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Bunker Hill Cemetery P

Alternate Names:  ----

Township:  Worthington Twp.

Latitude:  40.5935

Longitude:  -82.3729

Elevation:  ----

(these coordinates are accurate to within 29 feet)

Location Description:  State Rte. 97 and Co. Rd. 108 (Bunker Hill Rd.) next to Bunker Hill Baptist Church.

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This alphabetical listing of burials was provided by Jean with additional information added by the CC and other researchers, as noted.

This alphabetical list of names occurring at Bunker Hill Cemetery was made from the cemetery transcription done by Joe and Shirley Thompson in 1999.  Although it is intended to be accurate, there are certainly omissions and errors within it.  Assumptions were sometimes made about surnames, and stones bearing single given names or names which could no longer be deciphered were omitted.  When two or more names were listed for a single stone or space, they were listed together--and assumed to be related or associated.  A separate entry was made for each additional name, with reference to the first name listed  e.g. Doe, Jane & John.  Doe, John (see Jane Doe).  A few names are from markers for which burial had not yet occurred--probably of relatives whose intended burial would be made in that place in the future.  

Adams, Pearl Marie
Adkins, Alma J. & Otis
Adkins, Otis (see Alma Adkins)
Agin, Doris & Fred
Agin, Fred (see Doris Agin)
Agin, Glen A
Agin, Robert L.
Alexander, Helen Moree
Aley, Harry
Allen, Kathleen W.
Andrews, Sahaha Trease
Archibald, Anne
Arnett, A O Stanley
Arnett, Mary (see Sam Arnett)
Arnett, Sam P & Mary
Arnod, "Shorty" Dickerson
Arthur, Ray Hill Jr.
Arthur, Ray Sr. & Ruby E.
Arthur, Ruby E. (see Ray Arthur)
Atherton, F. Evelyn
Atherton, Mabel Ann
Atherton, Marilyn
Atherton, Rufus N.
Barnett, Ford Sr. (see Mabel Barnett)
Barnett, Mabel & Ford Sr.
Barton, Carson C.
Barton, Carson C.  (see Ruby Barton)
Barton, R "Steve"
Barton, Ruby G. & Carson C.
Baum, Mary E. & William I.
Baum, William I. (see Mary Baum)
Baun, Agnes Crower
Baun, Edward
Bechtel, Mary M. Davis
Becker, Annie C. (see Otto Becker)
Becker, Otto & Annie C.
Bell, Elizabeth
Bell, Ellsworth
Bell, Hamilton
Bell, Nancy
Bell, Robert W.
Bell, Roseann
Bell, S. A.
Bemiller, Alberta & Emerson
Bemiller, Arline A. (see Ora Bemiller
Bemiller, Brice B. (see Pauline Bemiller)
Bemiller, Carl W.
Bemiller, Clara J. & Loe A.
Bemiller, Clara M. & Simon
Bemiller, Cora (see Samuel Bemiller)
Bemiller, Daniel
Bemiller, Daniel J. - b. 4/14/1881;  d. 11/10/1944  [Memorial booklet on file at Butler / Clear Fork Historical Museum]
Bemiller, Duane
Bemiller, Effie L.
Bemiller, Elizabeth
Bemiller, Elizabeth
Bemiller, Emerson (see Alberta Bemiller)
Bemiller, Goldia A.
Bemiller, Harvey
Bemiller, Loe A. (see Clara Bemiller)
Bemiller, Louie N.
Bemiller, Louisa
Bemiller, Mary
Bemiller, Nina
Bemiller, Ora J. & Arline A.
Bemiller, Pauline T. & Brice B.
Bemiller, Rebecca & George
Bemiller, Reuben << Obituary >>
Bemiller, Rollie R.
Bemiller, Samuel & Cora
Bemiller, Simon (see Clara Bemiller)
Bemiller, Sophia
Bemiller, Valentine
Bemiller, William
Benner, Ellis E. (see Ethel Benner)
Benner, Ethel D. & Ellis E.
Berry, Eudora E. & Henry L.
Berry, Henry L. (see Eudora Berry)
Berry, Lorena E. V.
Beveridge, Albert J.
Beveridge, Catherine J.
Bieri, Alexander
Bieri, Donald W. (see Phyllis Bieri)
Bieri, Phyllis A. & Donald W.
Black, Anna K. & Taylor E.
Black, Dale D.
Black, Edna L.
Black, Harley M. & Nina G.
Black, L. Leroy & Lois E.
Black, Lois E. (see L. Leroy Black)
Black, Nina G. (see Harley Black)
Black, Robert Richard
Black, Sue A.
Black, Taylor E. (see Anna Black)
Blackwell, Bert A. (see Rachel Blackwell)
Blackwell, Rachel E. & Bert A.
Blair, Hazel & Russell G.
Blair, Russell G.  (see Hazel Blair)
Bone, John F.
Bowman, Belle (see Wesley Bowman)
Bowman, Clyde & Marian Leedy
Bowman, Don Hugh (see Grace Bowman)
Bowman, George F.
Bowman, Gerald L. (see Wilma Bowman)
Bowman, Gladys
Bowman, Grace L. & Don Hugh
Bowman, Gwen G. (see Richard Bowman)
Bowman, Hoy L. (see Mabel Bowman)
Bowman, Mabel & Hoy L.
Bowman, Marian Leedy (see Clyde Bowman)
Bowman, Merrill E.
Bowman, Myrtle
Bowman, Richard D. & Gwen G.
Bowman, W. Scott
Bowman, Wesley & Belle
Bowman, Wilma A. & Gerald L.
Bradford, Ethel B.
Bradford, John C.
Brogan, Eula G.
Brogan, Robert M.
Browkaw, ER?
Brown, Ann
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Jane
Brown, John
Brown, Robert
Brown, Sarah
Bumpus, Eureta Belle & Florence Mae & James F.
Bumpus, Florence Mae (see Eureta Bumpus)
Bumpus, James F. (see Eureta Bumpus)
Bunn, Cecil A.
Butler, Mary A.
Butterbaugh, Joseph V.
Butterbaugh, Viola M.
Butterbuagh, Clara A
Butterbuagh, Ira Lee
Cahloon, Homer H. (see M. Pearl Cahloon)
Cahloon, M. Pearl & Homer H.
Campbell, Sahah E.
Carpenter, Leander O. & C. Alice
Casey, Lillian
