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Bellville Independent:  27 June 1895, Vol. 8, No. 6

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Mrs. J.M. Caldwell, of Mansfield, is visiting Jacob Patman's.

J.J. Fisher raised the frame for a large new barn Wednesday.

Sorry to learn of the severe illness of Bro. J.A. Price, of the MESSENGER.

Miss Myrtle Eller, of Chicago Junction, is the guest of W.N. Holland and family.

Mr. Lawn Wineland, of Mt. Vernon, was the guest of J.A. Hamilton over Sunday.

Miss Kate Schuler left on Tuesday to attend the Prohibition Convention at Springfield.

Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Lee are absent at present on a visit with friends at Sandusky, Ohio.  Their daughter, Miss Sophia, is spending the summer with friends at Boston, Mass.

Jos. Walters met with a runaway accident Tuesday while driving the huckster wagon, from which he escaped without serious injury.  The wagon was pretty badly broken and the goods it contained were scattered along the road for quite a distance.

Eli Mowry is sick at present with measles.

Mrs. J.D. Colwell of Mansfield, is visiting Jacob Patman's.

Mrs. Shup of Butler, visited with her brother J. Maglott, Thursday and Friday.

Mrs. J.E. Simpson, son and daughter, left Tuesday for a few days visit at Johnstown, O.

Mrs. W.H. Batterson of Chicago, arrived Monday for a visit with friends and relatives in this place.

Mrs. John Gatton, residing on Markey Street, has sent us a couple of this season's tomatoes of her own growing -- the first we have seen.

Mr. Clarence McDaniel, of Fredericktown, was in Bellville last Friday, guest of his brother, Mr. W.L. McDaniel.

Mrs. Dr. A.H. McCrory and children, of Bucyrus, O., are with friends in town at present, guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Koerber, on Markey Street.

Miss Libby Walker is reported dangerously ill at present with but little hope of recovery.  Friends will regret to learn of her serious condition.

Mr. G. Ruby Keller, of Salt Lake City, Utah, is in Bellville at present on an extended visit.  He expects to live here the greater part of the summer.  Mr. Kelly left for the West some eight years ago and this is his first visit home.

The Republican County Convention held at Mansfield last Friday was a most enthusiastic one, and the result was the nomination of a splendid ticket, as follows:  Representative, David Leiter of Monroe Twp.;  Auditor, Harry A. Stone of Mansfield;  Commissioner, C.A. Lafferty of Bellville;  Sheriff, Jerry Needham of Lexington;  Treasurer, Geo. Drennan of Plymouth;  Infirmary Director, Robt. Case of Mansfield;  Coroner, Dr. Grubaugh of Mansfield.  The convention which was largely attended, was presided over by Congressman-elect W.S. Kerr;  assisted by H.E. Gibson, vice-president, of Bellville.  W.H. Gurney, also a former Bellville citizen, officiated as secretary, giving this portion of the county a very fair representation in the convention.  Senator Sherman was present and spoke briefly upon matters of special interest.  The convention was largely attended from this portion of the county, the following gentlemen going as delegates from Jefferson Township:  C.A. Lafferty, D.W. Wilson, Jno. Beal, Elroy Rineholt, Elias Swank, Geo. Divelbiss, H.E. Gibson, Wm. Weagley, A.H. Brown, F.C. Shafer.  Philip McKinney was present and served for I.N. Swartz, who had been regularly chosen;  and M. Sharp was chosen to fill the vacancy in the delegation occasioned by the resignation of C.A. Laferty, who received the nomination for commissioner at the hands of the convention.

Sam Anderson, wife and daughter, drove to Mansfield, Tuesday.

Mr. A.L. Walker is absent this week on business.

Mrs. Jacob Shafer and Miss Nellie McKinley spent part of last week with friends in Fredericktown.


Matthew Poorman is quite poorly at this writing with rheumatism.

Clint Poorman is recovering from his injuries sustained in the runaway.

J. Homer Darling and family of Davis P.O. visited F.B. Henry's Saturday and Sunday.

R.R. Burlin and wife, Andrew Sealey and wife, were at Mansfield Saturday.

Walter Ruhl attended the picnic at Butler Saturday.

