A
Kilgare Fred Washington 35B
Kinion Henry Washington 44A
Kisling John Washington 43A
Kisling Samuel Washington 36A
Kissell Joe H Washington 32A
Klauer Charles G Washington 42B
Kovats Paul Washington 40A
Kvochick Joseph Washington 35A

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