Cates, Catharine
Cates, Charles (see Covert Cates)
Cates, Covert & Charles & Susie & Roy R.
Cates, David
Cates, Elizabeth
Cates, Hazel D.  (1894-1921)  d/o Philip & Ruth A.
Cates, Jessie E.  d. 2/12/1875;  1Y, 5M, 17d
Cates, John  (1864-1938)
Cates, John  (1839-1915)
Cates, Louetta (w/o John Cates)  (1869-1923)
Cates, Philip h/o Ruth A. (1871-1953)
Cates, Roy R. (see Covert Cates) (1885-19--)
Cates, Ruth A. (w/o Philip Cates)  (1868-1920)
Cates, Susie Covert (see Covert Cates)  (1875-1956)  w/o Charles
Cates, Waitee (w/o John Cates)
Cates, William
Charles, Glenn W.
Charles, Ruth A.
Childers, Eva F. & William C.
Childers, William C. (see Eva Childers)
Clark, Donnie Lee (see Edith Clark)
Clark, Edith L. & Donnie Lee & Harry N.
Clark, Harry N. (see Edith Clark)
Clinker, Elias A. (see Minnie Clinker)
Clinker, Louisa S. & Viola
Clinker, Minnie B. & Elias A.
Clinker, Viola (see Louisa Clinker)
Cochrane, Carolyn
Coffey, Margie Remy
Cole, Carl C. (see Ethel Cole)
Cole, Ester & Floyd E.
Cole, Ethel L. & Carl C.
Cole, Floyd E. (see Ester Cole)
Cooley, Thomas L.
Corrigan, E. Josephine & Joseph C.
Corrigan, Joseph C. (see Josephine Corrigan)
Cory, Steven Pahl
Cotsenmoyer, George W. (1861-1929)
Cotsenmoyer, Mary C. Freehafer (w/o George Cotsenmoyer)  (1862-1898)
Cotsenmoyer, William E.  (1893-1895)  s/o George W. & Mary C.F.
Covert, Susie -- b. 9/16/1875 at Richland Co.;  d. 5/17/1956 at Butler;  w/o Roy  [MNJ 5/18/1956]
Crider, Bessie
Cristallo, Anna Russo
Crouse, Harry & Vernadine
Crouse, Vernadine (see Harry Crouse)
Crowner, Ara N.
Crowner, Charles J.
Crowner, James & Sarah J. Severns
Crowner, Sarah J. Severns (see James Crowner)
Crowner, Simeon E.
Cunningham, Alonzo
Cunningham, Isabella
Cunningham, Margaret J.
Cunningham, Nancy Jane
Dane, Baby
Darling, Gladys E. & Nora C. & Otto F.
Darling, Nora C. (see Gladys Darling)
Darling, Otto F. (see Gladys Darling)
Darr, Glenn M.
Darr, Larry Dean
Darr, Mildred L.
Davey, Bruige A.
Davis, Abner
Davis, Ada M. & Willard O.
Davis, Catherine E. & John W.
Davis, Charles E. (see Daisy Davis)
Davis, Clifford S.
Davis, Daisy D. & Charles E.
Davis, Delbert W.
Davis, Doris C. & Orville O. Davis
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Florence I. & Glenn H.
Davis, Glenn H. (see Florence Davis)
Davis, Helen M.
Davis, Ida C. (see Reuben Davis)
Davis, Ida May -- 66Y; Butler resident;  Died at People's Hosp. (Mansfield); w/o Clifford  [MNJ 7/31/1958]
Davis, Irene McDonald (see Randy Davis)
Davis, John Richard (see Randy Davis)
Davis, John W. (see Catherine Davis)
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary Mabel
Davis, Orville O. (see Doris C. Davis)
Davis, Randy Mark & Irene McDonald & John Richard
Davis, Reuben A. (d. 9/29/1896 near Davis, suicide)  [Semi-Weekly News:  02 October 1896, Vol. 12, No. 80]
Davis, Ida C.
Deck, I Bernice
Dedehayir, Barbara A. Reed MD
Derrow, Clarence E. (1884-1951)
Derrow, Luta J. Freehafer (w/o Clarence E. Derrow)  (1887-1933)
Dill, Caleb B. (see Julia Dill)
Dill, Julia A. & Caleb B. Dill
Donaugh, Dane D. (see Madonna Donaugh)
Donaugh, Delsce E.
Donaugh, Madonna & Dane D.
Douse, Catherine Reed
Dunham, E. Ann
Dunham, Jame E. "Jake"
Dunn, Lloyd L. & Minnie L.
Dunn, Minnie L. (see Lloyd Dunn)
Dunn, Pauline E. (see Ray Dunn)
Dunn, Ray R. & Pauline E.
Dye, Chris C.
Dye, Everett H. - d. 7/24/1954 at home (near Butler);  born at Sword's Creek, VA   [source:  MNJ 7/25/1954]
Dysert, Arden L. (see Judy Dysert)
Dysert, Judy & Arden L.
Egbert, Edith B.
Elsworth, Leroy
Ernsberger, Donald D.
Farst, Alice Mae Kunkel  w/o Norman A.  -- b. 6/14/1881;  d. 11/4/1949  [source:  Memorial booklet on file at Butler / Clear Fork Historical Museum]
Farst, Evelyn O. Kinton (w/o Ralph E. Farst)  (1889-1921)
Farst, Florence w/o Harry A.  (1881-1946)
Farst, Harry A. (h/o Florence Farst)  (1876-1945)
Farst, Luthera I.  (1868-1947)
Farst, Marian & Paul
Farst, Norman A. (h/o Alice Farst)  (1877-1936)
Farst, Paul (see Marian Farst)
Farst, Ralph E. (h/o Evelyn O. Kinton)   (1887-1928)
Farst, Richard J.  (1915-1918)
Fike, Effie J. w/o Frank H.  (1875-1940)
Fike, Frank H. (h/o Effie J. Fike)  (1869-1950)
Fike, Lydia  (d. 7/30/1905;  77Y, 8M, 13D)
Fike, Mary Jane Bell w/o Reuben  (d. 11/7/1909;  81Y, 15D)
Fike, Reuben (h/o Mary Jane Fike)  (d. 1/10/1897;  74Y, 19D)
Filloon, Alpheuse
Flack, John
Flack, John R.
Flack, Robert
Flannrty?, Marcy J.
Fletcher, Archabald
Fletcher, Edward
Fletcher, Eve A.
Fletcher, Robert
Forbes, Alonzo
Forbes, Barbara J. (see Richard Forbes)
Forbes, Calvin
Forbes, Clarence L. & Gladys E.
Forbes, Ethel M. & Wade E.
Forbes, Etta (see Samuel Forbes)
Forbes, Faunda June
Forbes, Gladys E. (see Clarence L. Forbes)
Forbes, Harry George
Forbes, Hattie
Forbes, Herschel D. & Stella
Forbes, Richard L. & Barbara J.
Forbes, Samuel & Etta
Forbes, Sarah Jane
Forbes, Stella (see Hershel Forbes)
Forbes, Wade E. (see Ethel Forbes)
Forbes, William McComb
