Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Bellville Schools

Enumeration of Youth, 26 May 1906

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Adelman Alice 3225h
Adelman Owen 3225h
Alexander Hilda 3225b
Algire Aline 3225b
Anderson Howard 3225b
Anderson Paul 3225b
Andrews Moses J. 3225o
Aungst Eugene 3225b
Aungst Harley May 3225b
Aungst Lucille 3225b
Baker Arnold 3225b
Beal Carl 3225c
Beal Gustave 3225b
Beal Hazel 3225b
Berry Miller 3225c
Black Barney 3225c
Black Laura 3225c
Black Marie 3225c
Blair Fred 3225c
Blair Gladys 3225c
Blair Jesse 3225c
Blanc Zella 3225c
Bridgeland Joseph 3225c
Britain Mary 3225l
Brown Arnold 3225c
Brown Dessie 3225c
Brown Harry 3225c
Buchenburger Regina 3225c
Castetter Edward 3225c
Castetter Harley 3225c
Conley Lela 3225c
Crosby Faye 3225c
Crosby Guy 3225c
Cunningham Beatrice 3225c
Cunningham Florence 3225c
Cunningham Fred 3225c
Cunningham Helen 3225c
Daugherty Edith 3225d
Daugherty Harold 3225d
Daugherty Walter 3225d
Dean Charles 3225a
Donaugh Harry 3225d
Donaugh Nellie 3225d
Eastman Robert 3225d
Eastman Russel 3225d
Eichenlaub Fred 3225l
Eichenlaub John 3225l
Etz Jessie 3225d
Etz Katherine 3225d
Farber Della 3225d
Farber Esther 3225d
Farber Gail 3225d
Fike Luella 3225d
Fisher Charles 3225e
Fisher Ella 3225d
Fisher Harvey 3225d
Fisher Marguerite 3225d
Fleming Hilda 3225e
Fleming Rea 3225e
Frye Blanch 3225e
Frye Edgar 3225e
Frye Edith 3225e
Frye Geddis 3225e
Frye Hattie 3225e
Frye Katherine 3225e
Frye Walter 3225e
Garber E.L. 3225a
Garber Elizabeth 3225f
Garber Max 3225f
Garber Stanley 3225e
Gardner Roy 3225f
Gatton Arnold 3225f
Gatton Artie 3225f
Gatton Beach 3225f
Gatton Beatrice 3225f
Gatton Carl 3225f
Gatton Gail 3225f
Gatton Mina 3225f
Greer Carl 3225f
Gregg Earl 3225f
Gregg Fred 3225f
Gregg Hazel 3225f
Grice Edith 3225f
Grice Ethal 3225f
Grice Jay 3225p
Grubaugh Hoy 3225f
Haas Fern 3225f
Haas Maude 3225f
Harter Dale 3225f
Harter Don 3225f
Harter Earl 3225f
Harter Florence 3225f
Harter Paul 3225f
Harter Vera 3225f
Hellewell Ada 3225g
Hellewell Anna May 3225g
Hellewell Ida 3225g
Hellewell Joseph 3225g
Hellewell Louise 3225g
Hellewell Ralph 3225g
Hess Belle 3225g
Hess Harry 3225g
Hess Karl 3225g
Hess Walter 3225g
Higgins Alcinus 3225g
Higgins Iva 3225g
Hoeflick George 3225g
Hoeflick Helen 3225g
Horn Stanley 3225g
Humphrey Audra 3225g
Humphrey Clyde 3225g
Humphrey Floyd 3225g
Humphrey Glenn 3225h
Humphrey Lee 3225h
Humphrey Nelah 3225h
Jackson Charlotte 3225h
Jackson Ralph 3225h
Jackson Virginia 3225h
Jacoby Ruth 3225h
Jones Leeta 3225h
Keith Alice 3225i
Keith Bessie 3225h
Keith Edith 3225i
Keith Ferrel 3225i
Kelly Donald 3225i
Kelly Fred 3225i
Kelly Josephine 3225i
Kelly Ruth 3225i
Kilgore Glenn 3225i
Kilgore John 3225i
Kilgore Laura 3225i
Kilgore May 3225i
King Hamilton 3225i
King John 3225i
Kochheiser Don 3225i
Kochheiser Ethel 3225i
Kochheiser Freda 3225i
Kochheiser Harvey 3225i
Kochheiser Helen 3225i
Kochheiser Howard 3225i
Kochheiser Marie 3225i
Kochheiser Max 3225i
Kochheiser Richard 3225i
Krause Mary A. 3225i
Krause Walter 3225i
Lindley Don 3225i
Lindley Ikena 3225i
Lodewick Edna 3225k
Lodewick Mayville 3225k
Long Austin 3225j
Long Calvin 3225j
Long Clarence 3225j
Long Lena 3225j
Long Morris 3225j
