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Mary A. Austin Title Abstract


source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Austin Mary 3253a
Austin Mary A. 3253aa
Austin Mary A. 3253bb
Austin Mary A. 3253ee
Austin Mary A. 3253ff
Beach A.J. 3253l
Bellville Board of Education - 3253bb
Bellville Board of Education - 3253cc
Bixler Samuel 3253w
Bixler Samuel 3253ee
Bixler Samuel & Lannia 3253x
Bossort Jacob 3253h
Bushnell Wm. 3253c
Bushnell Wm. 3253f
Bushnell Wm. 3253h
Bushnell Wm. 3253ee
Clark Elijah 3253p
Clark Elijah 3253s
Clark Elijah 3253v
Clark Elijah 3253w
Clark Elijah 3253x
Clark Elijah 3253y
Clark Elijah 3253aa
Clark Elijah 3253ee
Clark Elijah & Margaret 3253z
Collins Isaac 3253p
Collins Isaac 3253v
Collins Isaac 3253w
Collins Isaac 3253ee
Collins Isaac & Elizabeth 3253s
Cummings & McBride - 3253ff
Cutting Samuel 3253l
Cutting Samuel 3253x
Cutting Samuel 3253ee
Cutting Samuel & Abigail 3253y
Doughty James 3253d
Doughty James 3253h
Evarts Elizabeth 3253k
Evarts Reuben 3253bb
Evarts Reuben 3253cc
Fitting Fred M. & Ruth 3253w
Fitting Frederick M. 3253u
Fitting Frederick M. 3253v
Fitting Frederick M. 3253ee
Ga-- Wm. 3253aa
Garn Adam 3253ee
Garn Adam & Mary M. 3253bb
Garn William 3253ee
Garn Wm. & Mary 3253cc
Hartman Samuel 3253i
Health I. 3253m
Heath Isaac 3253k
Heath J. 3253q
Heaton Catharine 3253g
Heaton John & Catharine 3253d
Heaton Samuel 3253g
Hedges James 3253d
Hedges James 3253h
Hetrick Isaac 3253j
Hildreth Joseph 3253l
Hordman Samuel 3253h
Jackson Benjamin 3253k
Jackson Benjamin 3253l
Jackson Benjamin 3253m
Jackson Benjamin 3253q
Jackson Benjamin 3253r
Jackson Benjamin 3253ee
Johnson Joseph 3253k
Johnston Joseph 3253d
Johnston Joseph 3253h
Johnston Joseph 3253l
Johnston Joseph 3253m
Johnston Joseph 3253q
Johnston Joseph 3253r
Johnston Joseph 3253ee
Markey John 3253m
Markey John 3253n
Markey John 3253o
Markey John 3253q
Markey John 3253s
Markey John 3253ee
Markey John & Mary 3253p
May Manuel 3253z
McCluer James 3253y
Moffit Thos. G. 3253k
Moore Jackson 3253u
Moore Jackson 3253w
Moore Jackson 3253ee
Moore Jackson 3253ee
Moore Jackson & Mina 3253v
Moore Jackson & Mina 3253x
Philpot Stephen 3253s
Philpot Stephen 3253u
Philpot Stephen 3253ee
Poppleton Samuel 3253p
Poppleton Samuel 3253q
Poppleton Samuel 3253r
Poppleton Samuel 3253ee
Porter Elizabeth 3253k
Shewey David 3253k
Shewey John 3253k
Shewey Michael 3253j
Shewey Michael 3253k
Shewey Michael 3253l
Shewey Michael 3253q
Shewey Michael 3253r
Shewey Michael 3253ee
Shewey Susa 3253k
Smart James 3253e
Smith Jonathan 3253z
Smith Jonathan 3253aa
Smith Jonathan 3253ee
Smith Jonathan G. 3253cc
Steel James 3253c
Steel James 3253h
Steel James 3253ee
Steel James & Elizabeth 3253j
Steele James 3253i
Stilts Henry 3253o
Stilts Henry 3253ee
Stilts Phillip & Catharine 3253n
Stiltz Philip 3253ee
Stiltze Catharine 3253k
Stiltze Rebecca 3253k
Walsh James 3253k
Walsh James 3253n
Walsh John 3253o
Weirick George 3253d
Weirick George 3253d
Weirick John B. 3253d
Weirick Margaret 3253d
Weirick Martha 3253d
Weirick Martha 3253i
Weirick Martha 3253ee
Weirick Mary 3253d
Weirick Nancy 3253k
Wirick George 3253f
Wirick George 3253g
Wirick George 3253h
Wirick John B. 3253f
Wirick John B. 3253g
Wirick Margaret 3253g
Wirick Martha 3253h
Wirick Martha Jr. 3253g
Wirick Martha Jr. 3253h
Wirick Martha Sr. 3253g
Wirick Mary 3253f
Wirick Mary 3253g
Wirick Mary 3253h

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, 30 Mar 2007


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3253a 3253b 3253c 3253d 3253e 3253f
3253g 3253h 3253i 3253j 3253k 3253l
3253m 3253n 3253o 3253p 3253q 3253r
3253s 3253t 3253u 3253v 3253w 3253x
3253y 3253z 3253aa 3253bb 3253cc 3253dd
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