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The Bellville Weekly - 05 October 1877


Source:  The Bellville Weekly, 05 October 1877, Vol. VI, No. 26  (source document held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Museum)

JOHN NULL was in town last Monday looking as well as ever.

A telegram was received last Monday of the serious illness of Mrs. A.A. PATTERSON.

Miss CANNA SHAFER is reported on the sick list.

Miss LOIS GREELY is sick.

JOHN and MOSES WALTERS have returned to their home at Hiawatha, Kan.

Rev. J.A. KAULL, the new pastor of the M.E. Church, preached his first sermon last Sunday evening, and we heard many express their satisfaction.

Prof. SHUTT gave his class in Physical Geography an instructive lesson on the other worlds last Monday night.

A. OLDFIELD and part of his family are on a visit to Pennsylvania.

R. GAILY and SEWARD were expted to speak in Bellville last evening (Thursday), Oct. 4th.

DAIVD DIVILBLISS and ROBERT PHIPPS were brought before N.O. SMITH, Esq., last Monday and fined five dollars each and cost for assault and battery.  Cause drunkenness.

Mr. J. STROME, one mile south of RILEY's Factory, will make sale of personal property on Saturday, Oct. 6th.  He has purchased land in south western Nebraska, on Republic River, and designs moving there immediately.

HOMER RHODES got up Oct. 2nd. after being sick twenty-five days with typhoid fever.  He was attended by Dr. McMAHON.

As JERRY GATTON was driving through Independence on Thursday of last week, the tongue became disengaged from the neck-yoke.  The mules ran and threw Mr. G. and his little boy out.  Neither of them were hurt much.  The wagon was somewhat broked [sic.].

W.S. RIDENOUR, who has been in poor health for some time, has gone south with his family to spend the winter.

We stated a few weeks ago that AMOS KANAGA was practicing as well as studying law in Mansfield.  Mr. K. informs us that it was a mistake, he only being in his second year of his studies.

Miss CARRY FAIRCHILD is home again.

Prof. FRENCH, the music teacher from Mansfield, was in town Wednesday trying to get up the cantata of the "Hay Makers".

L.W. SEVERNS and SAM'L FISHER expect to have 2,500 bushels of potatoes.

Jefferson Grange, No. 251, will dedicate their hall in this place on Thursday, Oct. 11th.  All Grangers are invited to attend.  State Master ELLIS will be present.  The exercises will commence at 10 o'clock.

ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE -- Is hereby given, that I will pay a dividend to all general creditors of the estate of ALPHEUS ORDWAY, insolvent, at the Bellville Exchange Bank, on Wednesday the 10th. day of October, 1877.  -- JOHN W. ZENT, Assignee.

Several of HARRY JOHNS' children have typhoid fever.

SAMUEL SHAFER left at this office a turnip weighing two and a quarter pounds.  It is of the purple top variety.

MARY ANN (HUBER) MEASEL was born 19th. July 1792 at Hagerstown, Md.  Married NICHOLAS MEASEL 28th. May 1811.  They came to Wayne County, O., Sept. 1833.  Remained there two months and then moved to the land where they have since resided.  Their children are BETSY (SECRIST), JACOB, LYDIA (WISE), REBECCA, dec'd., MARY (SPRAW), and SUSANA (PENABAKER), (REAP).  She was buried at Easterly Church Cemetery.

JOHN PALM, whose death is mentioned in another column, had his household goods packed and shipped to Iowa, where he intended to make his future home, but one week ago last Saturday he was stricken down with disease, a complicated difficulty and died at the house of his brother FRANCIS.  He leaves a wife and many friends to mourn his loss.  His mother is lying quite ill at Independence.  The funeral service took place at the Presbyterian Church, and his remains were deposited in the Bellville Cemetery.

Rev. G.W. WALKER, who has been pastor of the M.E. Church in this place for the past year, was appointed to the Savannah Circuit.

SOCIAL at Rev. W.W. ANDERSON's next Tuesday evening.  All are invited.

Transfer of real estate in Bellville:  JOHN MORROW to JOHN HAMILTON, part of lot 44.  Consideration $571.

