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List Of Prisoners Brought to the Ohio State Reformatory at Mansfield from the Ohio Penitentiary at Columbus:  October 1-15, 1896

Source:  RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER (Mansfield, Richland Co., Ohio):  05 September 1896, Vol. LXXIX, No. 17 

The lists of prisoners, who will be transferred from the Ohio Penitentiary, has been furnished at last.  There are 150 of them and the transfer will be made between the 1st. and the 15th. of next month.  The prisoners have been measured at Columbus by the Bertillon system.  It is said that while a large number of the prisoners are first-termers, yet a number of them are old timers, and the authorities at the Reformatory will find that they are not exactly a bevy of Sunday School workers and were not there for a reward for good behavior.  The complete list is as follows:

Name Term Sentence County
- - - -
Jessie Waltner 3 years assault to rape Putnam
Charles Roberts 15 years assault to rape Cuyahoga
William Spitler 9 years robbery Wayne
William Woodhouse 5 years burglary / grand larceny Licking
Michael McNally 4 years burglary / larceny Montgomery
Thomas Rourke 5 years burglary Carroll
Homer Lyons 2 years horse stealing / grand larceny Hamilton
Edward Bennett 3 years manslaughter Erie
William Maxwell 3 years highway robbery Richland
Richard Coulter 7 years grand larceny Shelby
Cameron Smith 3 years larceny Belmont
Lafayette Helms 5 years burglary / larceny Belmont
Austin Metcalf 3 years assault to rape Holmes
Charles Hart 3 years horse stealing Ashtabula
Harry Doyle 5 years burglary / larceny Lawrence
Thomas Mallloy 5 years shooting to wound Perry
Wickder Matille 3 years pocket picking Ashtabula
Cadge Jackson 3 years shooting Hamilton
Frank Ingraham 3 years having intercourse w/ female pupil Lorain
Thomas Donovan 4 years burglary / larceny Licking
Andrew G. Ruby 3 years incest Mahoning 
Joseph Richardson 5 years grand larceny Athens
James Merrick 2 years  burglary / larceny Cuyahoga
Thos. Fitzsimmons 5 years burglary / larceny Wood
John D. William 2 years larceny Lucas
Edward Scott 2 years robbery Hamilton
Frank Jones 2 years robbery Hamilton
Benjamin Wilson 5 years assault to rob Hamilton
James Buckley 5 years grand larceny Tuscarawas
William Kelley 4 years burglary / larceny Highland
Martin Sweeney 2 years burglary Hamilton
Frank Carroll 2 years burglary / larceny Lucas
William Cartwright 3 years pocking picking Lucas
John Newton 3 years burglary / larceny Franklin
Edward Miles 2 years burglary / larceny Lorain
Alfred Wesley  3 years shooting Hamilton
James Ferrell 2 years horse stealing Wood
George Brinkerhoff 4 years shooting to wound Wood
John Harmon 2 years burglary / larceny Pickaway
William Harmon 2 years burglary / larceny Pickaway
Carlos Morton 18 months burglary / larceny Scioto
Alfred Knox 18 months grand larceny Franklin
Conrad Dorn 18 months burglary / larceny Scioto
Joseph Gaffney 18 months robbery Mahoning
William Taylor 2 years burglary / larceny Butler
James Gooden 2 years cutting to wound Hamilton
James Clark 2 years bigamy Jackson
George Able 3 years assault to rob Cuyahoga
Joseph Kinkowski 4 years burglary / larceny Cuyahoga
Harris Lewis 18 months pocket picking Franklin
Sam Tracy 18 months pocket picking Franklin
C.H. Weaver 2 years burglary Wyandot
James Foniff 2 years burglary / larceny Logan
Lloyd Moore 3 years burglary / larceny Van Wert
Luther Boyd 2 years pocket picking Belmont
Walter Davis 2 years burglary / larceny Highland
George Crenshaw 2 years burglary Hamilton
William Hill 3 years grand larceny Hamilton
Abraham Ratcliff 2 years burglary Lawrence
Peter Boylan n/g robbery Franklin
Charles Newall 2 years assault to rape Muskingum
Melvin Nichols 18 months shooting Clinton