Long Sarah 3225j
Long Shanon 3225j
Longshore Olive 3225j
Lowe Fred 3225j
Lowe Hazel 3225j
Lowe Shannon 3225j
McClay Nellie 3225j
McKenzie Grace 3225j
McKinney Dora 3225j
Merril Dessie 3225j
Merril Lanier 3225j
Miller Dora 3225j
Miller Floyd 3225k
Miller Francis 3225k
Miller Fred 3225k
Miller Lela 3225k
Miller Mabel 3225k
Miller Mamie 3225k
Miller Sherman 3225k
Montis Maud 3225k
Muck Asa 3225k
Muck Blanch 3225l
Muck Charlie 3225l
Muck Florence 3225l
Muck John 3225l
Muck Lula 3225l
Myers Arthur 3225l
Myers Bessie 3225l
Myers Gaylord 3225l
Myers Mabel 3225l
Myers Ruth 3225l
Myers Walter 3225l
Neer Paul 3225l
Nelson Birdella 3225l
Nelson Rena 3225l
Oberlin Glenn 3225l
Oberlin Nora 3225l
Oberlin Ray 3225l
Obetz Bion 3225l
Obetz Cecil 3225l
Obetz Leontine 3225l
Olin Fanny 3225m
Olin Louise 3225l
Olin Sarah 3225m
Oyster Ethel 3225m
Oyster George 3225m
Oyster William 3225m
Palm Hanna 3225m
Palm Jennie 3225m
Palm Ralph 3225m
Palmer Dexter 3225n
Parker Clyde 3225m
Parkison Frank 3225m
Parkison Winfield 3225m
Payne Louise 3225m
Porto Hazel 3225m
Potts Eva 3225m
Potts Grizell 3225m
Price Edd 3225m
Pulver Agnes 3225n
Pulver Camille 3225m
Pulver Mabel 3225m
Pulver Margery 3225n
Pulver Ruth 3225m
Rhodes Charlie 3225n
Rhodes Hazel 3225n
Ridenour Hobart 3225n
Robinson Dott 3225n
Robinson Kernan 3225n
Robinson Leo 3225o
Robinson Mamie 3225n
Robinson Martha 3225n
Russel Bessie 3225s
Russel Jason 3225s
Russel Robert 3225s
Schroeder Daniel 3225o
Schroeder Emile 3225o
Schroeder Jennie 3225o
Schroeder Lloyd 3225o
Sell Earl 3225o
Shafer Blake 3225o
Shafer Charlie 3225o
Shafer Chase 3225o
Shafer John 3225o
Shafer Laola 3225o
Shafer Olive 3225o
Shafer Wayne 3225o
Sharp Gay 3225o
Sharp John 3225o
Sheriff Lloyd 3225o
Sheriff Mary 3225o
Sheriff Sadie 3225o
Sheriff William 3225o
Shrader Fannie 3225o
Shrader Flossie 3225o
Shrader Julia 3225o
Shrader Robert 3225o
Shumaker Elijah 3225p
Shumaker Vina 3225p
Smith Charles 3225p
Smith Ralph 3225p
Snavely Charley 3225p
Snavely Lloyd 3225p
Snavely Pearl 3225p
Spain Clarance 3225p
Spayde Alma 3225p
Spayde Glen 3225q
Spayde Guy 3225p
Spayde Mary 3225p
Spayde Myrtie 3225q
Spayde Rollin 3225p
Stahl Lionel 3225p
Stanton Dale 3225p
Stofer Barabara 3225p
Stofer Katherine 3225p
Stofer Martha 3225p
Stofer Mary 3225p
Stoodt George 3225q
Stuff Governor 3225q
Swartz Ada 3225c
Vaughn Alfred 3225q
Vaughn Harvey 3225q
Vaughn Rachael 3225q
Vaughn William 3225q
Walker Dora 3225r
Walker Flora 3225q
Walker Lester 3225r
Walker Lucy 3225r
Walker Nora 3225q
Walker Russell 3225r
Walker Ruth 3225r
Walter Anna 3225r
Walter Leeta 3225r
Watkins Dennis 3225r
Watkins Eva 3225r
Welshous Nellie 3225r
Weltner Eustice 3225r
Weltner Felix 3225r
Weltner Reath 3225r
Weltner Ruth 3225r
White Mary 3225r
Will Hope 3225r
Will Inez 3225r
Will Phoebe 3225r
Williams Alexander 3225r
Williams Bertha 3225r
Williams Edith 3225r
Williams Joseph 3225r
Williams Mattie 3225r
Williams Reatha 3225r
Workman Rolla 3225r
Worner Archie 3225r
Yarger Paul 3225s
Young Katherine 3225s
Zeigler James 3225s
Zeigler Lucile 3225s
Zeigler Samuel 3225s
Zeigler Thomas 3225s

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, September 26, 2008


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