Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Bellville Schools - Intermediate Dept.

Teacher's Term Report  11/21/1875 - 12/24/1875

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Alexander Harry 4002a
Alley Carrie 4002b
Armstrong Ora 4002b
Bell Gracie 4002b
Britchard Jennie 4002b
Britchard Lucy 4002b
Brown Archie 4002a
Campbell Carrie 4002b
Castator Orrin 4002a
Castator Willie 4002a
Charles Delno 4002a
Coleman Fanny 4002b
Cunningham George 4002a
Day Ruth 4002b
Donel Sammy 4002a
Dyer David 4002a
Echy Joseph 4002a
Echy Sherman 4002a
Elston Addie 4002d
Elston Blake 4002a
Eperly Willie 4002a
Faus Charlie 4002a
Faus Della 4002b
Gleason Kate 4002b
Green Mary 4002b
Gregg Dellie 4002b
Gregg Ettie 4002b
Groves Lottie 4002b
Gurney Olive 4002b
Hawley Willie 4002a
Howard Grant 4002a
Johns Hubert 4002a
Kenton Hannah 4002c
Langham Cora 4002b
Lockheart Abie 4002a
Long Florence 4002b
Long Jackson 4002a
Pisel Cora 4002b
Porter Eddie 4002a
Potts Harry 4002a
Potts Linnie 4002b
Ridenour Hattie 4002b
Ridenour Robbie 4002b
Severns Ada 4002b
Severns Willie 4002b
Shuler Ida 4002c
Smith Berta 4002b
Smith Genie 4002b
Smith May 4002b
Spain George 4002b
Stelts Cassie 4002b
Stone Eddie 4002b
Walker Nellie 4002c
Wesley Daniel 4002b
White Charlie 4002b
White Curtie 4002b
Winemiller Tillie 4002c
Wolford Latie 4002c
Zent Wilber 4002b

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, July 24, 2008


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4002a 4002b 4002c 4002d

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