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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Submitted by Joanna


If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
Aby Charles A Worthington 72A
Aetreaw E. Worthington 64B
Aishinan Leah V Worthington 65A
Alexander Harold Worthington 67A
Alexander Jay B Worthington 69B
Aley Harry S Worthington 69B
Algers Archie Worthington 68B
Alhostile Irene Worthington 64B
Allen Howard D Worthington 76A
Allen Milton Worthington 61A
Alley John H Worthington 69A
Ally Haney Worthington 69B
Alvando Almond Worthington 65B
Ambrust Joe Worthington 73A
Andrew Minie Worthington 63B
Archibald Ira D Worthington 63B
Armholt William F Worthington 67A
Armstrong Elva S Worthington 75A
Armstrong Jake Worthington 64B
Arnold Robert H Worthington 64B
Avin Irvin Worthington 60A
Ayers Floyd Worthington 67B
Ball Lester T Worthington 75A
Barcus Frank A Worthington 61A
Barrow Budd W Worthington 68A
Beal Floyd L Worthington 63A
Beal Frank S Worthington 74B
Beal Maud Worthington 71A
Bealer John Worthington 67B
Bechtel John H Worthington 67A
Becker Otto Worthington 73B
Beerly Isabelle Worthington 65B
Beerman James A Worthington 70B
Bemiler Aaron L Worthington 63B
Bemiller Anabella Worthington 62A
Bemiller Benjamin Worthington 68B
Bemiller Charles E Worthington 68B
Bemiller Elizabeth Worthington 61A
Bemiller Emerson Worthington 69A
Bemiller Leo Worthington 60B
Bemiller Lottie Worthington 63A
Bemiller Samuel Worthington 72A
Bemiller Valentine Worthington 69A
Bemiller Vernon Worthington 63A
Bemiller William Worthington 64A
Berry Hilman R Worthington 73A
Bingmon Abraham L Worthington 60A
Black Chancey Worthington 63B
Black Harle Worthington 73A
Black Taylor Worthington 60B
Boals Elmer L Worthington 61B
Boley Thomas E Worthington 67B
Bone William F Worthington 66A
Bouer Boon Worthington 74A
Bouridge Lee F Worthington 62B
Bowman Albert Worthington 72B
Bowman Belle R Worthington 66A
Bowman Dow Worthington 69B
Bowman Glen L Worthington 62B
Bowman H. Worthington 68A
Bowman James Worthington 68A
Bowman James A Worthington 74B
Bradford John G Worthington 73B
Brendt German D Worthington 71B
Brian Frank Worthington 64B
Brian Henrietta Worthington 60A
Brisis William Worthington 74B
Brokaw Harvey Worthington 60A
Brokaw Simon Worthington 69A
Brook Everett Worthington 60A
Brooks John C Worthington 62B
Brubaker Ida M Worthington 61A
Bumpus Ames Worthington 64A
Bunn William I Worthington 75B
Burkholder Dan H Worthington 73A
Burkholder Ruth Worthington 73A
Burrwell Joseph Worthington 68A
Buskepile Frank E Worthington 72B
Butterbaugh Henry G Worthington 65B
Butterbaugh Lee Worthington 74A
Butterbaugh Silas Worthington 65B
Byerly Chester Worthington 68A
Byers Lusy Worthington 66A
Calbon Ralph C Worthington 62B
Calhoon Homer Worthington 72A
Calhoon Thomas C Worthington 73A
Calhoon Winifield Worthington 75A
Carpenter Leonder Worthington 69B
Carse James Worthington 60A
Carsey Joseph Worthington 71B
Castner Anna Worthington 62B
Cates Charles Worthington 61B
Cates John F Worthington 70A
Cates Olivia Worthington 62A
Cates Philip Worthington 76A
Cates William Worthington 69A
Chaney Clifford Worthington 70A
Charles Elizabeth Worthington 60B
Clever Ross Worthington 60A
Coe John W Worthington 65B
Cole Elizabeth Worthington 67A
Collier Dawn A Worthington 74B
Collier Frances Worthington 74A
Collier Wilbur Worthington 65A
Countyman Willis Worthington 65B
Crider A. G Worthington 70A
Critchfield Kitty Worthington 69A
Crone John A Worthington 68A
Crowner Charles J Worthington 67B
Crowner L. M. R Worthington 75B
Culivan Alva Worthington 74B
Cussel Dell Worthington 74B
Daise Katie A Worthington 61B
Dalby Edward C Worthington 61A
Dalby Sherman S Worthington 74B
Daler Peter A Worthington 67B
Danaugh William J Worthington 71A
