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Week ending May 8, 1877

SARAH MEAD to FREDERICK ROSE, five acres in Cass Twp., formerly owned by John Long, Sr.  $500

LORENZ MILLER AND WIFE to WILLIAM CHAMBERLAIN, part of the south-west quarter of section 21, Twp. 21, range 13, known as sub-division 47, Mansfield, Ohio.  $1150

SARAH BEVINGTON AND HUSBAND to HAVE YEAGER in lot No. 208, south-west corner of East Diamond and 2nd. Sts.  Mansfield, Ohio.  $700

DEBLEY WEIRICK to MCGINLEY PAXTON lot No. 2, north-east quarter of section 22, twp. 19, range 19, except 22 feet off the east side.  $125

ELIJAH RUHL to MCGINLEY PAXTON, the same property as above.  $500

JOHN BRENNAN AND WIFE to H.J. CRAWFORD & CO., out-lot No. 49, Shiloh, except 110 feet north on Petit street, beginning at the south-east corner.  $200

DAVID OZIER, Assignee of W.M. Crawford, to JOHN BRENNAN, forty feet off the east side of in-lot No. 48, in Shiloh, Richland County, O.  $1200

DAVID RABOLD AND WIFE to GEORGE BOWMAN, 5 acres off the north-east quarter of section 5, twp. 22, range 19.  $1200

GEORGE SHADE AND WIFE to DAVID RABOLD the east half of out-lot No. 1, in Shelby, Ohio.  $400

C.C. KING AND WIFE to CALVIN and DAVID CLARK, 29 acres off the north half of the north-east quarter of Section 1, twp. 21, range 20 in Bellville, Ohio.  $300

PHOEBE PATTERSON to B.F. HINES the north half of lot No. 62, Bellville, Ohio.  $150

GEORGE HOUT to FRANCIS LANTZ, 32 acres off the south-west quarter of section 7, twp. 13, range 17.  $2584

DANIEL WYANDT to E.J. SAVIERS, lot No. 162, in Plymouth, Ohio.  $50

SUSANNAH ZELLNER to ELIZABETH and TOBIAS ZELLNER, 20 acres of land off the south-west quarter of section 27, twp. 23, range 17.  $5

MOSES HISKY to JAMES G. FERGUSON an interest in the north-east quarter of section 3, twp. 19, range 19.

JOHN C. PAINTER, FRANK C. PAINTER AND WIFE, SARAH J. PAINTER,  and ILEY PAINTER to AMANDA CALDWELL, 30 acres off the north-east quarter of section 39, twp. 21, range 18.  Consideration $10 and the amicable partition of lands owned by the gantors and grantees jointly.

JACOB P. EBERSOLE to DAVID SWANGER, lot No. 143 in Pettit's second adition to Shiloh, Ohio.  $1000

JAMES G. FERGUSON AND WIFE to ANNA HISKEY an interest in the north-east quarter of section 3, twp. 19, range 19.

May 20th. - May 30th., 1877

HENRY FREES to EMMA CROMER, lot 1607, Daily & Robinson's Addition, Mansfield.  $900

B. BURNS  to M.D. HARTER, part of lot 41, Mansfield, $1

M.E. DOUGLAS, assignee to M.D. Harter, lot 1693, McVay & Allison's Addition, Mansfield, $815

JOHN MORROW AND R. EVARTS to HASKELL BARRETT, 50 acres in Jefferson Twp., $2500

JAMES H. GARRISON to J.E. ROSEBOROUGH, Shiloh, part of lot 2, $227

JAMES H. REID  to MARY ANN MILLER, half acre in Washington Twp., $230

WM. B. LAIRD to JACOB LAIRD, about 52 acres in Madison Twp., $4000

WILLIAM T. MERCER to ELLZEY H. HOUSTON, lot 201 in Mansfield, $1

JAMES L. STRATTEN to GEORGE ROBISON, 89 acres of Butler Twp., $450

WILLIAM H. ERNSBERGER one half acre in Mifflin Twp., $25

JACOB STRAUB to JOHN ZIMMERMAN, house and lot in the city, $5000

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