Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Township School, No. 13

Enumeration of Youth, 19 October 1846

source:  D.W. Garber Files

Name of parents

name of children

James Walker

Benjamin Walker

Mary Ann Walker

Daniel Walker

Justus Frary

Franklin Frary

Albert Frary

Elisa Frary

Thomas Frary

John Lefever

Rebecca Lefever

Rachel Lefever

Samuel Lefever

James Lefever

Isabella Lefever

Margarette Lefever

Charity Lefever

Thomas Durbin

Eli Durbin

Myra Durbin

Levi Durbin

Sanepta Durbin

Columbs Durbin

Levina Durbin

Margaret Everts

John Markey

Emely J. Markey

Nancy Markey

Samuel Markey

Levina Markey

Jackson Markey

Lorana Markey

John Lash

Samuel McIntyre

W. T. Meriam

George Meriam

Alvera Meriam

Amanda Cowin

William Colley

Isaac Colley

Sarah Colley

G. S. Hull

Caroline Hull

Mary Hull

Amanda Hull

G. W. Hull

O. H. P. Hull

Fanny Hull

Samuel Andrews

Janette Andrews

Jefferson Andrews

George Scott

Calphurnia Andrews

Joseph Riddle

Mary E. Riddle

David Ausberry

Jacob Plank

Susannah Plank

Wm. Spayde

John Spayde

Elisabeth Spayde

Daniel Spayde

Margaret Divilbliss

Jacob Bender

J. S. Bender

Harriet Bender

Robert H. Bender

Susan J. Bender

Adaline Bender

Mary A. Bender

F. M. Fitting

Mary Fitt  ing (sic)

Jane Fitting

Mary A. Wolfkill

J.  H. Whitnah

Joseph Whitnah

Elisha Everts [Evarts]

Sarah Howard

D. Phelps

--ana Phelps, male

Jane Phelps

Caspar Phelps

Anna Phelps

David Phelps

I certify the above to be a correct list of the youth between the age of four and twenty one years of age in District No. 13, in Jefferson Township, Richland County, Ohio as taken by me according to the best of my ability this 19th day, of October 1846   -- D. N. Phelps District Clerk

Transcribed by Kathy S. (7/2010)

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