Danich Melvin Worthington 62B
Darling Harry Worthington 68A
Darling Leland Worthington 68A
Darling William Worthington 68A
Darling William Worthington 69A
Daugherty James M Worthington 63B
Davis Clifford Worthington 63A
Delong Earl E Worthington 75A
Delong Ed Worthington 61A
Denton Harry E Worthington 60B
Dick Charles P Worthington 75B
Dickson Thelma Worthington 63A
Dill Charles Worthington 71A
Dill John J Worthington 71B
Dinson Joseph Worthington 75B
Disbro William W Worthington 69A
Divelbiss Freeman Worthington 74B
Divelbiss Leva Worthington 74A
Donough Dave Worthington 65A
Dougherty George Worthington 64B
Dougherty Paul Worthington 73A
Doup Geraldine Worthington 62B
Dow Charles E Worthington 67A
Driler Elmer W Worthington 63A
Dubois George P Worthington 70A
Easterbrook John B Worthington 65A
Eisenbach Benjamin Worthington 65A
Eisenbach Henry C Worthington 63A
Eisenbach Walter Worthington 63B
Emant John Worthington 67B
Essey Effie Worthington 70B
Estrie John A Worthington 72B
Etz Albert J Worthington 63B
Farst Carl P Worthington 72B
Farst Luthur Worthington 64B
Fittle Joseph Worthington 60A
Forbes Charles Worthington 70A
Forbes Howard D Worthington 70A
Foret Elizabeth Worthington 60A
Forst Norma Worthington 63B
Fosbes Hershall Worthington 68A
Foust Oliver Worthington 62A
Freed Edwin Worthington 74A
Freed Emily Worthington 61A
Freed Gustua Worthington 63A
Freed Royal G Worthington 75B
Freeman Leroy P Worthington 68A
Frethey John E Worthington 70B
Friday Jacob Worthington 65B
Frys Andy Worthington 64A
Gainer John C Worthington 63A
Garber Jacob S Worthington 63A
Garger Otis Worthington 64B
Garrett Lyman Worthington 73A
Geary Byron Worthington 69A
George Ira Worthington 64A
Ginlir John P Worthington 74A
Goon Leander Worthington 68B
Goon Robert H Worthington 72B
Gowner Martha Worthington 62B
Greer John F Worthington 68B
Greer Mick Worthington 63B
Griffin Charles F Worthington 70A
Griffith William Worthington 63B
Grosvenor Eva Worthington 67A
Grubb Alan J Worthington 63A
Grubb Joseph Worthington 63A
Grubb William B Worthington 64B
Gurie John Worthington 72A
Hackett Roy L Worthington 64A
Hagerman Carl Worthington 71A
Haglett Samuel Worthington 61A
Hall Hazel Worthington 60A
Hall Joe A Worthington 67B
Halrey Charles R Worthington 61B
Hammon George H Worthington 70A
Hammon Hilman Worthington 70A
Hammond John M Worthington 66A
Harris William C Worthington 76A
Hay Lenard Worthington 67A
Hazelett Mary Worthington 66A
Heiningan Earl E Worthington 62B
Heldenbrand Charles Worthington 73A
Heldenbrand David S Worthington 72B
Heldenbrand Velma Worthington 73B
Helderbrand Olive H Worthington 60B
Hershey Hal Worthington 65A
Hess Arnold Worthington 64A
Hess Burt Worthington 62B
Hill Carrie Worthington 66A
Hissong Lavina Worthington 62A
Hitchman Albert Worthington 63A
Hively Goldie Worthington 61B
Hively Leonard Worthington 61A
Hively Marion Worthington 73B
Hively Marion V Worthington 73B
Hoover Ardian Worthington 65B
Hubbs Elizabeth Worthington 64A
Hubbs Oscar Worthington 63B
Hubbs Roy A Worthington 64A
Huddler Eugene Worthington 73B
Hughes James Worthington 62B
Humphry Jack Worthington 69A
Hurtin Leon W Worthington 64B
Innis Charles A Worthington 62B
James Harry Worthington 60B
Jarvis Oscar Worthington 69A
Jones Frank D Worthington 68B
Jordan Thomas L Worthington 72B
Kanaga William W Worthington 71B
Kech Harvey Worthington 70B
Keefer James W Worthington 70B
Kefer George B Worthington 64B
Kellor John D Worthington 61A
Kellor Tina Worthington 60B
Kerr John Worthington 64A
Kintan Edis F Worthington 71B
Kirkpatrick George Worthington 66A
Kirkpatrick Walter E Worthington 74A
Knuckle Albert Worthington 75A
Knuckle Edward E Worthington 75A
Kunkel Cloyce Worthington 62A
Kurpel Boyd W Worthington 61B

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