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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Submitted by Joanna


** Includes those residing at the Richland Co. Home/Infirmary **


Surname Given Twp Page Misc
Ackerman Fred M Weller 53B  
Ackerman George Weller 55A Inmate
Ackerman Ray Weller 53B  
Agey James Weller 55A Inmate
Akermann Henry Weller 47B  
Allen Clarence Weller 55A Inmate
Ambruster Josephine Weller 57A  
Ames Judson G Weller 52A  
Anderson Charles F Weller 50B  
Anderson Earl E Weller 57A  
Anderson Emery Weller 55A Inmate
Arnold Frank W Weller 53A  
Ashbury John L Weller 58A  
Ayers William H Weller 49B  
Baker Boyd G Weller 56A  
Baker Carl A Weller 52A  
Baker Oliver M Weller 52A  
Baker Robert G Weller 58B  
Balliet Abraham L Weller 51B  
Barkholder Clinton Weller 47A  
Barr Henry Weller 55A Inmate
Barr John T Weller 52A  
Barron Robert Weller 51B  
Bartlow Pat Weller 55A Inmate
Baster T. Harvey Weller 55A Inmate
Bastes Henry S Weller 56B  
Bender Frank Weller 55A Inmate
Benney Archibald L Weller 49B  
Berry Cloyd K Weller 56A  
Betz William D Weller 47B  
Bigelow Nathaniel Weller 53B  
Bird Robert Weller 55A Inmate
Blair Daniel Weller 55A Inmate
Boals George Weller 47B  
Boals Wesley W Weller 47B  
Boden Robert Weller 55A Inmate
Book George O Weller 55A Inmate
Borhorlich Frank J Weller 50B  
Boroff Robert Weller 51B  
Bottomley Henry Weller 55A Inmate
Bowers Jake Weller 55A Inmate
Bowser Benjamin F Weller 52B  
Bowser Vernon E Weller 56B  
Boyce Bryan Weller 56A  
Boyce Foster E Weller 51B  
Braden Vere Mrs. Weller 58B  
Braden Willard Weller 56B  
Brooks Earl M Weller 50B  
Brothers Charles Weller 52B  
Burkhaul James Weller 55A Inmate
Burkholder John Weller 48A  
Burt Mary Weller 47A  
Burton Earl F Weller 47B
Butler Elmer Weller 55A Inmate
Cairns Edwin V Weller 53A  
Campbell John Weller 47A  
Cary Rubin Weller 55A Inmate
Cates Louis Weller 55A Inmate
Chamberlain Abraham Weller 58A  
Check John Weller 55A Inmate
Chero Frank Weller 52B  
Chew Alpha Weller 47B  
Clark Donald Weller 55A Inmate
Clark Jess M Weller 58A  
Cline George Weller 55A Inmate
Clingan Dora Weller 56A  
Clingan Earnest P. Weller 56A  
Clingan Florence Weller 54A  
Clingan Frend C Weller 56A  
Clingan John W Weller 54A  
Clingan Jud E. Weller 56B  
Cole Charles Weller 55A Inmate
Comishey George Weller 55A Inmate
Copeland Fred Weller 55A Inmate
Courtney John Weller 55A Inmate
Crabbe William T Weller 58B  
Craft William E Weller 49A  
Crane May Weller 55B Inmate
Craven Jacob Weller 55A Inmate
Cromer Ed Weller 55A Inmate
Cromer Samuel Weller 55A Inmate
Curren Juanita J Weller 50B  
Cutlip Wesley Weller 52A  
Darling John H Weller 49A  
Davis Thomas Weller 55A Inmate
Davy Joseph H Weller 53A  
Deauterman Elizabeth Weller 55B Inmate
Dempsey Jack Weller 53A  
Dickerson Walter P. Weller 58B  
Dickson Grover C Weller 55A Superintendent
Dickson M. Pearl Weller 55A Matron
Doarr Margaret Weller 55B Inmate
Dove Harvey D Weller 52A  
Earie Clarence Weller 50A  
Early Bert Weller 55A Inmate
