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Bellville Independent:  13 June 1895, Vol. 8, No. 4

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Jerry Mock is visiting friends in Indiana.

Miss Jennie Filkerson of Ashland, is visiting E.A. Planks.

Mrs. G. Etz is reported quite sick with the measles.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Maffett visited last Sunday with friends west of Mansfield.

Mr. L. Ginsberg and little daughters were in Galion the first of the week.

Mrs. L.V. Kochheiser left yesterday for a two weeks visit with friends at Barnesville, Ohio.

Pleased to learn that Benj. Walker of this place has been granted a pension together with back pay.

M.H. Barrett and wife were at Mansfield shopping last Saturday and were the guests of their son, Charles.

Miss Grace Shafer of Plymouth is visiting Alexander's.  Grace is a full fledged graduate of the schools.

Mr. Jay Sheidley visited friends and relatives at Chicago Junction over Sunday last, guest of his sister, Mrs. Dr. A.I. Lydy.

John Mock has purchased the interest of his partner, Oliver Merriott, in the meat market and is now sole proprietor of that establishment.

Mrs. Jay Shidley visited with friends at Plymouth, Ohio last week, and attended the High School commencement which took place Thursday evening.

Mrs. Henry Winterstein died at her late home, three and one-half miles west of Bellville, Monday morning, June 10th., 1895, dropsy being assigned as the cause of death.  Mrs. Winterstein was quite well advanced in years, and her life had been such as to command the profound respect of all who knew her.  The funeral took place from the residence Tuesday afternoon and was largely attended.  Interment at the Lexington Cemetery.

Master Carl Holland is quite sick at present with chicken pox and measles.

Mrs. Clara Wikadal, of Canton, Ohio, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. C.N. Ink.

Dr. Keith is just finishing a fine barn on the Shaffer property he has lately purchased.

Mr. C.N. Ink was called to Glennwood, Mich., Monday of this week on account of the serious illness of his mother who resides at that place.  Mr. Harry Ink, of Mansfield, is assisting at the store during his absence.

Hazel, the little five-year-old daughter of Mrs. Josie Kenton, died at her mother's home on Huron Street, Bellville, Ohio, Tuesday, June 11th., at 9:30 a.m.  Pneumonia was the cause of her death, and in this deep affliction the bereaved mother has the sincere sympathy of all who know her.  The funeral will occur from the home this (Thursday) afternoon at 4:00 o'clock.  Services will be conducted by Rev. C.W. Caldwell, of the Presbyterian church, assisted by Rev. C.S. Cliffe, of the Disciple Church.  Interment in the Bellville Cemetery.

Mrs. J.W. Lanehart, of Chicago, is visiting friends in town.

Miss Fannie Shafer has gone to Fredericktown to spend a week.

Messrs. F.M. Hess and Frank Vogenberger were in Mansfield last Thursday.

Mr. Richie, father of Mrs. Cliffe, was visiting the Rev. C.S. Cliffe and family last week.

Mrs. Willard Lanehart, of Chicago, is the guest of relatives and friends in this place at present.

O.H. Gurney is attending the Prohibition State convention at Springfield, Ohio this week.

Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Cockley were in Crestline Wednesday of last week attending the Cockley - Bapst wedding.

Mr. Abe Lash, a former citizen of Bellville, but for some years past located at Mansfield, was in this place Sunday.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Minsey Shafer, June 5th., a daughter.

Dr. J.P. Lowe drove over to Perrysville Tuesday.

B.O. Squires and wife, of New York, are guests of parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.O. Smith.

County Surveyor Potts has been in the vicinity of Lafayette the past week on official business.

Mrs. L.W. Severns and daughter, Louise, of Mansfield, were the guests of friends here Saturday.

Mr. J.H. Knepper, of Buckeye City, Ohio, is spending the present week with friends and relatives in this vicinity, the guest of his brother J.E. Knepper and others.

MARRIED -- Another happy couple was united in the holy bond of matrimony by Rev. C.S. Cliffe, at his home, June 9th., 1895, Mr. Harvey Bemiller and Miss Sanie Schroeder, both of Butler, O.  We offer our congratulations.

While burning some old papers last Friday, Mrs. O. Force met with quite a painful accident.  It seems that a small package of gun powder had been laid on the shelf with the papers, and on being thrown into the stove, exploded, driving the flames about her face and arms burning them severely.  Although being very painful, the wounds will probably not prove serious.

Mrs. Dr. Austin has returned from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Dr. I.W. Howard, at Mansfield.

Wm. Spayed, while at church at Lexington last Sabbath had a horse and carriage either stolen or driven away in some mysterious way unknown to him.

Frank Holmes, wife and son, took a little outing last week by driving over to Nevada, O., their former home.  Frank thinks that no country can compare with Bellville in richness of scenery, living water, variety of products and the enterprise of her people, and that THE INDEPENDENT still liveth.

Dr. S.P. Dyer has just performed a most successful and difficult operation in the removal of a fibrous cancer from the nose of Mr. Henry Fehse, of Mansfield.  Mr. Fehse called at the INDEPENDENT office Monday afternoon and expressed great satisfaction with the operation and its result.  He stated further that for a year past he had to wear glasses on account of failing eyesight, but that since the removal of the cancer he has had no occasion to use them.



BUTLER [delayed]

A.A. McNeil and Miss Stickler, of Davis, O., attended services at the M.E. church Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Lapham were at Mansfield Monday.

