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Shelby Bandstand

East Main Street, Shelby


In the year of 1910 the conditions were favorable for the erection of a bandstand in the Central Park to serve as a memorial to the High School Alumni.  Heretofore the band concerts were given in the east and west sides and on the bridge.  The people had crowded on the street on band concert nights and there was great danger of them being run over by an auto or a frightened horse.
The memorial's total cost was about $600.00 and the council was asked to donate $200.00 of this amount.  The rest was raised by public subscription, a part to be raised by the band.
On May 13, 1910 work on the bandstand was progressing nicely.  The base was made of concrete and brick with wooden columns and a slate roof.
The "Gamble Mills Chapter of Questers" raised money by public subscription and had the columns and the roof restored and the bandstand was re-dedicated for the Bicentennial, July 4, 1976.
The bandstand had always served as a focal point for city events and it still does.
Source:  This is from "Shelby, Ohio Sesquicentennial 1984" edited by Dorothy Hawk and published by The Shelby, Ohio Sesquicentennial Committee.  Submitted by Terry W.

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