Forbes, Wilson M.
Fraley, Josephine & Norma Jean Fraley
Fraley, Norma Jean (see Josephine Fraley)
Frazier, Anna M & Elmer S. & Berlin R. & Cecil W.
Frazier, Berlin R. (see Anna Frazier)
Frazier, Cecil W. (see Anna Frazier)
Frazier, Eileen M. (see Raymond Frazier)
Frazier, Elmer S. (see Anna Frazier)
Frazier, Raymond L. & Eileen M.
Freed, Glenn R. & Martha
Freed, Martha (see Glenn Freed)
Freehafer, Andrew (h/o Martha Freehafer)  (1840-1915)
Freehafer, Daniel (h/o Frances)  (1862-1916)
Freehafer, Elizabeth Simmons  w/o John H.  (1852-1923)
Freehafer, Ernest  s/o Andrew & Martha  (1893-1895)
Freehafer, Frances Larabee  w/o Daniel (1861-19--)
Freehafer, Hester Fike  d. 5/17/1910;  84Y, 6M, 19D
Freehafer, John H.  h/o Elizabeth  (1853-1915)
Freehafer, Louella/Luella  (d. 1/7/1882;  16Y, 27D;  d/o Andrew S. & Martha E.)
Freehafer, Martha Kinton  w/o Andrew  (1838-1911)
Freehafer, Nelson O.  (d. 5/28/1894)  1Y, 2M;  s/o John H. & Elizabeth
Gadd, Hazel Pritchard
Gambrel, Ben F. (see Isa Gambrel)
Gambrel, Isa M. & Ben F.
Garver, Donald
Geary, Amanda J.
Geary, Ethel E.
Geary, Joseph
Geary, Rebecca
Geary, Wallace
Geiselman, Bertha L. (see Charley Geiselman)
Geiselman, Charley M. & Bertha L.
Geiselman, Emma Irene
Geiselman, Frank & Hannah
Geiselman, Hannah (see Frank Geiselman)
Geiselman, James D. & Zella M. Geiselman
Geiselman, Zella M. (see James Geiselman)
George, Iva I.
George, Roy L.
Gieseman, Fred R.
Gieseman, Karen Ann
Gieseman, L. Jean
Gleason, Alonzo
Gleason, Mary
Goon, Anna M. & Robert
Goon, Christian
Goon, Daniel
Goon, David
Goon, Eve
Goon, Jacob
Goon, John
Goon, L. Lloyd -- 73Y;  d. 12/22/1956 at Wood Co. Hosp.  [MNJ 12/24/1956]
Goon, Leah Weaver
Goon, Robert (see Anna Goon)
Goon, Solomon & Susan A.
Goon, Susan A. (see Solomon Goon)
Gower, Berlyn L.
Gower, Beverly J
Gower, Jean (see Lloyd Gower)
Gower, Lloyd W. & Jean
Gray, Mary A.
Grossman, Brenda Lee
Grower, Ann Ross
Grower, Catherine
Grubaugh, Elizabeth B. (see Samuel Grubaugh)
Grubaugh, Margaret
Grubaugh, Mary J. (see Elizabeth Grubaugh)
Grubaugh, Michael
Grubaugh, Samuel A. & Elizabeth B. & Mary J.
Grubaugh, Susannah
Grubaugh, Thomas W.
Hagelbarger, Eunice McFadden
Hall, Betty M. (see Harold Hall)
Hall, Harold L. & Betty M.
Hallar, Carol E. (see Bryce Hollar)
Hammom, John M. (see Regina Hammom)
Hammom, Regina & John M
Hammon, Blanche
Hammon, Cora J. & George H.
Hammon, George
Hammon, George H. (see Cora Hammon)
Hammon, Hallie Marie
Hammon, Hazel E. (see Hillman Hammon)
Hammon, Hazel L. (see Thomas L. Hammon)
Hammon, Hillman H.&Hazel E.
Hammon, Joseph
Hammon, Rachel
Hammon, Regina J. Schauweker
Hammon, Thomas
Hammon, Thomas L. & Hazel L.
Hamon, Catharine
Harris, Ada Dill (see William C. Harris)
Harris, Corwin D. (see Viola Harris)
Harris, Doris Yvonne
Harris, Viola L. & Corwin D.
Harris, William C. & Ada Dill
Harsany, John D.
Harter, Harriet
Harter, Mathias
Harter, Mildred M.& Oren C.
Harter, Oren C. (see Mildred M.)
Hay, James
Hayes, Catherine
Hayes, Daniel
Hayes, John
Hays, ??harcnrant E.
Hazelett, Clyde W. (see Delpha Hazelett)
Hazelett, Delpha M. & Clyde W.
Hazelett, Helen V. & Leslie R.
Hazelett, Leslie R. (see Helen Hazelett)
Hazlett, Edgar M & Mary
Hazlett, Effie M. Smith
Hazlett, Elizabeth
Hazlett, Elizabeth Hill
Hazlett, Emma M. (see Malcolm Hazlett)
Hazlett, infant
Hazlett, J. Frank
Hazlett, Julia Ann
Hazlett, Lebanah
Hazlett, Malcolm B. & Emma M.
Hazlett, Mary (see Edgar Hazlett)
Hazlett, Nancy P.
Hazlett, Paul S.
Hazlett, R. W.
Hazlett, Samuel
Hazlett, Samuel James
Hazlett, Silas L.
Hazlett, Susan E.
Heldenbeard, Thomas C.
Heldenbrand, Agnes
Heldenbrand, Charles B. & Sarah A.
Heldenbrand, Cleveland H. (see Iva Heldenbrand)
Heldenbrand, Emily (see Michael Heldenbrand)
Heldenbrand, Forrest D.
Heldenbrand, Iva L. & Cleveland H.
Heldenbrand, Lewis H.
Heldenbrand, Michael & Emily
Heldenbrand, Sarah A. (see Charles Heldenbrand)
Heldenbrand, William R.
Heldenbrand, Winfield M.
Heller, Alta E.
Heller, Richard W.
Henry, Hobart D. (see Vinnie Henry)
Henry, Merle W.
Henry, Ruth Watson
Henry, Vinne F. Goon & Hobart D.
Herbert, S.
Herlebrand (?), Julianna
Herlebrand or Hellsrand, Rosann
Hershner, Betty J.
Hershner, John W.
Hershner, Wayne T.
Hess, Charles Eugene
Heston, L. D.
Heston, M. Ellen Lutz
Hill, B. C.
Hill, John W.
Hill, Rachel
Hill, Rachel J.
Hill, Richard A.
Hively, Christena
Hively, Edith E. & James B.
Hively, Everett R.
Hively, James B. (see Edith Hively)
Hively, John
Hoeflich, Fred R. (see Violet Hoeflich)
Hoeflich, Infant daughter
Hoeflich, Joan R.
Hoeflich, Violet R. & Fred R.
Hollar, Bryce E. & Carol E.
Hollar, Elsie W. (see Urlin Hollar)
Hollar, Gertrude N. & Wayne B.
Hollar, Ivan L.
Hollar, Urlin B. & Elsie W.
Hollar, Wayne B. (see Gertrude Hollar)
Horne, Anna Mae
Horne, Evia M.
Hos-ild, Francis
Huber, E.  (see George Huber)
Huber, George & E
Huber, Marian N.
Huffman, Florence
Hurst, Maude
Innes, Alexander