Messrs. B.F. Traxler, L.N. Secrist and ladies spent Saturday evening in Bellville.

Rev. W.L. Chalfant, a former pastor, is visiting in this vicinity and attending the Convention.

E.A. Plank was at Mansfield on business last Saturday.

W.S. Bender and W.M. Wilson accompanied by Miss Lillie Boling and Lettie Swearingen attended an opera at Mansfield Monday night.

Died, on Sunday at 5 p.m., Charles, little son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Bull.  He was a devoted little Christian, having become a member of the Evangelical church last winter, he was also a member of the Junior Endeavor.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Fitterer and music was furnished by the Junior Endeavorers.

J.L. Barr was at Bellville Sunday evening calling on his best girl.

Miss Maggie Hammond of Mansfield is visiting with friends here this week.

U. Smith and wife of near Bellville visited in town Sunday.

BUTLER [current]

Mrs. Albina Scott, of Mansfield, visited a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson.

Miss Essie Miller visited in Mansfield last Thursday.

Miss Jennie Fulkerson of Ashland, Ohio, is rusticating at the home of E.A. Plank.

Rev. J.H. Deeds, of Bellville, was in town Tuesday.

Miss Blanche Leedy Sundayed with her parents, south-east of town.

M.L. Mitchell was at Fredericktown and Mt. Vernon on business, Monday.

Miss Emma Hildebrand spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in town.

Messrs. L.N. Secrist, L.F. Neer and Prof. J.F. Kramer accompanied by Miss Lovetta Miller, Blanche Burger and Emma Maglott, were pleasantly entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles McGinley, near North Liberty last Sunday.

Mrs. John Miller is poorly at this writing.

Miss Reynolds and Mrs. Parker, of Bellville, called on Mrs. E.A. Plank, last Friday.


Mr. Tony Fry of Chicago, arrived Sunday morning and will remain a short time with his parents.

High School Commencement at Mansfield was largely attended by our people.  Misses Nellie Holler, Blanche Heskett, Mame Cook, Carrie Schaefer, Grace Miller and Messrs. Boyd Doty, Chas. Prosser and Geo. Maxwell were among the many.

Misses Ella Hill and Nellie George are spending the week in Mansfield.

Miss Jennie Sowers entertained a few friends in a charming manner at her pleasant home last Saturday evening.  Among those from out of town were Miss Odessa Kline, of Hayesville, Miss Winnie Blair and Mr. C. Taylor, of Fredericktown, and Arthur Lindsey of Mansfield.  


J.M. Armstrong lost a valuable mare and colt recently.

Jacob Swank transacted business in Mansfield on the 4th.

There was an adjourned case held before his honor ex-Esquire Swank June 1st. at 9:30 p.m. which he decided in the feminine gender.  The mother and little gal are both doing well.

E.W. Yarger reports his buggy somewhat wrecked by coming in collision with one driven by Andrew Spoan [sic.] on May 30th.

H.P. Cassell's visited at George Leedy's on the 8th.

George McIntire had a horse to commit suicide by hanging on the halter.

Mr. David Hagerman, of Ill., Mrs. S.A. and Nettie Swank of Bellville, Daniel Yarger, Jessie McMillin and others were pleasantly entertained at Jacob Swank's on the 9th.

Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Leedy attended Pomona Grange at Bunker Hill on the 6th.


Messrs. John Izer and Charley Swank, of Ankenytown, took dinner at Z.T. Morgan's last Sunday.

Mr. Daniel Jones, of Pictoria, attended church at Bethany Chapel, Sunday.

Mr. Will Bone. of Bunker Hill, Sundayed in this vicinity.

Mrs. Wareham and daughter Emma, took dinner with Adam Harter's on the 9th.

Mr. Otis Miller and family of Lexington, were the guests of Mrs. Kate Snider on Sunday.


Mr. Edward Stewart visited friends at Galion Saturday and Sunday.

A. Oldfield and son-in-laws have purchased a new Hubor thresher and are now ready to take orders for threshing.

Mr. Frank Tinkey and wife Sundayed with M.L. Paste.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Mowry visited friends near Petersburg Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Mary Kelso and children attended church at the Salem Lutheran and called on her mother, Mrs. Hiskey.


Marriage licenses issued to:  Robert B. Craighead and Ollie Miller;  Lewis Burghard and Bertha Foss;  Adam Miller and Esther Boney;  Harvey B. Miller and Louie N. Schroeder;  Harry E. Rice and May King;  Samuel W. Leech and Anna Smick.

Minute Docket:  Mary E. Endly was appointed administratrix of A.J. Endly, deceased.  Bond $600.  M.P. Mason was appointed administrator of the estate of William Hull, deceased.  Bond $400.  Application to admit the will of John Whitemyer, deceased, to probate.  Hearing June 19.  George W. Burghard was appointed guardian of Levi Burghard, aged 20 years.  Bond $100.  John A. Strock was appointed administrator of the estate of Allie A. Strock, deceased.  Bond $200.  Application to admit the will of Francis Seward, deceased, to probate.  Hearing June 10.  George Moorhouse was appointed executor of the will of H.C. Day, deceased.  Bond $8,000.  No appraisers.  Maria M. Shafer was appointed administratrix of the will of Chas. C. Shafer, deceased.  No bond.

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