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Census Records - 1930 Census Index

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1930 Census Index



A listing of HEADS OF HOUSEHOLD plus those living in the household with a different surname




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Submitted by Joanna


If you find errors - I would appreciate you contacting me so that this index can be corrected. AEA

Surname Given Twp Page
LaFern Benjamin Worthington 63B
Lambert Mary Worthington 72B
Lane Frank E Worthington 62A
Lanehart Frank J Worthington 63B
Lanehart Willard Worthington 72A
Lang Calvin S Worthington 74B
Lape McClellan Worthington 73B
Larriber Marion Worthington 72A
Law John A Worthington 65B
Layman Ruth A Worthington 71A
Lazier Harvie Worthington 73B
Leady Jemima Worthington 63B
Leddy John H Worthington 68B
Leedy Calvin Worthington 72A
Leedy George W Worthington 75A
Leeter Manuel M Worthington 61A
Leiman William J Worthington 75B
Lemley Milo E Worthington 74B
Lemley Olen Worthington 75A
Lewis Closs Worthington 62A
Lewis Parley Worthington 66A
Linkey Emron Worthington 63B
Little Cale Worthington 60B
Little Phillip Worthington 67B
Loche John T Worthington 70A
Lody Lelan Worthington 60A
Long James H Worthington 71B
Long John O Worthington 73A
Loreabu Hilda Worthington 60B
Loreabu Paul Worthington 60A
Lortown David Worthington 61A
Lowe Jean E Worthington 64B
Lyme Cliffton Worthington 69B
Magill William M Worthington 71B
Maglott Virgil Worthington 71A
Maglott William E Worthington 75B
Manley Bert R Worthington 63A
Maple Earl Worthington 64B
Maple Eloise Worthington 65A
Martin Edgar E Worthington 69B
Marvin Leslie Worthington 62B
Matthews Eldred Worthington 60B
Matthews Rance Worthington 60B
Maxwell John L Worthington 71B
McCauley Walter Worthington 63A
McCauley William H Worthington 70B
McClellan Hattie I Worthington 76A
McClellan William D Worthington 71A
McClelland Ellen B Worthington 60B
McClure Oliver N Worthington 67A
McCollough Isaac L Worthington 60A
McCollough Joseph Worthington 65A
McCollough Rollor C Worthington 63B
McColough Foster Worthington 73A
McConkle Elwood O Worthington 67A
McConkle Kenneth Worthington 67B
McCour M Worthington 65B
McCready Laban W Worthington 71B
McDonald Ella C Worthington 66A
McEmmitt John W Worthington 70B
McFadden Elmer Worthington 76A
McFarland Ethel P Worthington 61B
McFarland James W Worthington 72B
McKown Charles L Worthington 76A
McMeeken Smith Worthington 66A
McMeekin Howard Worthington 69A
McMillan Stillman Worthington 74B
McMillian Amanda J Worthington 71A
McNutt Mae P Worthington 75B
Meant Albert Worthington 60B
Mellott Edwin Worthington 74A
Messick Clarence Worthington 75B
Milla Daisy Worthington 73A
Miller George A Worthington 72A
Miller George B Worthington 61A
Miller Louis Worthington 64A
Miller Morgan C Worthington 60A
Millo Lenon Worthington 63A
Mishey Alice J Worthington 74B
Mishey Walter C Worthington 71A
Mock Alma Worthington 62A
Moffett George W Worthington 76A
Montgomery David Worthington 76A
Moore Charles Worthington 70B
Morgan Dellie A Worthington 62B
Morgan Kinsey Worthington 74B
Morgan Russell Worthington 61B
Morgan Sherman Worthington 62B