Innes, Charles A. -- b. 12/20/1892;  d. 1/8/1968  [source:  Memorial booklet on file at Butler / Clear Fork Historical Museum]
Innes, Jennie E. (see Charles Innes)
Innes, Margaret
Johnson, Wilford
Jones, Curtis B. & Grace E.
Jones, Grace E. (see Curtis Jones)
Jones, Hannah
Jones, John Wesley
Jordan, Dale (see Delsie)
Jordan, Delsie L. & Dale
Kahle, Caroline A.
Kahle, Frederick H.
Kauf, Carrie (see John Kauf)
Kauf, John & Carrie
Kauf, John K.
Kauf, Louisa
Kearns, William
Keck, Emma J. & Henry G.
Keck, Henry G. (see Emma Keck)
Keinkel, Charlet M. Miller
Keller, Anncevilla & Thomas J.
Keller, Thomas J. (see Anncevilla Keller)
King, Duel
King, Louvernia
King, Newman
King, Virgie
Kinton, Anna Mary "A. M." Pritchard  (3/9/1847--11/25/1905)  w/o J.W.
Kinton, Berdie S.  d. 8/15/1876;  1Y, 5M, 14D
Kinton, C. Thomas  (d. 1/14/1892;  22Y, 1M, 15D)
Kinton, Eddie F.  (9/17/1867--10/10/1902)
Kinton, John William "J. W."  h/o Anna Mary Pritchard (3/28/1842 -- 6/26/1918) 
Kinton, M. Newton  (d. 7/29/1887;  21Y, 4M, 19D)
Kinton, ---- (twin)   infant s/o Walter;  d. 1904
Kinton, ---- (twin)   infant s/o Walter;  d. 1904
Kinton, W. Elmer  (d. 6/24/1884;  2Y, 3M, 7D)
Kinton, Walter  (1879-1946)
Kirkpatrick, Aleta F. & Earl
Kirkpatrick, Earl (see Aleta)
Kline, Judith K .& Paul F.
Kline, Paul F. (see Judith Kline)
Krizan, Daniel P. & Ruth C.
Krizan, Ruth C. (see Daniel Krizan)
Kundel, William
Kunkel, Blain B. (see Cleo Kunkel)
Kunkel, Cleo M. & Blain B.
Kunkel, Cloyce C. (h/o Della Kunkel)  (1893-1957)
Kunkel, Della M. (w/o Cloyce C.)  (1893-19--)
Kunkel, George E. (h/o Rebecca J. Delong)  (1866-1945)
Kunkel, Irma E. w/o John E.  (1882-19--)  
Kunkel, John E. (h/o Irma Kunkel)  (1874-1943)
Kunkel, Rebecca J. Delong (w/o George E. Kunkel)  (1869-1928)
Kunkel, William  (2/16/1840--5/30/1885)  45Y, 3M, 14D
Kunkle, Gaye Wilson (see Karson Kunkle)
Kunkle, Karson & Gaye Wilson
Langjahr, Fred
Lape, Carol J. & Lape, Ruth A.
Lape, Clarence E. (see G. Irene Lape)
Lape, G. Irene & Clarence E.
Lape, Ruth A. (see Carol J. Lape)
Larcomb, Margaret F. & Marion
Larcomb, Marion (see Margaret Larcomb)
Laribee, Arthur C. & Pearl
Laribee, Enos H. & Rachel B.
Laribee, Foster Marion (see Frances Laribee)
Laribee, Frances L. & Foster Marion
Laribee, Lela & Paul
Laribee, Marion R. & Mary
Laribee, Mary (see Marion Laribee)
Laribee, Paul (see Lela Laribee)
Laribee, Pearl (see Arthur Laribee)
Laribee, Rachel B. (see Enos Laribee)
Lawhorn, Dellar F. & J. Cleveland
Lawhorn, Ella Virginia & James Delbert
Lawhorn, J. Cleveland (see Dellar Lawhorn)
Lawhorn, James Andrew "Andy"
Leech, Edward E. (see Josephine Leech)
Leech, Josephine F. & Edward E.
Leitman, Neva Statler & William J.
Leitman, Wendell C.
Leitman, William J. (see Neva Leitman)
Leland, Grace H. (see Leedy Leland)
Leland, Leedy C. & Grace H.
Lemaster, Ann (see Eugene Lemaster)
Lemaster, Charles Epp (see Dycie Lemaster)
Lemaster, Dycie Ellen & Charles Epp
Lemaster, Eugene & Ann
Lemley, Henry
Lemley, Susan
Lemmer, Michael
Lemmer, Sadie V.
Licht, Robert E.
Licht, Robert P.
Licht, Wilhelmina
Likts, John
Livingston, George W.
Llewellyn, Anna C. & L. Berette
Llewellyn, L. Berette (see Anna Llewellyn)
Long, Arthur (see Mary Long)
Long, Leroy H. (see Susie Long)
Long, Arthur  (see Mary Long)
Long, Mary -- 80Y;  d. 2/1/1954 at home, Butler (heart condition);  Former Perry Twp. resident;  w/o Arthur  [MNJ 2/2/1954]
Long, Susie C. & Leroy H.
Louisa M
Lutz, James E.
Lutz, John
Lutz, Louisa
Lutz, Samuel
Matthews, Floyd H. (see Valeda Matthews)
Matthews, Ida M. & Melvin C.
Matthews, Melvin C. (see Ida Matthews)
Matthews, Valeda E. & Floyd H.
Mc Curdy, Allen
Mc Curdy, Jane
McAuley, Jeanetta M. & William H.
McAuley, William H. (see Jeanetta McAuley)
McClain, Marc S.
McClellan, Andrew H.
McClellan, David
McClellan, Eldon
McClellan, Francis M.
McClellan, Hattie Bell
McClellan, Hattie Isabelle
McClellan, Isabel
McClellan, James H. (see Meda McClellan)
McClellan, John A.
McClellan, Joseph E.
McClellan, Leah
McClellan, Lucinda
McClellan, Meda E. & James H.
McClellan, Menger
McClellan, Nancy
McClellan, Rebecs
McClellan, Sarah
McClellan, Wm.
McCollough, Baby Boy
McCollough, Foster, O. (see Martha McCollough)
McCollough, Isaac Logan -- b. 8/16/1874;  d. 7/8/1954  [source:  Memorial booklet on file at Butler / Clear Fork Historical Museum]
McCollough, Martha M. & Foster O.
McCollough, Rozetta Davis
McCollough, Sarah B. (see Thomas McCollough)
McCollough, Thomas & Sarah B.
McConkie, Albert
McConkie, Allen
McConkie, Catharine
McConkie, Elwood O. (see Ida McConkie)
McConkie, Gladys E.
McConkie, Ida Alice
McConkie, Ida M. & Elwood O.
McConkie, James
McConkie, Jane
McConkie, Kenneth R.
McConkie, Lawrence
McConkie, Maria
McConkie, Rebecca Vance (see William McConkie)
McConkie, Robert H.
McConkie, Sarah
McConkie, William & Rebecca Vance
McCoy, Sara Jane
McCullough, Isaac Logan - 79Y;  d. 7/8/1954;  b. 8/16/1874 at Butler;  h/o Rozetta  [MNJ:  09 July 1954]