Eberhart Van Weller 55A Inmate
Eberts Amelia Weller 47B  
Edmonds Benjamin F Weller 47A  
Eggerton Robert Weller 47A  
Eggerton Sheldon F Weller 48A  
Egner Eli Weller 52B  
Eldridge Thomas Weller 55A Inmate
Elz Louis Weller 50B  
Erngeberger Katherine Weller 56A  
Ervin Grant Weller 53A  
Esbenshack Elias Weller 58B  
Esterbridge Charles Weller 55A Inmate
Falkner August Weller 55A Inmate
Fay Kate E Weller 50A  
Feazel George A Weller 57B  
Ferguson Otto R Weller 51B  
Ferrell Jacob W Weller 49A  
Ferrell Willard Weller 51B  
Fidler Willard E Weller 57A  
Figley Rosella Weller 49B  
Fike Henry J Weller 58A  
Finley Lee A Weller 58A  
Finley William E Weller 57B
Fisher Kathe Mrs. Weller 55A Servant
Flick Mary Weller 55B Inmate
Franel Clinton D Weller 58B  
Franklin John W Weller 58A  
Franklin Paul Weller 49A  
Franklin Vergie Weller 55B Inmate
Freer Harry Weller 53B  
Freese Esther Weller 55B Inmate
Frenel Nancy Mrs. Weller 58A  
Fulk Henry Weller 51A  
Fulk Scott Weller 57B  
Fulk Sidney F Weller 50B  
Gentter Henry Weller 51B  
Gramly Oliver J Weller 50A  
Green Joe Weller 50B  
Grimes James M. Weller 56B  
Groff John F Weller 50B  
Groff Peter Weller 51A  
Groff Willard N Weller 50B  
Grove Lena Weller 56A Inmate
Grumble Carrie Weller 56A Inmate
Hale Charles F Weller 47B  
Hale Edward E Weller 49A  
Hale Joseph W Weller 49A  
Hale LeRoy Weller 57B  
Hans Andrew J Weller 57A  
Haumet Gail D Weller 53B  
Haun Albert S Weller 57A  
Hauston Mary Weller 56A Inmate
Haverfield Sherman A. Weller 55A Engineer
Hazelett Jake Weller 55A Inmate
Henry Clinton E Weller 55A Inmate
Henry Lee C Weller 58A  
Henry Theodore Weller 55A Inmate
Herrick Frank Weller 55A Inmate
Hershey Emmet R Weller 49B  
Hetsur Marshall Weller 57A  
Hill Elizabeth Weller 56A Inmate
Hink John F Weller 52A  
Hockensmith Alonzo U Weller 52A  
Hockensmith Paul Weller 58B  
Holmer Elvin C Weller 50A  
Holmes Norman Weller 49B  
Hoover Nettie Weller 56A Inmate
Hopkins Charles Weller 58B  
Horn John C Weller 47A  
Houch James L Weller 51B  
Houston Edward Weller 59A  
Hout Albert Weller 49A  
Hout Glenn W Weller 47A  
Huffman John Weller 55A Employee
Hughes Arthur E Weller 54A  
Hull Asa M. Weller 59A  
Humbert Ottie Mrs. Weller 54A  
Hunsicker Mary Weller 56A Inmate
Hurlbert Elza Weller 47B  
Hursh Walter R Weller 50A  
Hyatt Howard Weller 47A  
Hyman J. Dell Weller 53A  
Jackson William Weller 55B Inmate
Jarvis Henry Weller 55B Inmate
Jaynes Earl Weller 53A  
Jaynes Earnest J Weller 53A  
Jenkins Edward Weller 55B Inmate
Jennings James Weller 55B Inmate
Jennings John W Weller 49A  
Jennings William B Weller 52B  
Johna Mary Weller 58A  
Johnson Fred Weller 51A  
Johnson Harry Weller 55A Inmate
Kagey Charles C Weller 51A  
Kahl William Weller 56A  
Kelly Ida C Weller 55A Cook
Kent Virgil B Weller 58A  
King Noe E Weller 52B  
Kirkland Mary Mrs. Weller 58B  
Kissel Charles Weller 56B  
Kissel Charles Weller 57A  
Kochenderfes William H Weller 56B  
Krusher Henry Weller 58A  
Kyle Susan Weller 47A  

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