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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Submitted by Joanna


If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
Lacker Andrew Washington 46A
Lanehart George Washington 33A
Lanehart Lewis Washington 41A
Lawrence Charles Washington 43A
Lawrence Joseph Washington 34A
Lawrence Virgil Washington 41A
Leary Benjamin Washington 32B
Leary Grace Washington 33A
Leffler Jacob Washington 45B
Lehnhart Herman K Washington 41A
Logan Earl Washington 38A
Logan General Washington 38A
Long Walter Washington 43B
Luedy John Washington 35A
Lutz Henry Washington 39A
Lutz Lewis Washington 33A
Maglah Clinton Washington 42A
Maglah John W Washington 37A
Maglott Harvey Washington 44A
Maglott William A Washington 44A
Martin Verna Washington 33A
Marvin Frances Washington 38A
Maryenster Henry Washington 40A
Maud William Washington 45A
Maurer John Washington 45A
Maurer Joseph Washington 45A
McAllister Roy Washington 33B
McAmman Harvey W Washington 34B
McBride Glenn Washington 32B
McBride Thomas Washington 45A
McFarland John Washington 33A
McKenna Steve Washington 34B
McMillen Glenn Washington 41B
McPhern John Washington 44A
Means Kenneth Washington 36A
Meredith Fred L Washington 35B
Metcalf Lee Washington 32A
Miller Andrew Washington 45A
Miller Byran Washington 38B
Miller Esther Washington 32B
Miller Franklin Washington 34A
Miller Fred Washington 45A
Miller Harry Washington 36B
Miller Mary Washington 36B
Miller Pete Washington 32B
Miller William L Washington 41A
Mishey H. L. Washington 38A
Mishey Morris Washington 35B
Mishey Orley Washington 38A
Mitz Mah Washington 44B
Moore Albert J Washington 34A
Moritz Fred Washington 40A
Moser Galard Washington 34A
Mowry Arthur J Washington 41A
Mull Daniel Washington 38B
Mundorf Harry Washington 35B
Murr James Washington 42B
Novatny Robert Washington 36A
Odenkirk Russell Washington 41A
Ohl Elmer Washington 43A
Palm Harry Washington 36A
Palmer Joseph Washington 34A
Pamer Matthew Washington 32B
Pauls Paul Washington 33A
Pearce Harry D Washington 38A
Peters Inatz Washington 43B
Peters John Washington 39A
Pfeifer William Washington 45B
Pierle Bart Washington 36A
Pollock John F Washington 34A
Powell Marcis Lou Washington 42B
Procker Joseph Washington 38B
Pulver Kathleen Washington 32B
Purdy Rolla Washington 32A
Rader Jerry Washington 33A
Ray Bentley Washington 34A
Reamanides Albert Washington 38A
Reams Charles Washington 37A
Reitar Phillip Washington 42A
Remaley William Washington 36B
Remy Albert W Washington 43B
Reynolds Walter Washington 41A
Richey Henry Washington 36A
Richey Vernon Washington 32A
Rinehart Banner Washington 44A
Rinehart Kenneth Washington 33B
Robinson George Washington 45B
Robinson Harry Washington 45B
Robinson Jacob Washington 44B
Robinson James Washington 45A
Robinson Marion Washington 34A
Roser Daniel Washington 36B
Sabo Martin Washington 43A
Scalogle Lois Washington 38A
Schalyo John Washington 44A
Schanaug Ernest Washington 44B
Scherer Charles Washington 41A
Scherer Jae Washington 39A
Schillinger Frank Washington 40A
Schmitt Edward A Washington 34B
Schoap Lester Washington 38A
Schrack Clifford Washington 33B
Schringer Jacob Washington 42B
Schruck Allen Washington 33A
Schusler Jacob Washington 44A
Schusler John Washington 43B
Schwed John F Washington 44B
Scott Henry Washington 46A
Secrist David A Washington 44B
Secrist Don Washington 36A
Sell John Washington 33A
Shafer Lee Washington 42A
Simon Peter Washington 45A
Slaton William Washington 45A
Smith Alice Washington 43A
Smith Arthur W Washington 42A
Smith George W Washington 43A
Smith Henry E Washington 34B
Smith N. Shelly Washington 44A
Smith Richard Washington 34A
Snyder Charles E Washington 37B
Snyder Eileen Washington 32B
Snyder Mary Washington 32B
Spayde Glenn Washington 39B
Spayde Henry Washington 39A
Spayde Monroe Washington 43B
Spohn Mae S Washington 35A
Stafford Alva Washington 41A
Steve Harry Washington 32B
Stevens Sebastian Washington 46A
Stewart Viola Washington 34A
Stiffler Charles Washington 45A
Stiffler James A Washington 46B
Stimens Glenn Washington 38A
Stolts Abizah Washington 45B
Stoodl Delvin Washington 34B
Stoodt Ora Washington 46A
Stove Howard Washington 39A
Stover Sevilla Washington 36B
Strachen Robert Washington 38A
Straub George Washington 38A
Strauf Nick Washington 42A
Strausbaugh Silva Washington 40A
Sudam Paul Washington 34B
Sweval John Washington 33B
Swigart Charles Washington 37B
Tandy Peter W Washington 39A
Tanky Glenn M Washington 32B
Taylor Grey L Washington 36A
Teeter Fremont Washington 34B
Them John Washington 35A
Thompson Eric Washington 34A
Thompson J. Warren Washington 34A
Thorne Harry Washington 36A
Timmerman Howard Washington 41A
Tirkel Elizabeth Washington 33A
Tirkel Valentine Washington 33A
Tucker Paul Washington 35B
Twilling Frank Washington 42A
Twilling Howard Washington 44A
Valentine Hiram Washington 33A
Vanderbilk E. Lee Washington 46A
Vanderbilk John L Washington 46A
Vanderbilt Charles Washington 46A
Wachtel Parke A Washington 35B
Wagner Harry Washington 37B
Walker Robert Washington 43A
Weber Arnold Washington 44A
Weigler William Washington 36A
Welty Emery Washington 34B
Whisler Doyle Washington 46B
Wiles Walter Washington 34A
Williams Charles Washington 41A
Williams Harvey Washington 46A
Williams John Washington 43A
Wilson Glenn W Washington 36B
Wilz Frank Washington 40A
Winck Blair Washington 46A
Witschi John Washington 43B
Wolf August Washington 40A
Wolf Homer Washington 36A
Wolfcale Lawrence Washington 34A
Woodruff Frank A Washington 46B
Woodruff John Washington 43B
Wynn Clarence Washington 42B
Yeager Norma Washington 44A
Yinger William Washington 32B
Yingling Verne Washington 44B
Yost Harlan Washington 41A
Zimmerman John Washington 46A

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