McCurdy, Amusr
McCurdy, Catharine
McCurdy, Charles F.
McCurdy, Elizabeth
McCurdy, Elmer E. -- 68Y;  d. 1/31/1954 at home, Mansfield;  b. 2/12/____ at Ashland Co.;  h/o Leola Strong  [MNJ 2/1/1954]
McCurdy, John Wilson
McCurdy, Robert
McCurdy, Samantha Berry
McCurdy, Wm.
McDaniel, ? Wm.
McDaniel, Sherman
McFadden, E. Benjamie & Vina E.
McFadden, H. Virgil (see Mary McFadden)
McFadden, Mary Dunn & H. Virgil
McFadden, Vina E. (see E. Benjamie McFadden)
McFadon, Edith C. & Roy V.
McFadon, Roy V. (see Edith McFadon)
McFarland, Berlyn (see Cotta McFarland)
McFarland, Cotta & Berlyn
McFarland, Infant daughter
McFarland, James W. (see Olive McFarland)
McFarland, Olive G. & James W.
McGonagil, Agnes & J. Timothy
McGonagil, J. Timothy (see Agnes McGonagil)
McKibbon, Isabella
McKibbon, Robert
McKnown, Charles L. & Sadie C.
McKnown, Donald W.
McKnown, Sadie C. (see Charles McKnown)
Mc-lel-en, Andrew H.
McMeeken, Smith T.
McMillan, Charles
McMillan, John E. (see Marguerite McMillan)
McMillan, Lewis
McMillan, Lewis C.
McMillan, Lois Mae
McMillan, Marguerite N. & John E.
McMillan, Opal M.
McMillan, Ralph
Meeks, Austin (see Nina Meeks)
Meeks, Harold G. & Wilma & Marvin W.
Meeks, Marvin W. (see Harold G. Meeks)
Meeks, Nina H. & Austin
Meeks, Wilma (see Harold Meeks)
Metcalf, Fred G. & Giftie M.
Metcalf, Giftie M. (see Fred Metcalf)
Mickley children: Jeff, Andy, Jan, Joy
Mickley, Edith Correll
Mickley, Jesse Thomas
Miller, Bridget Mane (see Brittaney Miller)
Miller, Brittaney Ann & Bridget Mane
Miller, Charles Edward
Miller, Elhannor (see Elizabeth Miller)
Miller, Elizabeth F. & Elhannor
Miller, Mitchell
Minard, Amanda K. Freehafer  (1847-1935)
Missions, Infant
Mitchell, Almedia (see Jackie Mitchell)
Mitchell, Jackie D. & Almedia
Moff, Elizabeth
Moffit, Sarepta
Montgomery, Caleb H.
Montgomery, Catharine Dill (see David Montgomery)
Montgomery, David & Catharine Dill
Morgan, Kinsey & Elizabeth Sutton
Morris, Charles H.
Morris, Earl Lewis
Morrison, Casandra -- d. 3/2/1955 at home, Butler;  b. 1/12/1876 at Nova Co.;  w/o Wilbert B. (d. 1950)  [MNJ 3/2/1955]
Morrison, James L. & Jeffrey
Morrison, Jeffrey (see James Morrison)
Morrison, Wilbert B. (see Casandra Morrison)
Moss, C. L.  (see Ellen Moss)
Moss, Ellen R. H. & C.L
Mowers, Effie w/o Frank
Mowers, Frank  Died at home (Pin Hook);  Born 2/13/1870 in Monroe Twp.  Died 1/28/1956, aged 85Y  (source:  MNJ 1/28/1956)
Mowers, Fred C. (see Mabel Mowers)
Mowers, Mabel I. & Fred C.
Mowery-Wharton, Florence (see Ralph Mowrey-Wharton)
Mowery-Wharton, Ivan A. (see Ralph Mowery-Wharton)
Mowery-Wharton, Ralph & Florence O & Ivan A.
Myers, Lula
Myers, Simon F.
Myers, Violet C.
Nave, Sylvia Fern
Newton, Mary  << Submitted by:  Connie  >>
O'Hearn, ----   (infant - no dates given)
O'Hearn, Archie  (1918-1942)
O'Hearn, Clayton W.
O'Hearn, Dwight W. (see Marjorie O'Hearn)
O'Hearn, Etha L. Freehafer   w/o Ira W.  (1889-1950)
O'Hearn, Ida M. Hazlett  (w/o Michael L. O'Hearn)  (1858-1939)
O'Hearn, Ira W. (h/o Etha O'Hearn)  (1880-1946)
O'Hearn, Marjorie J. (w/o Dwight W.)
O'Hearn, Michael L. (h/o Ida M.H.)  (1853-1934)
Osburn, Joan Y.
Oswalt, (Son) Harold George (see Blanche Oswalt)
Oswalt, Allurah E. (see David Oswalt)
Oswalt, Andrerw E. (see Elizabeth Oswalt)
Oswalt, Andrew W. & Maudie S.
Oswalt, Barbara M. & Gaylord G.
Oswalt, Betty E. (see Ronald Oswalt)
Oswalt, Blanche Cates & Otis Lee
Oswalt, Blanche Rose & Son Harold George
Oswalt, Clifford F.
Oswalt, David B. & Allurah E.
Oswalt, Elizabeth & Andrew E.
Oswalt, Gaylord G. (see Barbara Oswalt)
Oswalt, George L. (see Ralph Oswalt)
Oswalt, Ica (see Willard)
Oswalt, Kermit F.
Oswalt, Lloyd B. (see Ronald Oswalt)
Oswalt, Marvin B. (see Mary Oswalt)
Oswalt, Mary M. & Marvin B.
Oswalt, Maudie S. (see Andrew Oswalt)
Oswalt, Otis Lee (see Blanche Oswalt)
Oswalt, Ralph C. & Verda A. & George L.
Oswalt, Ray A.
Oswalt, Ronald L. & Betty E. & Lloyd B.
Oswalt, Royal G.
Oswalt, Verda A. (see Ralph Oswalt)
Oswalt, Willard & Ica
Perkins, Lawrence W.
Perry, Betty J. & Henry L.
Perry, Henry F. & Minerva S.
Perry, Henry L. (see Betty J. Perry)
Perry, Minerva S. (see Henry F. Perry)
Perry, Ricky L.
Petrovic, Lois A & Mike
Petrovic, Mike (see Lois Petrovic)
Phelps, Raymond G.
Phillips, John Henry
Pilloon, Phebe
Polloch, Elmer L. (see Millie Polloch)
Polloch, Infant son (see Millie Polloch)
Polloch, Millie M. & Infant son & Elmer L.
Poole, Larry Eugene
Poorman, Earnest D.
Poorman, Flora E. Snyder
Poorman, Russell R.
Poorman, William H.
Porter, Angela M.
Porter, Doris I. & Russell
Porter, Russell (see Doris Porter)
Porter, Trudy Rae
Post, Arthur G. & Luella M.
Post, Luella M. (see Arthur Post
Prichard, John
Pritchard, Ann  << Submitted by:  Connie  >>
Pritchard, Arthur W.
Pritchard, Blake W. Jr.
Pritchard, Blake W. Sr. -- d. 1/22/1955 at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  b. 3/6/1904 at Butler;  h/o Alice Hutchinson  [MNJ 1/22/1955]
