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Band in Weller Twp.

source:  George Lane of Silver Spring, MD

I found this picture in my parent's album of family pictures.  I think it is of historical interest and it will be lost once I die. My maternal grandfather, William Jasper Derr, was born in Weller, Richland, Ohio on Oct. 20, 1872 to Joseph W. and Melissa (Guthrie) Derr.  He was a well-known music instructor in Toledo OH later in life with his banjo, mandolin and guitar bands. In this picture he appears to be a member of a military (?) marching band.  I would guess the picture is from about 1890 and is probably in Weller OH. William Derr is on the far left in the 2nd row of musicians.

Other pictures of his life can be found in my Flickr album:

If anyone can identify this band, I would appreciate having more information about the photograph.

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Monday, July 07, 2014