On last Friday week, Mr. E.C. SMITH, son-in-law of Judge D. McCULLOUGH of Mansfield, had his right arm broken in three places while coupling cars on a road near Peoria, Ill.

TOWN COUNCIL.  Council met Monday evening;  Mayor and Clerk absent.  Councilmen present, R. KENTON, H.N. HAMILTON, I. FISHER and J.C. POTTS.  J.C. POTTS was elected Chairman protem, and I. FISHER, clerk protem.  By motion the following orders were granted:  To J. AUNGST, PORT. WHITTEN, J. HERRON and LEVI SELL, for services as police one day and night, Sept. 12th., $3 each;  Z. SHAFER one day with team, $2.50;  also F. THRAILKILL, labor on road, $3.75;  W. McINTIRE two days labor on road, $2.50;  Dr. McMAHON, 56 cents;  also order for $100 for Jail purposes.  Moved and carried that J. AUNGST be employed to trim up trees on the Public Square.  By motion it was agreed that the foot crossing between BONAR's Grocery and Globe House be raided and made crowning;  also that alley crossing near RINEHART's Store be repaired by Supervisor.  Adjourned to meet in one week.  -- I. FISHER, Clerk protem.

SONS OF TEMPERANCE.  Officers elect for the quarter of Oct., Nov. and Dec.:  W.P. - LAURA EDWARDS;  W.A. - JOSIE KELLY;  R.S. - FRANK DILLON;  A.R.S. - NELLIE ELSTON;  F.S. - ROBERT EVARTS (re-elected);  Treas. - Mrs. PHILPOTT;  Con. - LOIS GREELY;  A. Con. - JARETTIE McCLUER;  L.S. -- C.N. RIDENOUR;  O.S. - JENNIE WEAVER;  Dept. - J.W. KELLY (one year).  -- WILL COLE, R.S.

DIED, In Washington Township, Richland County, O., Sept. 28th., 1877, Mrs. MARY ANN (HUBER) MEASEL, aged 85 years, 2 months and 9 days.

DIED, In Washington Township, Richland County, O., on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd., 1877, Mr. JOHN PALM, aged 35 years, 1 month and 16 days. 

DIED, Died at his home in Monroeville, O., on Friday, Sept. 21st., 1877, Mr. WM. R. JACKSON, son of the late Judge JACKSON, in the 55th. year of his age.   Mr. JACKSON was born near Mt. Vernon, O., May 14, 1823, and in the year of 1826 removed with his parents to Bellville where he was reared and spent the early years of his manhood.  During our acquaintance with Mr. JACKSON, extending through many years we had abundant opportunity of judging of his character.  It is rare indeed to meet with one whose qualities of head and heart would so universally command respect with those with whom he became acquainted.  He was in attendance at the Soldier's Reunion on the 12th. of Sept., at this place, and although in feeble health, participated in the activities of the occasion without any seeming lack of enjoyment and expressed great satisfaction at the manner in which the programme was carried out.  His death was very sudden and unexpected.  On the morning prior to his death he made arrangements to attend the fair at Norwalk and had gone out to feed preparatory to starting, his wife accompanying him to the barn by his request.  Soon after reaching the barn, and while in the act of feeding, he complained of sickness and sunk down paralyzed.  Help was obtained and he was removed to the house and a physician called, but he was beyond the reach of human aid, and in two hours after the attack death came to his relief.  Mr. JACKSON was an affectionate husband and father and a faithful friend, always discharging the duties devolving upon him in every sphere of life.  He leaves a wife and six children, four sisters, one brother and a host of friends to mourn his loss.  To them we extend our heartfelt sympathy.  -- EMIL.

ASSIGNEE'S SALE.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Assignee of ASA GATTON, an insolvent, will sell at Public Auction the following Real Estate, to-wit:  One equal one half of the north part of lot number forty-eight (48), and one equal one half of lot number one (1).  Both parcels in the town of Bellville, Richland County, Ohio, on the premises on the 17th. day of October, 1877, between the hours of 12 M. and 4 o'clock P.M.  This is the Brick Hotel property near the depot, in the village of Bellville, O.  Appraised value, twenty-five hundred dollars ($2500).  Terms of sale, cash.  -- JERRY GATTON, Assignee.

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