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Mansfield Grade School Students Promoted to High School, 1897


source:  Semi-Weekly News:  22 June 1897, Vol. 13, No. 50

The following pupils of the A Grammar Grades of the public schools of the city have been promoted to the high school:

... from Miss Aberle's Room (in the high school bldg.) ... Edward Ackerman, Dale Au, Fred Cahall, Lee Cotter, Glen Fulton, Ford Jessop, Earl Jones, William Laird, Ewing Martin, James McClelland (2nd. honor), Ralph Porch, Harry Reed, Howard Rupert, Roy Webber, Anna Carrothers, Mabel Cassad, Emily Denman, Ada Diffendorfer, Martha Eberly, Susie Fisher, Bess Hitabidle, Martha Lewis, Edith Matthes, Della Meily, Anna Miller (1st. honor), Nellie Pittenger, Lois Robinson, Mary Routzhan, Edith Saeltzer.

... from West First Street school ... William Althouse (1st. honor), Louis Barr, Harry Croft, Charles Harris, Harry Lightcap, Edwin Meese, Fred Rummel, James Upson, Paul Wren, Louise Abbott, Grace Bottorf, May Carleton (2nd. honor), Helen Johnston, Myrth Kern, Jessie Lemon, Frances Shonfield, Clara Smith, Coral Welter.

... from Marion Avenue school ... Robert Bradford, Clyde Constance, Jay Dirlam, John Friedrich, Earnest Hautzenroeder, Leonard Hutzelman, Gussie Patterson, Paul Pocock, William Reynolds, harry Sewell (1st. honor), Hazel Bowers, Clada Chapman, Lola Garrett, Mabel Gass, Carrie Gray, Belle Heiss, Bertha Heiss, Gertrude Jenner, Ila Neal, Winnie Rinehart, Effie Snyder, Catherine Maxwell (2nd. honor).

... from West Bloom Street school ... Armin Boethelt, Chalmer Shauck (1st. honor), Clyde Wherry, Bessie Boughton (2nd. honor), Blanche Ferguson, Edith Hammerli, Zora Hershey, Nellie Hutzelman, Grace Wherry, Fay Wolfe, Avis Remy.

... from Bowman Street school ... Fred Barton, Martin Blacksten, John Bunting, Robert Nixon, Ray Stone, John Taylor, Monte Uhlich, Mattie Carnahan, Jennie Fay, Bertha Fahs (1st. honor), May Gilkison, Lulu Gilkison, Flossie Hartman, Delphia Kayler, Carrie Mercer (2nd. honor), Maude Pressler, Faye Seiler, Effie Schlegel.

... from Hedges Street school ... Clyde Hale, Joseph Krebs, Alfred Lauer, Leon Seybold, Andrew Theis, Frank Harbaugh, Anna Kemp (1st. honor), Isabella Laughlin (2nd. honor), Myrtle Millington, Florence Richardson, Helen Fox.

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