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Samuel Uhlich, 1892

source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  28 May 1892

Saturday.  The will of the late Samuel Uhlich was presented for probate in Probate Court this morning.  The gossips in the city had circulated the report that the deceased had bequeathed the major portion of his estate to the various benevolent societies of the city and his favorite churches.  This is a mistake, as he makes the following bequeaths in his will of Feb. 6th., 1892:  To ed. McKinney, of Ft. Wayne, Ind., $500;  to Miss Charlotte Cairns, of this city, $1000;  to Myrtle Uhlich, daughter of Henry Uhlich lot 1,480 and the east half of lots 1,479 and 1,481, city, or $2,000 in lieu of the property;  to Fred. Uhlich, son of Henry, lot 1,818, city, or $3,000 in lieu of it;  to his partners in the Crestline Electric Light Works, his one third interest;  he appoints Hudson Uhlich and I.S. Donnell executors and trustees of his estate and directs that they provide for his mother and give to Henry Uhlich one-third of the estate and after paying the trustees for their services the residue shall to to Hudson Uhlich.  After his mother's death, lot 2,062, city, shall go to Henry Uhlich's heirs and the remainder of the estate, if any, shall go to Hudson.

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