Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Township School No. 13

Enumeration of Youth, 1848

source:  D.W. Garber Files

Of Jefferson Township, Richland County, Ohio.  Numeration was taken by D. Phelps, between the 1st  and 20th of Oct 1848 of the youth between the age of four and twenty one years of age.

John Markey  (children: Samuel Markey, Jackson Markey, Levina Markey, Lorana Markey)

Joseph H. Whitmah  (children: Elisha Everbs, Sarah Howard)

Thomas Durbin , Heirs (children: Levi Durbin, Columbus Durbin, Myra A. Durbin, Serepta Durbin, Lucinda Durbin)

Henry Airhart (children: David Airhart, James Airhart, Lyman Airhart, Amos Airhart, Mary Ann Airhart)

Wm. T. Merriam (children: George Merriam, Alvira Merriam, Hellen Merriam)

G. S. Hull (children: Washington Hull, Perry Hull, Amanda Hull, Nancy Hull)

Wm. Colly (children: Isaac Colly, Sarah Colly, Samantha Colly)

Jacob Colly (children: Nathaniel Colly, Columbus Colly, Lytitia Colly)

Samuel children:  Aungst (Sasakaun Aungst)

Jerry Gaddis (children: William Gaddis, Wright Gaddis, Moses Gaddis, Mary Jane Gaddis, Betsey Gaddis, Catyann Gaddis)

Joseph Riddle (children: David Asberry, Mary Emely Riddle)

John Lush (children: Willson Seners)

George Flora (children: Francis Marion flora, Annetta Flora)

F. M. Fitting (children: Mary Dawsey, Mary Fitting, Jane Fitting)

D. N. Phelps (children: Adna Phelps, Casper Phelps, David Phelps, Jane Phelps, Anna Phelps, Nancy Phelps)

John Lefever (children: Rachel Lefever, Isabel Lefever, Margaret Lefever, Charity Lefever, Samuel Lefever, James Lefever)

Lemuel Lamon (children: Sarah Lamon)

This enumeration was taken by D. W. Phelps

Transcribed by Becky (7/2010)

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