Pritchard, Blake Walter Jr.
Pritchard, Carolyn U.
Pritchard, Charlie
Pritchard, Doyle E.
Pritchard, Edward
Pritchard, George T.
Pritchard, Hester
Pritchard, Howard Willock & Oscar Orin
Pritchard, Hubert D.
Pritchard, Ida A.
Pritchard, Ida V.
Pritchard, Infant
Pritchard, James ... h/o Sarah ... d. 2/21/1880 (twin brother of William)  << Photo by Jean >>
Pritchard, James E. (see John E. Pritchard)
Pritchard, Jane
Pritchard, John E. & James E.
Pritchard, John Newton
Pritchard, Joseph B.
Pritchard, Lucy L.
Pritchard, Martha
Pritchard, Mary Ann
Pritchard, Mary J.
Pritchard, Mary J. Calhoon
Pritchard, Mary M.
Pritchard, Orin O.
Pritchard, Pearl G.
Pritchard, Retha A.
Pritchard, Samantha Simmons
Pritchard, Samuel
Pritchard, Samuel
Pritchard, Sarah ... w/o James ... d. 7/3/1877  << Photo by Jean >>
Pritchard, Sarah
Pritchard, Walter C.
Pritchard, Wayne E.
Pritchard, William ... 2/5/1807 -- 2/25/1889  (twin brother of James)  << Photo by Jean >>
Purdy, Eupha V
Ransom, Betty E. Simms
Ransom, Glenn Ivan
Reamsnider, Catherine & Fred Sr.
Reamsnider, Fred Sr. (see Catherine Reamsnider)
Reed, Elizabeth MD
Reed, Hallie G.
Reed, Ida May
Reed, John A. MD
Reed, Myron S.
Reicher, Andrew L. (see Jennie Reicher)
Reicher, Jennie M. & Andrew L.
Reichert, Harold H.
Remy, Clarence E.
Remy, Clarence Ed & Margie C.
Remy, Florence L.
Remy, Margie C. (see Clarence Remy)
Rider, Rebecca J. (see William Rider)
Rider, William & Rebecca J.
Riter, Bernard
Riter, Martha
Riza, Ali MD
Rockwell, Eva Kimmel
Roe John & Dora E.
Roe, Dora E. (see John Roe)
Ross, Jane M.
R--ward, H
Sampsel, Herman W.
Schumacher, Helen M.
Schumagher, Catharine
Schumagher, Jacob D.
Seals, Joshua Dwayne
Sells, Mary E.
Setser, Edna (see Elbert Setser)
Setser, Elbert & Edna
Severna, John B. & Millie McCoy
Severna, Millie Mc Coy (see John Severna)
Sherman, Harry E.
Sherman, Lillie F.
Shield, Jackson
Shield, John
Shisler, Glen J. (see Nancy Shisler)
Shisler, Nancy L. & Glen J.
Shoch, Barbara
Shoch, Roger Lee
Shock, Richard E. (see Ruth Shock)
Shock, Ruth R. & Richard E.
Shrader, Geraldine Doup -- b. 6/29/1915;  d. 10/9/1967  [source:  Memorial booklet on file at Butler / Clear Fork Historical Museum]
Shrader, Hugh E. (see Geraldine Shrader
Sieg, Elias & Mattie
Sieg, Laura E.
Sieg, Mattie (see Elias Sieg)
Simmons, ----   (d. 10/5/1855)  s/o W. & J.
Simmons, ----   (d. 4/13/1863;  19Y, 5M, 4D)  d/o William & Mary
Simmons, ----  (d. 2/20/1881)  infant s/o Thomas & Samantha E.
Simmons, ----  (d. 10/5/1855)  infant d/o W. & J.
Simmons, ----  (d. 5/14/1859;  1M, 21D)  d/o W. & M.
Simmons, ?cutha
Simmons, Andrew Ramsey "A. R."  h/o Sarah  (d. 6/24/1889;  40Y, 11M, 24D)
Simmons, Andrew Worth  (1850-1918)
Simmons, Dayton D.  (2/19/1890--4/22/1944)  Cpl 16th. Inf. 1st. Div. WWI
Simmons, Doyal  (1893-1894)
Simmons, Dwight R.
Simmons, Ellen  (1859-1917)
Simmons, Emmul  (d. 8/8/1875;  1M, 1D)  c/o A.J. & S.A.
Simmons, Eva  (d. 9/15/1888;  1Y, 10M, 1D)  d/o A.R. & S.M.
Simmons, Faye H. (see Ralph Simmons)
Simmons, Hattie Bell
Simmons, Infant -male- (d. 10/20/1845;  1D)
Simmons, Infant -male- (d. 1/14/1842;  1D)  s/o J. & W.
Simmons, Laura E.  (d. 1/17/1881;  1Y, 3M, 22D)  d/o A.J. & S.A.
Simmons, Linnie A. Smith   w/o William Alph  (1862-1949)
Simmons, Mary (w/o William Simmons)  (d. 3/14/1879;  19Y, 7M, 4D)
Simmons, Mary Mertie  (d. 3/2/1883;  7Y, 7M, 1D;  d/o S. & E.)
Simmons, Myrtle L.  (1893-1930)
Simmons, Nathaniel D.  (d. 8/20/1853;  7M, 25D)  s/o N. & R.A.
Simmons, Rachel Maria  w/o John  (d. 9/1/1853;  23Y)
Simmons, Ralph L. & Faye H
Simmons, Rebecca  (d. 6/2/1836;  4Y, 3M)  d/o William & Mary
Simmons, Samantha Taylor  (w/o Thomas Simmons)  (1848-1921)
Simmons, Samuel E.  (d. 3/3/1866;  18Y, 3M, 20D)  s/o N. & R.A.
Simmons, Sarah Freehafer  (d. 5/7/1913;  62Y, 3M, 16D)  w/o A.R.
Simmons, Sarah A.  (d. 7/11/1875)  w/o Andrew J.
Simmons, Steward  (d. 5/26/1876;  29Y, 4M, 28D)
Simmons, Thomas  h/o Samantha  (1843-1922)  Veteran Co. E., 3rd. O.V.C.
Simmons, William  h/o Mary  (1820-1902) 
Simmons, William Alph (h/o Linnie Simmons)  (1861-1941)  
Simons, Ellen
Smith, Frances Trease
Smith, Frank L.
Smith, George A. & Jennie C.
Smith, Jennie C. (see George Smith)
Smith, Laura Mae
Smith, Lawrence C. (see Thessel Smith
Smith, Lee F. (see Loretta Smith)
Smith, Loretta M. & Lee F
Smith, Thessel M & Lawrence C.
Snively, Amos F. & Jennie A.
Snively, Jennie A.
Sparks, Guy (see Lilly Sparks)
Sparks, Lilly Fay & Guy
Spayde, Carl C. & Pearl B.
Spayde, Pearl B. (see Carl C. Spayde)
Sprow, Elisabeth
Stahl, Annabelle L.
Stahl, Clark L.
Stake, Bessie F. & Doyle A.
Stake, Doyle A. (see Bessie Stake)
Stake, George W. & Sarah
Stake, Infant
Stake, J. Gertrude & S. Kiekwood
Stake, James H. & Nora B.
Stake, Lulu
Stake, Nora B. (see James Stake)
Stake, S. Kiekwood (see J. Gertrude Stake)
Stake, Sarah (see George Stake)
Stater, Gladys & Herman
