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The Bellville Weekly - 27 October 1876


Source:  The Bellville Weekly, 27 October 1876, Vol. V, No. 30 (source documents held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Society)

Mrs. G.P. RINEHART arrived home Thursday, from a visit to friends.

An apple from A. CLEVER's orchard measured 14 inches in circumference.

I. RANDOLPH arrived home from Nova Scotia, last Tuesday.

WM. BROWN, the colored barber, that used to operate in this place for a number of years, was in town last week.

H.E. GIBSON and wife started last Tuesday for their second trip to the Centennial.

JAMES TINKEY sold the vacant lot joining the Clifton House, to MARY STENTZ, of Ashland.  Consideration $1200.  the lot as 21 feet front.

A Republican meeting will be held at the Hayes and Wheeler Club Room, next Monday evening, Oct. 30, 1876, to be addressed by R.C. SMITH, Esq.

D. AUNGST shipped two car loads of potatoes to parties at Columbus this week.  The potatoes were purchased of JOHN and WILSON KNOX.  They were very fine.  One that we picked out weighed over one and a half pounds.  John Knox grew about 800 bushels, and W. Knox about 600 bushels.

Thursday, Nov. 2nd., 1876, the Ladies' Sewing Society of the Universalist Church will convene at the residence of DORE GARBER, east of town.  The evening's entertainment will consist of an Oyster Supper to be at the home of J. PHILPOTT.  Oyster Supper only twenty-five cents.  We extend an invitation to all.  -- Mrs. N.A. SAXTON, Pres., FLORA STEVENS, Sec'y.

Hastings, O., Oct. 14th., 1876 -- An accident occurred to SIMON STALL, of Newville.  While making cider at J. SNYDER's he was caught by the tumbling rod and thrown to the ground, breaking both bones of his left leg midway between ankle and knee.  The bones were set by Dr. J.P. HENDERSON, of Newville.  The house of J.P. HENDERSON is under repairs at this time by P. BERRY and hands.  We bought eighteen hundred pine shingles for said job and think it will not be enough.  The house of DANIEL MOWRY was moved by M. BOLINGER a distance of eighteen rods with care and speed.  The carpenter, WM. CHARLES, will force it to a speedy completion.

SIMON HOOVER arrived from the Centennial last Tuesday.  He was greatly pleased with his trip.  He brought a few pounds of some extraordinary large and fine rye, which was found growing wild along the Humbolt river and is now being successfully cultivated.  He also had some of Roger's Wheat;  this we think is the finest specimen of wheat we have ever seen.  When viewed through a magnifying glass, the grains resembled gold, perfectly beautiful.  Mr. H. has already committed these seeds to the coil, on his own farm.  He is also going to try one thousand peach trees on the Jersey style.  he visited some of the Jersey peach orchards.

MARRIED.  McKENZIE-LINCOLN -- At the residence of the bride's mother, in Akron, October 17th., 1876, by Rev. O. LAWRENCE, Mr. JAMES E. McKENZIE and Miss HATTIE B. LINCOLN.  All of Akron.  No cards.  The bride has our thanks for wedding cake by mail, and we wish them a life of unsullied joy and happiness.

MARRIED.  CAMPBELL-MILLER -- October 18th., 1876, at the bride's home, by Rev. GEO. W. WALKER, LEWIS M. CAMPBELL and LAURA A. MILLER.

MARRIED.  LEWIS-BROWN -- On Wednesday evening, October 25th., 1876, at the residence of the bride, by Rev. GEO. W. WALKER, Dr. J.B. LEWIS and Miss EDITH I. BROWN, both of Bellville, O.  They have our best wishes for their happiness and prosperity.

DIED.  BONAR -- In Bellville, Richland County, Ohio, October 20th., 1876, MILTON L. BONAR, aged 24 years, 9 months and 8 days.  Mr. Bonar had been suffering with lung disease for some time previous to his death, and on the morning of the 20th. seized with a severe fit of coughing, ruptured a blood-vessel, causing his death in a few minutes.

