Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #8 - South School

Enumeration of Youth - 27 May 1908

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Notes Document
Armstrong Verna d/o Flora 5848a
Bollinger Florence d/o Geo. 5848a
Bollinger Gail d/o Geo. 5848a
Clow Jennie d/o Harmon 5848a
Culp Violet home of Jno. Swadener 5848a
Dodge Bertha d/o Geo. 5848a
Ewers Cora d/o John 5848a
Ewers James s/o John 5848a
Ewers Ruth d/o John 5848a
Files Mattie d/o M. 5848a
Files Ruth d/o M. 5848a
Hamilton Margreta d/o Orange 5848b
Hamilton Ruth d/o Orange 5848b
Lantz Clarke n/a 5848b
Lantz Georgia n/a 5848b
Lantz Leah n/a 5848b
Leedy Byran s/o A.O. 5848b
Leedy George s/o A.O. 5848b
Leedy Leon s/o A.O. 5848b
Leedy Leslie s/o A.O. 5848b
Leedy Louise d/o A.O. 5848b
McDaniel Allen s/o W.R. 5848b
McDaniel Chester s/o W.R. 5848b
Paxton Chester s/o Hattie 5848b
Paxton Skiles s/o Hattie 5848b
Shaffer David s/o Frank 5848b
Shaffer John s/o Frank 5848b
Shaffer Mabel d/o B.F. 5848b
Shaffer Myrtle d/o G.L. 5848b
Shaffer Orpha d/o G.L. 5848b
Shaffer Virgel s/o G.L. 5848b
Sheckler Fred s/o Geo. 5848b
Sherrow John s/o R.J. 5848b
Sherrow Mattie d/o R.J. 5848b
Sherrow Walter s/o R.J. 5848b
Smith Roy home of E. Ewers 5848c
Smith Sabie home of Frank Black 5848c
Spriestersbach Bertha d/o Jno. 5848c
Spriestersbach Cathryn d/o Jno. 5848c
Stabler Olive d/o J.T. 5848c
Teeter Esther d/o Norman 5848c
Teeter Foye s/o Norman 5848c
Teeter Lloyd s/o Norman 5848c
Teeter Mazie d/o Norman 5848c
Weller Eura d/o A. 5848c
Weller John s/o A. 5848c
Weller Miles s/o A. 5848c
Weller Pearl d/o A. 5848c
Woodward Homer s/o D.D. 5848c
Woodward Laura d/o D.D. 5848c
Woodward Walter s/o D.D. 5848c

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