Stater, Herman (see Gladys Stater)
Statler, Birdie L. (see Mary Statler)
Statler, Henry W.
Statler, John M. (see Mary Statler)
Statler, Mary F. & Birdie L. & John M
Stevens, Archie A. & Geraldine
Stevens, Clarence J.
Stevens, George W. (see Isabella Stevens)
Stevens, Geraldine (see Archie Stevens)
Stevens, Isabella C. & George W.
Stichler, Arabella (see Henry)
Stichler, Henry & Arabella
Stichler, J. A.
Stichler, Jacob & Rebecca
Stichler, Malinda
Stichler, Rebecca (see Jacob Stichler)
Stickler, Agnes
Stine, Christopher
Storie, Irene C.
Storie, William Jackson
Strickling, Bonnie B. (see Denzil Strickling)
Strickling, Clarence & Evelyn
Strickling, Denzil & Bonnie B
Strickling, Evelyn (see Clarence)
Strickling, Jashua
Strong, Emily B.& Russell E.
Strong, Russell E. (see Emily Strong)
Strouse, John Lewis
Stuckey, Christian & Rosa
Stuckey, Infant daughter
Stuckey, Rosa (see Christian Stuckey)
Stull, A. Amanda
Stull, Catherine C. Stoner
Stull, Cora Idella -- b. 12/2/1864;  d. 11/21/1861  [Memorial booklet on file at Butler / Clear Fork Historical Museum]
Stull, Elsieh
Stull, John C. (h/o Cora Idella Stull)
Stull, Mary I. (see Orla Stull)
Stull, Orla P. & Mary I.
Stull, T. Benton
Stull, Thomas
Stull, William
Sutton, Elizabeth (see Kinsey Morgan)
Sweeney, John James
Swendal, Margaret A.
T. Walter
Taggart, Elizabeth McDewell
Taylor, C. Clugh  (see Clinnie Taylor)
Taylor, Cecil P.
Taylor, Clinnie & C. Clugh
Taylor, David
Taylor, David L.
Taylor, Eliza G.
Taylor, Elizabeth Dye
Taylor, Helen L. & Richard L.
Taylor, Richard L. (see Helen Taylor)
Taylor, Wilson
Teeter, Lottie B. (see William Teeter)
Teeter, William M. & Lottie B.
Tetlow, Barbara Looaine
Thomas, Susannah
Thompson, Clyde C. & Rosa B.
Thompson, John H (see Mary Thompson)
Thompson, Mary L & John H
Thompson, Rosa B. (see Clyde Thompson)
Thorne, Cecil G. (see Laura Thorne)
Thorne, Laura & Cecil G.
Thorne, Mona M.
Thorne, Nancy J.
Thorne, Robert M.
Tomlinson, James
Tomlinson, Sarah
Trease, Harley Guy
Trease, John
Trease, Mary (see William Trease)
Trease, Pauline Foy
Trease, Vernon S.
Trease, William & Mary
Tucker, Dale S. (see Silva Tucker)
Tucker, Silva M. & Dale S.
Tutlow, James R.
Valentine, Mary L. (see Raymond Valentine)
Valentine, Raymond A. & Mary L.
Vanzilo, Jane Ella
Vaughn, Hesekial
Vaughn, John
Vaughn, Rachel
Vaughn, Sarah
Waddell, George W.
Waits, E. Raylene & William G.
Waits, William G. (see Raylene Waits)
Walmer, Sarah Ann
Ward, Edwin W.
Ward, Faunda
Ward, Marjorie F. & Wendell W.
Ward, Wendell W. (see Marjorie Ward)
Watson, Bertha C.
Weaver, Albert J.
Weaver, Annie F. (see William Weaver)
Weaver, Arthur M. & Olive L.
Weaver, Charles F.
Weaver, John
Weaver, John
Weaver, Mary
Weaver, Olive L. (see Arthur Weaver)
Weaver, William E. & Annie F.
Weekley, A Mason Weekley
Weekley, Alice C. & Clarence W.
Weekley, Clarence W. (see Alice Weekley)
Wells, Irene M. (see Leonard Wells)
Wells, Lelia E. (see Robert W. Wells)
Wells, Leonard D. & Irene M.
Wells, Robert W. & Lelia E
Welty, Clarence E. (see Olive Welty)
Welty, Olive E. & Clarence E.
Weyrich, Norman N.
Weyrick, Lucy
Wheatcraft, Alice (see Ulysses Wheatcraft)
Wheatcraft, Delsie May
Wheatcraft, Edward S. & Ena
Wheatcraft, Ena (see Edward Wheatcraft)
Wheatcraft, Ulysses & Alice
Wheeler, Gary R.
Widman, Walter J.
Wilman, Manasseh
Wilson, ?aissa
Wilson, ?emilty
Wilson, Adeline M. (see Americus A. Wilson)
Wilson, Americus
Wilson, Americus A. & Adeline M.
Wilson, Ardella Reeder & William Earl
Wilson, Dora L. "Dick" - Died at home (Butler); 76Y
Wilson, E. B. (Erastus) ... h/o Sarah ... died 1/8/1868  << Photo by Jean >>
Wilson, Emeline, A.
Wilson, Emiline
Wilson, Erma Pritchard
Wilson, Henry M.
Wilson, Ida E. -- b. 9/3/1886;  d. 6/1/1957  [Memorial booklet on file at Butler / Clear Fork Historical Museum]
Wilson, James W.
Wilson, Jno
Wilson, John & Martha A.
Wilson, John A.
Wilson, Martha A. (see John Wilson)
Wilson, Maxel
Wilson, Rachel ... w/o John ... died 10/1858  << Photo by Jean >>
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Robert ?
Wilson, Robt. L.
Wilson, Sarah L. ... w/o Erastus ... died 1/22/1890  << Photo by Jean >>
Wilson, Walter M
Wilson, William Earl -- d. 2/14/1955 at home, Butler;  b. 1/3/1877 at Ashland Co.;  ho Ardella  [MNJ 2/15/1955]
Wilson, Wm
Winkle, Haldon
Winkle, Loren F. (see Nina Winkle)
Winkle, Nina F. & Loren F.
Wirick, John Wirie
Wise, Jacob & Melinda A. Wise
Wise, John & Savilla D.
Wise, Melinda A. (see Jacob Wise)
Wise, Savilla D. (see John Wise)
Wohlford, Martha E.
Wonders, Mary
Wonders, Valentine
Worley, Glen H.
Worley, Harry G.
Worley, Nina P.
Worley, Rae E.
Worley, William
Wright, A. Milton (see Hazel Wright)
Wright, Florence
Wright, Hazel D. & A. Milton
Wright, Mark W.
Wright, Mary M.
Wright, Tina Faye
Wyle, Goldie M. & Harry S.
Wyle, Harry S. (see Goldie Wyle)
Zehner, Larry S.
Zimmerman, Jesse & Nancy E.
Zimmerman, Nancy E. (see Jesse Zimmerman)