DIED.  STRATER -- In Bellville, Richland County, Ohio, October 21st., 1876, of consumption, FREDERICK W. STRATER, aged 27 years, 2 months and 16 days.

PROBATE NOTICE.  The Estate of NIMROD NEWLON, Deceased.  Notice -- The Administration of the Estate of the above-named decedent has been entrusted by the Probate Court to the undersigned.  Any person having claims against said estate, are requested to present them to the undersigned within one year.  -- ALFRED R. NEWLON, October 24th., 1876.\

160 acres prairie land, all tillable, stock water all the year, well water at 12 to 30 feet at any desirable point on the place.  Plenty of stone for building or fencing purposes, but not in the way of cultivation.  Hedge row broke on three sides.  Seven acres of breaking.  The land is 2nd. bottom, 4 miles from nearest R.R. station, and 6 miles from county-seat and R.R. station.  Price $4.00 per acre, cash.  A.I. BEACH, Jr.

W.S. HARRINGTON and wife left for the Centennial Thursday, via. Niagara Falls and N.Y.

O.B. RUMMEL and his father left for the Centennial Wednesday night, via. the B.&O. R.R.

JOHN HAMILTON and JOHN ROBINSON returned from the Centennial last Friday, well pleased with their visit.  Mr. H. brought with him a fac simile of the first newspaper ever printed in America.  It is rather crude looking compared with some of our modern publications.

PUBLIC SALE -- By bills printed at this office, ALFRED R. NEWLON, Administrator, will offer for sale at public auction, at the late residence of NIMROD NEWLON, deceased, one-half mile east of Bangor, on the 14th. day of Nov., 1876, the goods and chattels of said deceased.  Sale to commence at 10 o'clock A.M.

The fast train south on last Monday morning, stopped at this place for the following passengers, bound for the Centennial:  Dr. SAMPSELL and daughter, DEL. SARGENT ad sister FLORA, SAM'L FISHER, Dr. RIDENOUR, SUSAN PHILLIPS and Miss ELLA PHILLIPS.  W.F. MADDEN and J.F. KANAGA went north via. Pittsburg, the same day.

ROLL OF HONOR -- The following persons have subscribed and paid for THE BELLVILLE WEEKLY for one year, since we last published the roll of honor:  LIZZIE HOFF, Warsaw, Ind.;  M.C. MOORES, Bryan, O.;  C.P. FREDERICK, Bellville, O.;  J.L. WRIGHT, Los Angeles, Cal.;  J.C. PALM, Lexington, O.;  J.E. SHEARER, Green Castle, Mo.;  C.V. MORROW, Bellville, O.;  WM. A. STEWART, Newville, O.;  Capt. D.W. WILSON, Bellville, O.

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Advertiser's Index

  • L.W. Nevius (dentistry)
  • G.S. & R.W. Bell (dry goods)
  • Dr. V.H. Reisinger (dentistry)
  • Dr. W.T. McMahon
  • Globe House (hotel)
  • J.P. Walsh (saddles, bridles)
  • Irwin Fisher (groceries)
  • John Null's (blacksmith)
  • Cunningham & Little (lumber yard)
  • James Rhinehalt (blacksmith)
  • Van Dorn & Waddell (drugs, notions, etc.)
  • C.L. Miller (auctioneer)
  • James C. Lee, M.D.
  • Dr. S.R. Stofer
  • Patterson's (fresh oatmeal)
  • Moody & Co.'s (clothing)
  • Armstrong (clothing)
  • Miss M. DeArmon (dressmaking)
  • I. Fisher (fruit)
  • S.O. Singer (hatter, furrier)
  • Mansfield Friendly Inn (Mansfield)
  • Alexander & Zent (woolen mills near Independence, O.)
  • Wm. H. Elston (clothing)
  • Gerlack & Bousard (formerly belonging to George C. Howard -- wagons, buggies, etc.)
  • Dr. James R. Bristor (dentistry)
  • Patterson's (stone jars, crocks)
  • Verna Null (millinery goods)
  • Condict.  (black alpacas)
  • Dr. L.W. Armentrout
  • G.M. Wilkinson (clocks, watches)

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