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Local Happenings of 1916


Source:  THE MANSFIELD NEWS:  30 December 1916


Submitted by Jean and Faye



Brief Resume of Local Happenings of 1916 That Are of More Than Passing Interest.

The closing year has been one of notable progress in Mansfield, a year that has been marked by almost unexampled industrial, mercantile and individual prosperity.  Numerous factories have increased their capacities to meet growing demands for their product and with this increased capacity has come a corresponding increase in the number of employees, bringing many new families to the city and providing employment for every able-bodied resident of the city and vicinity who desired work.  Several new factories, which give promise of development into industries on considerable proportions, have located here during the year and others are in prospect as a result of the efforts of an active chamber of commerce.  Assurance of adequate electrical power for industrial use came during the year when the Mansfield Electric Light & Power company entered upon the work of erecting a large power plant near Mansfield.  An outstanding achievement of the year is the progress made on Mansfield's new General hospital, an institution for which the city has such urgent need.
1 - City short of funds.  Cost of living advancing.  Family of Philip Rosenbaum narrowly escape asphyxiation.  Will McCarty died.
2 - William F. Voegele, Sr., died.
3 - William Arnold died.
4 - C. W. Williams assumes duties as secretary of chamber of commerce.  Mrs. Mary E. McElhinney died at San Bernardino, Ca.
5 - Mrs. Elizabeth Hutzelman died.
7 - Co. M, Eighth O. N. G. called to Youngstown to help quell riot.
13 - Ninetieth birthday anniversary of Fred Walter, Sr.  Annual banquet of Richland County Bar association.
15 - Miss Anna Metcalfe Smith died.
20 - Fifty-eighth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hildreth.
24 - Almond C. Lewis died.
26 - Letter Carrier Frank Mitchell saw first robin.
27 - Standard Chain company takes over Seneca plant.
29 - Joseph Thomas died.
30 - Calvin Stevens died at Los Angeles. Cal.
1 - City short of funds.  Cost of living advancing.
2 - William M. Foulks died.
3 - William A. Balliet died.
6 - F. M. Traul, Erie conductor, killed by train in local yards.
7 - U. Willis died.
8 - Reported to trustees many sufferers from cold weather.
11 - Lincoln banquet at Elk home.
12 - G. H. Lowrey becomes acting major account illness of Mayor Marquis.  Conrad Hamm died.
13 - Rev. H. L. Weeks resigns pastorate of Baptist church.
16 - William McBride died.  Mrs. Frances Allison addresses women at First Presbyterian church.
17 - Fred Hunt takes out Y. M. C. A. memberships for his newsboys.  Bob Jones addresses mass meeting at First Congregational church.
18 - John W. Chronister died.
21 - Pay-up-week starts.
22 - Joe F. Weil died.  Ralph D. Cole delivers address at Elk home.  International Sunday school party in Mansfield.  Miss Minnie McCray injured by fall at court house.  Mrs. Herman Hautzenroeder died.
29 - Mrs. Ella H. Matlock died.
3 - Mayor Fred S. Marquis died.
5 - Jay Brubaker killed in runaway near Ankneytown and Walter Leedy injured.  Rev. D. G. Blair accepts call to pastorate of Mayflower church.
6 - Dr. William Mitchell died.  Grand Amusement company buys ground on Walnut street for new theater.  Robert W. Jones died.
7 - Golden wedding anniversary of Capt. and Mrs. J. P. Rummel.  Improvement work on News building started.  Horace B. Rigby died.  Louis W. Pierce died.  W. B. Wolff chosen President of council and E. R. Endly, First ward councilman.
11 - Mrs. (An?)na Burkholder died suddenly.
13 - Mansfield Masons endorse new (tem?)ple project.
14 - Golden wedding anniversary of Capt. and Mrs. L. O. Doolittle.
21 - John Marks died.
27 - LeVerne Yingling hurt by fall through elevator shaft.
28 - Charles Sims found dead at home.
1 - Cost of living advancing.  City short of funds.
2 - Golden wedding anniversary Mr. and Mrs. William H. Jones, of Jackson township.
6 - Rev. William A. Wright, former pastor First M. E. church, died in California.
8 - Yeggs blow safe in Jeromeville postoffice.
9 - Opening centennial celebration First Presbyterian church.  Plans adopted for new St. Matthew's church. Mrs. Winfield F. Trine burned by gas explosion.
14 - Henry Beam died.
15 - J. C. Starrett appointed deputy county auditor.  Jesse Cashell died.
18 - Thomas B. McCormick died in Columbus.
19 - W. K. Oberlin died suddenly.
21 - John Gandert, native of Mansfield, died at Galion.
25 - Presidential preference primary election.
27 - L. L. Parry arrested in Pittsburg for practicing medicine without license.
28 - Golden wedding anniversary Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Potter.
30 - Governor Willis becomes ill during address at Opera House.  William Guise graduated in ministry at Springfield.
4 - G. M. Skiles, Shelby attorney died.
5 - Campaign starts to raise $12,000 for Y. M. C. A.
7 - Christian L. Spiess died.
10 - James M. Barrett died.  R. B. Maxwell company's store is robbed.
11 - Rev. Charles A. Barry called to pastorate of Baptist church.
13 - County spelling contest.
14 - Mother's day observed.  J. A. Hawkins died.  T. B. Reeder and J. B. Joyce, Maxwell robbery suspects, arrested in Detroit.
20 - Market opened in Dickson building.
24 - Harry N. Tolies, of Chicago, addresses speaker-banquet of chamber of commerce.
27 - Harley H. Fate, prominent Plymouth manufacturer, died.