Morrison Bismark Worthington 62B
Moury Ralph Worthington 64B
Mowery Silas Worthington 75B
Mowery Wade A Worthington 69B
Murphy John P Worthington 65A
Murphy Walter Worthington 68A
Myers Elizabeth Worthington 60A
Myers Elizabeth Worthington 68B
Nea Edward Worthington 63A
Neal Aaron Worthington 64B
Newell Rosetta Worthington 68A
Nickels John E Worthington 62A
Norris C. E. Worthington 71B
Norris Floyd Worthington 72A
Norris Loyd B Worthington 72A
Norton Frances Worthington 62A
Oberlan Benjamin Worthington 63A
O'Hearn Ira W Worthington 67A
O'Hearn Michael H Worthington 61B
Oswalt Andrew W Worthington 62B
Oswalt Blanche Worthington 76A
Oswalt David B Worthington 68B
Oswalt Earl R Worthington 69A
Oswalt Ellen Worthington 60B
Oswalt Frank W Worthington 68B
Oswalt George L Worthington 73B
Oswalt Harve Worthington 69B
Otto Cornelia Worthington 63A
Otto Elizabeth Worthington 60B
Overholl Ellsworth Worthington 62B
Painter Ollie V Worthington 69A
Palmer Paul Worthington 69B
Parell Reba Worthington 67A
Patten Henry Worthington 70A
Patterson Frank M Worthington 68B
Payneton John E Worthington 61A
Pealer William F Worthington 76A
Pearce James B Worthington 60A
Phillip Kenneth Worthington 74A
Phipps Frank M Worthington 64B
Phipps Prisicla Worthington 65B
Plank May Worthington 64A
Plank Walter L Worthington 64B
Polly Edward M Worthington 60A
Pore George E Worthington 66A
Pore Orvill Worthington 64A
Poshea Milton W Worthington 67A
Price Leah E Worthington 62A
Pritchard Alan R Worthington 61A
Pritchard Blake W Worthington 62B
Pritchard Hubert Worthington 74A
Pritchard John Worthington 64B
Pritchard Walter C Worthington 67A
Ralston Elmer Worthington 66A
Ramsey Albert J Worthington 61A
Ramsey Charles L Worthington 61A
Ramsey Sarah B Worthington 73A
Reed John Worthington 64A
Reed Thomas Worthington 67B
Reeder Clarence Worthington 70B
Reeder John A Worthington 70B
Reel Everett Worthington 74A
Remy Eliza J Worthington 73B
Rickel Joel Worthington 62A
Rinehart Wade Worthington 65A
Ritten Harris Worthington 74B
Rittid John P Worthington 69B
Robinson Daniel Worthington 69A
Roe Dora A Worthington 76A
Rose Mark A Worthington 68A
Ruble James F Worthington 69B
Ruby Samatha Worthington 65A
Rummell Almon Worthington 71B
Runkel John D Worthington 65B
Rush Louisa Worthington 60B
Rutherford Frank E Worthington 71B
Sacrist Catherine Worthington 62A
Sacrist Elah W Worthington 61B
Salgun Gertrude Worthington 65B
Schindler Margaret E Worthington 63A
Schooley Hulda Worthington 62B
Schrader Melvin Worthington 68B
Scott Frederick Worthington 73B
Scott Warren Worthington 60B
Scott Wilham Worthington 66A
Search Charles Worthington 62B
Secrist Lewis Worthington 64B
Sehrader Elmer K Worthington 67B
Seitz Walter C Worthington 66A
Shannabarger Manford Worthington 69A
Shaul Edward Worthington 64B
Shaw Jacob Worthington 73A
Sherman Lillie Worthington 73B
Shoemaker Geroge Worthington 69A
Shomaburger Charles Worthington 71B
Shonge Frank Worthington 71A
Simmons Andrew Worthington 69A
Simmons Dayton Worthington 69A
Simmons Dwight Worthington 69A
Simmons Nathan Worthington 69A
Simmons William O Worthington 69B
Sipes George E Worthington 73B
Skavely Daniel Worthington 63B