Miss Nina Dean closed her school at Clay Hill Friday.  A general good time was had by all.  Miss Dean has taught a splendid term of school giving splendid satisfaction.

Wm. Hines and Geo. W. Simons were at Marion Saturday.


Mrs. Ina Aungst will close her school at Center Grove on the 28.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Stickler, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Davis, of Davis, and Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Stickler, were guests at J.L. Swank's, the 16th. 

G.W. Divilbiss and E.L. Swank attended the Republican convention as delegates at Mansfield on the 29th.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Mock of Bellville, and J.W. Long and wife, of Butler, visited at J.L. Swank's on the 23rd.

Mr. David Ross, of Jelloway, called on his best girl on the 23rd.

Mr. H.S. Garber and Miss Sylvia Swank, E.W. Yarger and Nettie Grubb, Jessie Yarger and Kate Span, J.A. Bierly and Elma Leedy, and several other couples drove to Roger's Lake on the 22nd. and enjoyed themselves boat riding, eating big dinners and having a good time in general.

A.B. Leedy buried Old Prince, a faithful horse, one day last week, that has been in his possession for 28 years.

Mr. C.A. Beal has been hired to teach the Center Grove school again next winter.

Mr. J.G. Phiel is home on a two weeks vacation from the Berea schools.

H.M. McCuen and family were guests at Lew Myers on the 23rd.

Miss Annie Swank has been dangerously ill during the past week, but is some better at present.

Bert Swank was called home by telegram on the 23rd. on account of the serious illness of his sister.


Four members of the household of Daniel Riggle have been down with the measles.

Mr. Marlott, the gentleman living on H. Patman's farm, has been under the weather.

Levi Stelts is mourning the loss of his corn crop, planted on H. Patman's farm.  A stray flock of about one hundred sheep made short work of it, besides doing damage to other crops on the place.

Mrs. Mary Walker is slowly recovering from a siege of typhoid fever.

Six members of John Robinson's family are having the measles.

Mrs. Russell Slick is taking treatment from Dr. Jennie I. Keith.

Willis Jones has returned to work at H. Alexander's after a wrestle with typhoid fever.

Grandma Bixler has returned home after a short visit with friends on the Ridge.

E.D. Walker has the contract of supplying the stone for Dr. Keith's cistern.


Carter's School closed June 21 with a picnic.  Reading by Misses Myrtle Gibson, Mary Patterson, Edith Sunnuck, and Messrs. Ikey Coe and Harry Dussel.   Speaking by Lenie Dickson, Arthur Chambers, Lee Logan, Clarence Sunnuck, Roy Dickson, Ralph Dickson, Myrtle Gibson, Bessie Logan, Edith Sunnuck, Ikey Coe, Artie Lehman, Ethel Lehman, Louia Hainer and Kathe Trush.

Miss Kate Trush returned home from Mansfield, Thursday.

Miss Anna Lets, is working this summer for Mrs. Nellie Dickson.

Miss Ella Raesberry was the guest of Miss Edith Sunnuck Sunday.

Miss Maude Masher of Mansfield was the guest of Mrs. Annie Lairmer on Friday and Saturday.


Marriage licenses issued

  • Walter Cromer and Rose H. Wolfarth
  • Richard A. Beard and Hattie Hamilton
  • Ira W. Gallagher and Cora A. Boyd
  • Jacob Suter and Frano Bollenger.

Minute Docket

  • The will of John Whittemyer, deceased, was probated.  Jacob Shambaugh of Perrysville was appointed executor without bond.
  • James E. Patterson was appointed administrator of the estate of Lane Patterson, deceased.  Bond $1,000.
  • Ida Burggraf was appointed administratrix of the estate of Catherine Markley, deceased.  Bond $1,700.  
  • Julia Kolb was appointed guardian of Jacob W. Markley, aged 20 years, Stilling Markley, aged 18 years, and Harmon Markley, aged 16 years, minor children of Henry and Catherine Markley, deceased.  Bond $1,600.
  • David Craighead was appointed administrator of the estate of Susan Brooks, deceased.  Bond $5,000.
  • Application was made to probate the will of Andrew J. Mack, deceased.

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