Additional Records:

Name Misc. Burial Source
- - - -
Farst, Isaiah

cause:  diptheria


TOL (2)
Strickler, ----- (Mrs.) cause:  abcess of lungs 11/13/1883 TOL (1)


  • Additional information provided by Nancy, Feb. 2003
  • TOL (1):  THE OHIO LIBERAL, 14 November 1883
  • TOL (2):  THE OHIO LIBERAL, 09 July 1884

Other Information Regarding this Cemetery ...

  • The cemetery association met Monday and elected the following officers -- Emerson Weaver, Secretary;  John Hammond, Treasurer;  Edd Wheatcraft, Milton Forbes, George Hammond, Reuben Bemiller and Jacob Stichler, Trustees;  James Crowner, Grave Digger.  [Butler Times:  11 January 1908, Vol. 14, No. 18]
  • The Bunker Hill Independent Cemetery Association elected the following officers for the year 1894 at a recent meeting:  Pres., Thomas Simmons;  Sec., S.K. Davis;  Treas., Jacob Stichler;  Trustees:  Thomas Simmons, Enos Larrabee, G.W. Stake, A.W. Simmons and J.M. Hammons;  Sexton, Allen Grosvenor.  [source:  Bellville Independent:  11 January 1894, Vol. 6, No. 35]
  • The annual election of officers of the Bunker Hill Cemetery Association took place last week, as follows:  J.A. Stichler, Secretary;  J.M. Hammon, Treasurer;  Allen Grosvenor, Sexton;  Thomas Simmons, G.H. Hammon, A.W. Simmons, G.W. Stake and Enos Laribee, Trustees.  [source:  Semi-Weekly News (Mansfield):  14 January 1898, Vol. 14, No. 4]
  • Butler.  The contract to erect a new fence around the Bunker Hill church and cemetery has been awarded to Allen Grosvenor.  [Semi-Weekly News: 22 January 1897, Vol. 13, No. 7]
  • The rededication of the Bunker Hill church will take place Sunday, Sept. 11 [1898].  The original edifice has undergone extensive repairs, was erected 40 years ago by Jacob Farst and Erastus Price.  [source:  Mansfield Semi-Weekly News:  26 August 1898, Vol. 14, No. 71]

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