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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Submitted by Joanna


** Includes those residing at the Richland Co. Home/Infirmary **


Surname Given Twp Page Misc
Lash Jack Weller 55B Inmate
Lasko John Weller 55B Inmate
Latimer John W Weller 57A  
Laverty Jacob R Weller 58A  
Light Lew Weller 54A  
Lockhart John Mrs. Weller 58A  
Locol Elmer Weller 50A  
Long Clarence Weller 47A  
Lorow Ellsworth H Weller 49A  
Lucas Jacob L Weller 50B  
Mackey Jefferson Weller 55B Inmate
Madden Frank Weller 55B Inmate
Maglott Jake Weller 55B Inmate
Mandeville Margaret M Weller 55A Nurse
Markels Don A Weller 49A  
Mawhorn Philip Weller 51A  
McCarter Earl E Weller 57A  
McCarthy Fred Weller 58A  
McClaugage Dow Weller 55B Inmate
McDonald Harvey Weller 55B Inmate
McElhaney William Weller 47A  
McFadden Oscar W Weller 51B  
McFadden Wilbur C Weller 51B  
McKerma William Weller 55B Inmate
McMeeken Hugh T Weller 56A  
Merle Jacob Weller 50B  
Meyers Howard Weller 47B  
Miller Andy Weller 53A  
Miller Edward M Weller 49B  
Miller Elizabeth Weller 56A Inmate
Miller John Weller 55B Inmate
Mitz John Weller 55B Inmate
Moore Fred E Weller 58A  
Moore John H Weller 52A  
Mottoyaw Ella Weller 58A  
Mumes Edna Weller 55A Maid
Myers Angeline Weller 51A  
Norton Samuel H Weller 49A  
Oberlen John Weller 55B Inmate
Oberlin Albert D. Weller 54A  
Ohl George Weller 47B  
Osban Jacob Weller 56A  
Osban Washington H Weller 56A  
Osbun Ralph M Weller 51A  
Osburn Clara M Weller 53B  
Osburn Edwin Weller 53B  
Oswalt Carl B Weller 56B  
Oswalt Chester C. Weller 51B  
Oswalt Earnest M Weller 56B  
Oswalt Glenn S Weller 56B  
Oswalt Ralph K Weller 51B  
Parcher Charles A. Weller 47B  
Parmon Alexander Weller 49A  
Parson Clifford Weller 58B  
Parson Clyde Weller 58B  
Parson Glenn Weller 58B  
Parson Thelma Weller 58B  
Payne Virgil E Weller 49B  
Peifel John Weller 55B Inmate
Peters John T Weller 49B  
Pittenger Alvin L Weller 51A  
Pittenger Carlos W Weller 49B  
Pittenger Clyde A Weller 53A  
Pittenger Curtis L Weller 49A  
Pittenger Hulbert R Weller 50A  
Pittenger Leo H Weller 47A  
Pittenger Tracy E Weller 50B  
Pittenger Wilbert E Weller 52B  
Plank Edwin F Weller 58B  
Poorman Mattie Weller 56A Inmate
Powell Curtis C Weller 51A  
Price Russell Weller 47A  
Pugh Allen W Weller 49A  
Pugh Arthur E Weller 49A  
Purdy Cloyd C Weller 51B  
Rath Ernest Weller 52A  
Rawley Richard P Weller 52A  
Rebman Cyrus H Weller 58B  
Rebman J. Hal Weller 58B  
Rebman Lottie Weller 58B  
Reding Calderwood Weller 49B  
Reed Clint Weller 58A  
Remsy William Weller 53B  
Remy Russell R. Weller 47B  
Rhinehart Glen Weller 56A  
Rhinehart Robert Weller 53B  
Rife Albert L Weller 58B  
Riggleman George W Weller 55A Employee
Robinson George K Weller 51A  
Robinson Leonard H Weller 55B Inmate
Robinson Willard Weller 52B  
Robison Charles W Weller 49B  
Robison Irene Weller 50A  
Rock William Weller 50A  
