Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #8 - South School

Enumeration of Youth - 14 June 1909

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Armstrong Verna








Bollinger Florence
Bollinger Gale
Culp Violet
Ewers Corra
Ewers Emma
Ewers James
Ewers Ruth
Fites Albert
Hamilton Margareta
Hamilton Ruth
Holland Dwite
Holland Ralph
Lantz Clark
Lantz George
Lantz Leas
Leedy Bryan
Leedy George
Leedy Leon
Leedy Lestie
Leedy Luise
Lotz Andrew
McDaniel Alen
McDaniel Chester
Paxton Chester
Paxton Skiles
Sell Fred
Shafer Dave
Shafer John
Shafer Mable
Shafer Myrtle
Shafer Virgle
Sherrow Walter
Smith Saby
Sperrow John
Sperrow Matty
Spriestersbaugh Bertha
Spriestersbaugh Catherine
Spriestersbaugh John
Teeter Easter
Teeter Foy
Teeter Loid
Teeter Mazie
Weller Eura
Weller John
Weller Miles
Weller Pearl
Wilson Edna
Wilson Florance
Wilson Mertle
Wilson Nellie
Woodward Homer
Woodward Walter
Wright Edna

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