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Capt. Lucius Doolittle's Journal
15 O.V.I. - Company G


Submitted by Nancy Hoelzen and Jim H.


** see also:  Lucius O. Doolittle Civil War Company Ledger (posted 2004)

Capt. Lucius Doolittle was a store clerk for Weldon and Robinson in Mansfield when he enlisted Sept. 9, 1861 in the 15th OVI Company G in Mansfield as a Private and rose in rank from Company D/G Clerk to Company G Commander before being mustered out on December 23, 1865 in San Antonio, TX. This family handed down written in lead pencil journal documents Company G's history form the perspective of one of its members from conception to serving one of the longest tours of any Army Unit during the Civil War.  The accompanying name Index lists the soldiers of the Richland County area who were wounded, captured or died during the Companies engagements as documented in the Journal. It is a rare hand written document of the units history prepared by one who was present throughout the Company's existence. It is unknown as no date exists for the document but most likely was prepared just prior to the unit mustering out in 1865.  Capt. Doolittle is our Great Grandfather.
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Burns H. Y. 3 Wounded Feb.23, 1862 (Most likely Hulbert L. Burns noted in Company Ledger)
Slanfer Jacob 3 Wounded Sept. 4, 1864, Died Oct. 19, 1864 from Wounds
Aplegate Cyrus 3 Died Mar. 27, 1863 in Hospital
Barcus Levi 3 Died July 8, 1864 in Hospital (Chattanooga)
Dobson Andrew B. 3 Captured Dec. 31, 1862, Battle of Stone River
Eyrely Jacob G. 3 Died Mar. 26, in Hospital (Nashville)
Guthier Lewis 3 Mar 14, 1864 in Hospital from Wounds
Hagerman Elza 3 Died May 16, 1862 in Hospital (St. Louis)
Haflick Philip C. 4 Died Feb. 2, 1862 in Hospital (Nashville) from Wounds
Koons John 4 Died Sept. 20, 1863 on Battlefield from Wounds (Chickamauga) 
Maner James F. 4 Died June 25, 1864 from Wounds
McConangh Edward 4 Wounded Dec. 8, 1864
Myers Charles 4 Captured Sept. 20, 1863 (Chickamauga), Blown up on Red River, Apr. 18, 1864
Newlin Richard 4 Wounded   
Nelsen E. S. 4 Captured Sept. 20, 1863 (Chickamauga) (Most likely Elmer S. Nelson noted in Company Ledger)
Polock William 4 Died May 16, 1865 in Hospital (Resaca)
Palm John H. 4 Wounded when on Picket
Patterson William B. 4 Died Oct. 25, 1862 in Hospital (Bowling Green)
Wyrick Joseph L. 7 Died Oct 11, 1863 in Hospital (Chattanooga) from Wounds
Cole John 7 Died Jun. 24, 1864 from Wounds at Kenesaw Mountain, Jun. 21 1864
Hanes Joseph F. 7 Captured Dec. 31, 1863 at Stone River

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