Smith Cora Worthington 73B
Smith Lee F Worthington 73A
Snavely Dale L Worthington 73A
Snavely Marshall A Worthington 73A
Snyder Charles D Worthington 69B
Snyder Ezra Worthington 71B
Snyder Harley Worthington 69B
Snyder Harvey Worthington 71B
Snyder Mary E Worthington 71B
Snyder Peter M Worthington 71B
Snyder Reuben Worthington 71A
Spangel Carl C Worthington 60A
Spangle Floyd F Worthington 61B
Spayde Austin A Worthington 65A
Spayde Ora Worthington 64A
Spohn Andrew J Worthington 74A
Spohn Frank W Worthington 68B
Spohn Leroy J Worthington 74A
Stafford William Worthington 64B
Stake James H Worthington 61B
Stake Samuel K Worthington 76A
Stall Elizabeth Worthington 61B
Stalls John M Worthington 64B
Stanton Mary R Worthington 62A
Statler O. B Worthington 60A
Statten Blake Worthington 75A
Staunton Dale O Worthington 64A
Stauseton Fannie Worthington 62A
Steele Charles Worthington 63A
Stevens George W Worthington 72B
Steward William A Worthington 71B
Stewart George E Worthington 61B
Sticker Charles Worthington 70A
Sticker Edith M Worthington 71A
Stickey Norman Worthington 73A
Stihl L. R. Worthington 66A
Stitzel Lena Worthington 72B
Stofer Mary E Worthington 62B
Stotl Anna Worthington 64A
Strohl Lewis Worthington 74B
Stuff Jarvis Worthington 71A
Stull John Worthington 67A
Stull Thomas B Worthington 76A
Stump Kent A Worthington 60A
Swandal Hailly Worthington 65A
Swank Chester Worthington 75A
Swank Elmer Worthington 70B
Swank Howard E Worthington 60A
Swank Jacob G Worthington 74A
Swank John C Worthington 61B
Swank Leroy Worthington 75A
Swank Lyman Worthington 65B
Swank Mary Worthington 62B
Swank May A Worthington 65A
Switzer James Worthington 63B
Taylor Charles Worthington 64A
Taylor Frank Worthington 65A
Taylor John R Worthington 68B
Teeter Harley P Worthington 71A
Teeter John A Worthington 61A
Teeter Norman Worthington 64A
Teeter Rachel Worthington 61A
Teeter Samuel E Worthington 71A
Thurman William Worthington 63A
Toms Charles E Worthington 69A
Tracey Agor Worthington 62A
Trigend Clarence Worthington 67B
Tweler Harry Worthington 66A
Vanzile Orlando Worthington 69B
Varner John Worthington 70B
Waddell William G Worthington 73B
Walker Charles Worthington 67B
Wallace Charles E Worthington 63A
Ward Charles Worthington 72A
Ward Frank F Worthington 65B
Wareham Albert E Worthington 73A
Warehome Kenneth F Worthington 66A
Warren Elizabeth J Worthington 75A
Weakley Marion Worthington 63B
Weaver Rhoda Worthington 63A
Weaver William E Worthington 67A
Weber Alan Worthington 60B
Wells Margaret E Worthington 67A
Wesley Amanda Worthington 65A
Wheatbrupt Edd Worthington 75A
Whiteman Earnest Worthington 61B
Whiteman Harvey Worthington 63A
Williams Clare Worthington 60A
Wilson Dora L Worthington 65A
Wilson William G Worthington 70A
Wise Alice Worthington 64A
Wise Alvin S Worthington 71A
Wise Floyd E Worthington 62A
Wise Laura Worthington 64A
Wisom Walter R Worthington 61A
Wohlford Anna Worthington 64A
Wolford Chattie Worthington 70B
Worley William Worthington 70A
Yarger Albert G Worthington 75A
Yarman Otto L Worthington 69B
Young Amos Worthington 61A
Young Matlink Worthington 61A

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