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Enumerators Selected for 1890 Census

source:  Mansfield Evening News:  10 May 1890, Vol. 6, No. 56


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Who Will Ask Questions Of Richland County People

The NEWS has been asked many times within the past few weeks "who are the census enumerators for Richland County?"  To all seekers of such information, here is the answer, for it is the list of persons in this county who have received commissions as census enumerators from the Hon. T.M. Beer, of Ashland, supervisor of census for the sixth district of Ohio and to whose courtesy we are indebted for it:


Mansfield Precinct A First Ward Miss Alice B. Doll
- Precinct B First Ward Miss Flora M. Kerr
- Precinct A Second Ward Jesse C. Marshall
- Precinct B Second Ward William Hoffer
0 Precinct C Second Ward Simon C. Stevenson
- Precinct A Third Ward John A. McMillen
- Precinct B Third Ward Miss Mary E. Smith
- Precinct A Fourth Ward John W. Millington
- Precinct B Fourth Ward Joseph Fleming


Bloominggrove Twp. ... Albert Benedict xxccccxxx Butler Twp. ... Miss Kate Davidson
Cass Twp. ... Oliver Guthrie x Franklin Twp. ... James M. McMeeken
Jackson Twp. ... George W. Kuhn x Jefferson Twp. ... W.H. Weagley
Madison Twp. ... Samuel B. Swisher x Mifflin Twp. ... Freeman Osbun
Monroe Twp. ... David B. Leiter x Perry Twp. ... John Corbett
Plymouth Twp. ... Capt. Elias C. Gregg x Sandusky Twp. ... Jacob B. Lohr
Sharon Twp. ... Alexander Simon x Shelby Village ... Hiram E. Kingsboro
Springfield Twp. ... E.C. Hartupee x Troy Twp. ... Simon Poland
Washington Twp. ... George W. McFarland x Weller Twp. ... Amos Kirkwood
Worthington Twp. ... John W. McConkie x xxx xxx

It will be observed that Richland County has 28 enumerator, nine of whom are in this city.  The list embraces the names of a large number of citizens well and favorably known in their respective localities.  Over two-thirds of them are soldiers and the list of appointments is a good one reflecting credit upon the supervisor and those with whom he consulted before making his selections.  The sixth district is the largest in the state, having 333 enumerators, all of whom have been selected by Supervisor Beer, and over two-thirds of them are old soldiers.

Census enumerators are required to begin their work the first Monday of June, 1890, continuing the same each week day, so as to complete the enumeration of their districts and to prepare the returns and forward the same to the supervisor of their districts on or before July 1, 1890, and "in any city having over 10,000 population under the census of 1880, the enumeration of population shall be taken within two weeks from the first Monday in June."

The compensation to be paid to enumerators is fixed by section 11 of the Act of March 1, 1889, and provides a minimum rate of two cents for each living inhabitant, two cents for each death, fifteen cents for each farm, twenty cents for each establishment of productive industry, and five cents for each surviving soldier, sailor, or marine, or widow of a soldier, sailor or marine, enumerated and returned, for all subdivisions where such allowance shall be deemed sufficient.  In all other sub-divisions, where higher rates are to be paid, according to the difficulty of enumeration, the maximum rates shall not be more than three cents each living inhabitant, twenty cents for each farm, and thirty cents for each establishment of productive industry;  nor shall they be less than three nor more than six dollars per day of ten hours actual field-work each, in case a per diem compensation is established.  Except in extreme cases, no claim for mileage or traveling expenses will be allowed to any enumerator, and then only when authority has been previously granted by the superintendent of census.

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