Rogers James Weller 55B Inmate
Rouelet Charles Weller 55B Inmate
Runyan Calvin Weller 55B Inmate
Ryn Mahlon D Weller 50B  
Salsgiver Charles Weller 55B Inmate
Saltzgaber Amanda Weller 52B  
Sample Daniel Weller 55B Inmate
Schrader Robert Weller 55B Inmate
Scott Charles Weller 54A  
Scott Kohler Weller 57A  
Searfos Ezekiel Weller 53A  
Searfos William A Weller 52B  
Sebaker Louis Weller 55B Inmate
Semeth Louis D Weller 52A  
Sheriff Charles Weller 55B Inmate
Shively Morris H Weller 49B  
Shockwiler Ezran C. Weller 53B  
Shoffstall John H Weller 52B  
Shoup Charles H Weller 49B  
Shoup Harry H Weller 56B  
Shoup William M Weller 49A  
Showalter John P Weller 51A  
Simmons Bill Weller 47B  
Sitterly Martin Weller 55B Inmate
Sloan John Weller 55B Inmate
Smiley Earl F Weller 56B  
Smith Delia Weller 56A Inmate
Smith Frank J Weller 50A  
Smith George Weller 55B Inmate
Smith Harry Weller 50A  
Smith John Weller 55B Inmate
Smith Reed Weller 55B Inmate
Smith William H Weller 47B  
Snair Rudy Weller 55A Maid
Snider Chalmer Weller 53B  
Snider Daniel Weller 55B Inmate
Snider Emma Weller 56A Inmate
Snyder Effie Weller 56A Inmate
Snyder Frend Weller 49A  
Snyder Myrtle Weller 47B  
Socks Cora Weller 49A  
Socks Robert Weller 49A  
Spafford Ray Weller 58B  
Spagled Daniel Weller 55B Inmate
Spain George Weller 55B Inmate
Steltz Benjamin Weller 55B Inmate
Sterp Jim Weller 47A  
Stevens Ira E Weller 57A  
Stevenson Samuel Weller 51B  
Stewart Diamond C Weller 53B  
Stimpert Frank E Weller 52A  
Stimpert Phillip G Weller 53B  
Stitt Alta D Weller 55A Servant
Stitzel Charles L Weller 57A  
Stolle Peter Weller 51B  
Strohm William Weller 55B Inmate
Strome Susie Weller 56A Inmate
Stuff Jacob Weller 55B Inmate
Summers M Weller 51B  
Sunkle Mathias Weller 55B Inmate
Swineford Cyrus M. Weller 58A  
Swineford Sarah Weller 53B  
Tannsian Mary Weller 56A Inmate
Taylor Marion Weller 58B  
Tolles Lester D Weller 56B  
Totman Clarence Weller 58B  
Totman Luther W Weller 58B  
Trokes Curtis E Weller 50A  
Tucker Earl Weller 50B  
Tucker Lela P Weller 52A  
Urbane Isaac Weller 55B Inmate
Urich Cora Weller 51B  
Urich Wilson C Weller 52A  
Vantibberg Arthur A Weller 50B  
Vantibberg Lawrence M Weller 53B  
Varner Wilbur Weller 54A  
Vernon Joseph Weller 55B Inmate
Vogle Dora Weller 56A Inmate
Wachs Ferridan N Weller 54A  
Wagner Joseph Weller 55B Inmate
Warner Charles S Weller 58B  
Warner Joseph W Weller 52B  
Weaver Harry Weller 56B  
Weaver Henry Weller 55B Inmate
Wehinger Frank J Weller 52B  
Welchous Harry A Weller 48A  
Wherry Edgar Weller 55B Inmate
Widden Samuel H Weller 52A  
Wiles Edward Weller 55B Inmate
William Thomas Weller 47B  
Williams Mary Weller 56A Inmate
Wilson Frank Weller 55B Inmate
Wilson Presley A Weller 52B  
Wirick Fred Weller 53A  
Wise Mary Weller 56A Inmate
Wolford Conrad Weller 58A  
Wolford William B Weller 53A  
Young James A Weller 53B  
Zeitler Jacob L Weller 53B  

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