Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #8 - South School

Enumeration of Youth - No Date

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Bollinger Evelyn 5885d
Brown Arthur 5885d
Cates Floyd 5885c
Cates Hoy 5885c
Cates Lloyd 5885c
Culp Violet 5885d
Daily Hazel 5885d
Daily Ruth 5885c
Eppley Charles 5885d
Ewers Cora 5885d
Files Albert 5885c
Gaddis Evelyn 5885d
Gaddis S.A. 5885a
Hamilton Margarite 5885d
Hamilton Ruth 5885d
Holland Dwight 5885e
Holland Ralph 5885e
Kinton Dale 5885d
Lantz Clark 5885c
Lantz Georgia 5885c
Lantz Harold 5885c
Lantz Leah 5885c
Oyster Cecil 5885d
Oyster Lester 5885d
Oyster Orville 5885d
Shaffer Virgil 5885d
Smith Sabra 5885d
Spriestersbach Bertha 5885c
Spriestersbach Harry 5885c
Spriestersbach Kathryn 5885c
Strater Helen 5885d
Tidd Audra 5885c
Walker Guy 5885d
Walker Virginia 5885d
Weller Fred 5885c
Weller Grace 5885c
Weller John 5885c
Weller Lester 5885c
Weller Miles 5885c
Weller Pearl 5885c
Wilson Edna 5885d
Woodward Homer 5885c

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