Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #1 - Forest Hall

Teacher's Term Report - 4/12/1872 - 6/21/1872

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
---- Charles 5439a
Andrews Elisabeth 5439b
Andrews Flora 5439b
Andrews Ida 5439b
Andrews Sylva 5439b
Andrews Teena 5439b
Andrews William 5439a
Armstrong Elisabeth 5439b
Armstrong Emily 5439b
Armstrong Jno. 5439a
Armstrong Walter 5439a
Blandford Edward 5439a
Blandford George 5439a
Blandford Lucy 5439b
Bottomley Henry 5439a
Cohiser Elisabeth 5439b
Cohiser Lewis 5439a
Cohiser Mary 5439b
Cohiser William 5439a
Fleming David 5439a
Fleming Margaret 5439b
Fleming Mary 5439b
Fredrick Calvin 5439a
Fredrick Olive 5439b
Gardner Elma 5439b
Hoover Hulda 5439b
Hoover Lincoln 5439a
Hoover Sheridan 5439a
Hoover William 5439a
McBride Mary 5439b
McBride William 5439a
McCune Alice 5439b
McCune Lewis 5439a
McCune Mason 5439a
Mowery Matilda 5439b
Riggle Anna 5439b
Riggle Charles 5439a
Riggle Charlotte 5439b
Riggle Ella 5439b
Riggle Franklin 5439a
Riggle Grant 5439a
Riggle Isabel 5439b
Riggle William 5439a
Robinson Margaret 5439b
Robinson Nancy A. 5439d
Stafford Ella 5439b
Stafford William 5439a
Steak John 5439b
Teeter Druscilla 5439c
Teeter Elisabeth 5439c
Teeter Nancy 5439c
Teeter Norman 5439b
Teeter William 5439b
Wareham Emily 5439c
Wareham George 5439b
Warner David 5439b
Warner John 5439b
Warner Mary 5439c
Warner Samuel 5439b

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5439a 5439b 5439c 5439d

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