28 - Motorman Frank Conroy injured in street car collision.
30 - Memorial day address delivered by Rev. O. L. Kiplinger.
1 - Stephen Morris died.
4 - Baccalaureate sermon delivered by Rev. Paul W. Koller.
6 - Senior class play at Opera House.
8 - Commencement of Mansfield high school with 107 graduates.
10 - Orin J. Coul died.
14 - George Parry killed and P. J. Wigton injured in auto accident at Lucas.
16 - Joseph S. Single died.
19 - Order to mobilize received by Co. M.
22 - W. Sherman Bell injured by fall from cherry tree.
23 - Byron Marietta died.
29 - Demonstration marks departure of Co. M and Supply company for mobilization camp at Columbus.
30 - Harry Mitchell, Lee Craig and William Thull injured in motorcycle collision.  John W. Hoss died at hospital.
2 - Thirtieth anniversary of St. Luke's Lutheran church.
4 - Old fashioned celebration.
8 - Rejected members of Co. M return home.
9 - Rev. S. P. Long declines to accept proffered in  crease in salary.  Lyman A. Strong died.
11 - Mr. and Mrs. Peter Baum, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Nau and Albert Nau, of Loudonville, killed in auto accident near Lucas.
12 - James R. Joyce place on trial charged with robbery of Maxwell store.
15 - Verdict of not guilty returned in Joyce case.
17 - H. V. Henness resigns as Y. M. C. A. secretary.
25 - Barnum & Bailey circus in Mansfield.
27 - Mrs. R. P. Kissane died.
28 - Edward Bowen died.
30 - Returning Cedar Point excursion train wrecked near Monroeville.
3 - William L. Finney died.  Glenn H. Davis resigns as physical director Y. M. C. A.  Formal opening Johns park.  Golden wedding anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Wolfarth.  Primary election.
10 - Alonzo Bird died.  Ground broken for new hospital.  Ruth Smith drowned at Akron.  Daniel W. Saylor died.
12 - Chautauqua opened.
16 - Sherman Brigade reunion.
21 - Mansfield Electric Light and Power company announce plans for new power plant.
22 - Announcement made of plan to double capacity of steel plant.
23 - Infantile paralysis case at Shelby.
28 - Jerry Will retires to pension with Pennsylvania company on seventieth birthday anniversary.
30 - News band concert at Johns park.
31 - Y. M. C. A. boys return from Camp Edlam.  Mrs. W. A. Will hurt in auto accident at Granville.
4 - Ground broken for new St. Matthew's church.  Labor day celebration at Casino park.
5 - C. H. Workman chosen as secretary of Y. M. C. A.
17 - Twentieth anniversary of J. E. Young, J. W. Ryan, George and James Anderson as Reformatory employees.
19 - County fair opens.  P. T. Kissane died.
22 - C. Edward Moore killed by explosion of fly wheel at power plant.
23 - West Fourth street market opened.  Peter Niedheimer injured by fall from tree.
24 - Rev. W. R. Polhamus enters upon pastorate at Central M. E. church.  Lyman Herbrand died.
1 - Cornerstone of Mansfield General hospital laid.
2 - Rev. Henry Candler transferred from First M. E. church to Petosky, Mich.
4 - President Wilson in Mansfield en route west.  John Seior died.
7 - Fred B. Magee chosen physical director Y. M. C. A.  L. C. Hayes, of Jackson township, died.
9 - Samuel R. Risher died.
12 - K. Of C. celebrate Discovery day.
13 - Norman P. Henry died.
17 - Reception for Rev. Sager Tryon, new pastor First United Brethren church.
20 - Alex Fraser home struck by lightning.
22 - Rev. J. T. LeGear enters upon pastorate at First M. E. church.
29 - Cornerstone of St. Matthew's new church laid.
30 - Elmer Nelson died.  Hunt's hallowe'en parade.
31 - Golden wedding anniversary of Dr. and Mrs. G. W. DeCamp.  George Overholt injured by fall at city building.
7 - Pierce J. Wigton died.
9 - Rev. E. J. Kuhlman accepts call to pastorate St. Paul's Lutheran church.
10 - Ed McWilliams died.
11 - Harry Linderman injured in hunting accident.
12 - James Cummins died.
12 - Fire Chief Knofflock died.
16 - First cold snap of winter.
17 - Joseph A. cope died.  Henry Church died.
19 - Rev. Charles A. Barry preaches farewell sermon at Baptist church.  Veterans' day observed by Sons of Veterans.  Frank Winfield died.
20 - Henry Marks appointed fire chief by Mayor Lowrey.
21 - Charles H. Miller died.
23 - W. B. Martin retuned from Bermuda Islands.
24 - Price of eggs reached 48 cents dozen.  Thomas B. Reeder found guilty of Maxwell store robbery.
25 - Brumenschenkel greenhouse damaged by fire.
26 - Jacob Dir died.
29 - Several Mansfield dental offices robbed.
4 - Corn boys start on trip to Washington.  High cost of living discussed at chamber of commerce forum.
5 - Cost of living still high.
7 - Fire at plant of Mansfield Packing company.  W. J. Bissman, probate judge-elect married.
15 - News issues first 24-page newspaper in one run.
16 - Gift boxes sent to Mansfield soldiers on border.  Pauline Grubb dies of poison and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Brokaw render seriously ill.
17 - Fir at plant of Hughes-Keenan company.
18 - Golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Herring.  Harry A. Wheeler delivers address at chamber of commerce speaker-banquet.  Mrs. Joseph Schantz died.
19 - Edward Chatlain died.
20 - William Mitchell found guilty of Maxwell store robbery.
22 - Big snowfall handicaps traffic.
23 - Appointment of John F. Kramer to position in attorney general's office announced.  David M. Stough died.
28 - Fifty-eighth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walter, Sr.
29 - College night at Y. M. C. A.
30 - City short of funds.  Cost of living advancing.

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