Charles Franklin 1 year forgery Franklin
Emanuel Dugan 3 years burglary Coshocton
James Ryan 4 years grand larceny Erie
Edward Bell 15 months n/g Defiance
Lorenzo DeWitt 18 months grand larceny Defiance
Solomon Knight 2 years burglary Champaign
Jos. Landwehr 4 years larceny Lake
Frank Shellbaker 15 months burglary / larceny Fulton
Edward O'Malley 2 years robbery Cuyahoga
John Patterson 18 months larceny Jefferson
Charles James 3 years cutting Gallia
James Smith 18 months burglary / larceny Henry
David Shearer 2 years burglary / larceny Paulding
Elmer Kinnear 1 year concealing stolen horse Union
Frank Stokes 2 years grand larceny Portage
Frank Washington 5 year robbery Clark
George Smith 2 years pocket picking Hardin
Dennis Jones 1 year burglary / larceny Lucas
William H. Peart 13 months bigamy Summit
Ord E. Boley 2 years horse stealing Holmes
Nathaniel Johnson 2 years burglary Hamilton
Daniel Applegate 3 years forgery Ottawa
Gus Woodruff 2 years stabbing to wound Shelby
Howard E. Davis 1 year forgery Ashtabula
Thomas Swank 1 year larceny Ashtabula
John Reimer 1 year grand larceny Drake
James Cotty 15 months burglary Adams
Charles Ramsey 2 years larceny Brown
Rollin Brant 3 years burglary / larceny Medina
Ephraim Brant 3 years burglary / larceny Medina
Martin McDermott 3 years assault to kill Butler
Robert Harding 3 years burglary Fulton
John Morgan 3 years burglary / larceny Franklin
George Frush 18 months cutting to wound Stark
John Nash 1 year burglary Harrison
Coe Akin 1 year burglary / larceny Harrison
James Poorman 3 years burglary / larceny Van Wert
Charles Leonard 2 years Malicious destruction of property Stark
Jacob Mack 1 year assault to kill Cuyahoga
William Masterson 3 years robbery Cuyahoga
Sherman Hartley 3 years perjury Jackson
Frank Wagner 18 months grand larceny Lucas
James Anderson 3 years burglary / larceny Perry
Charles Blakeslee 2 years grand larceny Montgomery
William Perkins 1 year burglary / larceny Montgomery
Thomas Edwards 2 years grand larceny Montgomery
Meredith Stanley 2 years grand larceny Montgomery
James Murray 1 year grand larceny Miami
A.C. Curtin 1 year grand larceny Cuyahoga
Thomas Deyson 1 year burglary Marion
William Blair 2 years forgery Highland
James Bart-- 1 year entering dwelling house Gallia
Austin Pierce 18 months burglary Gallia
George W. Sanborn 18 months burglary Gallia
Willoughby O'Wohigamuth 2 years forgery Hancock
Frank Monahan 3 years pocket picking Cuyahoga
Jas. Taylor 18 months burglary Hamilton
William O'Connors 15 months obtaining money under false pretenses Henry
William Miller 2 years burglary Paulding
John Doe 1 year being a tramp Richland
James Stewart 2 years  assault to kill Belmont
Carl Strader 1 year attempted burglary Darke
Linsey Tisdale 1 year horse stealing Fairfield
Marion Gillmore 18 months shooting Lawrence
George Johnson 18 months robbery Franklin
Cherles Oleson 1 year concealing stolen property Williams
John McCormick 1 year concealing stolen property Williams
Charles Peebe 4 years assault to rob Fulton
Clifford Snyder 1 year burglary / larceny Darke
Harry Bartlett 1 year burglary Knox
John Anderson 1 year pocket picking Cuyahoga
Frank Moore 1 year burglary Franklin
Mike Kinney 1 year burglary / larceny Lucas
F. Miller 2 years assault to rob Cuyahoga
Cornelius McCormick 1 year burglary Erie
Elmer Simmons 1 year burglary / larceny Montgomery
Frank Hoover 1 year burglary / larceny Darke
Frederick Bierbold 1 year burglary / larceny Clermont
Henry Manning 18 months shooting to wound Cuyahoga
Clarence Anthony 1 year grand larceny Darke
Charles Wilson 1 year burglary / larceny Hamilton
George C. Wildon 2 years embezzlement Cuyahoga
Benjamin Riley 2 years horse stealing Fayette

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