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Bloominggrove Twp., 1880

Instructions:  Check each INDEX page for the name of your ancestor.  Once you've located the name, click on the coordinating section map to see where their property was located.

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Section Indexes Maps

Name Index

Section 3---Map Page

Adams, T. C.

Geary, Joseph----Heirs

McComber, William

McCormick, David

Norton, William D.

Stoner, J. C.

Walker, Joseph

Zigler, Jane

Nelson, Wm. E.


Section 4---Map Page

Cleland, Amaziah

Cleland, William

Mayan, M. H.

Meroni, Thos.

Thomson, John

Thomson, M. & K.

Kinsel, John----Heirs

Kinsel, C. M.

Thrush, Adam

Woolley, Susanna

Zigler, Eli

Houston, Alex

Houston, Mathew

Delancy, Louisa


Section 5---Map Page

Cleland, Amaziah

Cleland, Wm

Ellis, Sidney

Hackett, J. L.

Hackett, Wm. A.

Thrush, Adam

Wolff, Louisa J.

Wolff, J. W.

??????, Alice A.

Ellis, Wm. B.


Section 6 Map Page

Kinsel, J. W.

Miller, John

Miller, Daniel

Miller, Wm.

Middleswart, Mary

Middleswart, G. W.

Moser, H. S.

Moser, A. C.

Maring, Peter

McLaughlin, John

Noble, Wm.

Huston, G. W.

McLaughlin, Ira

Section 7---1880---Map Page

Dickerson, Thomas

Guthrie, V. S.

Holtz, John

Maring, Peter

Patterson, Robert


Section 8---1880---Map Page

Curtis, C.

Cleland, Wm.

Copeland, Mary

Conley, Samuel

Dickerson, George

Flook, Caspar

Hackett, Ira

Meek, Robert

Wilson, Emily

Meek, John


Section 9---1880---Map Page

Cleland, Wm.

Cleland, John

Dunlap, John

Dunlap, Sarah

Magaw, J. C.

Magaw, M. H.

Wilson & Hackett


Section 10---1880---Map Page

Cobban, James

Dennison, Rebecca

Cobban, Chas. E.

Ferrell, Peter----Heirs

Goldsmith, Uzziel

Steward, F. W.

Tomlinson, Wm. H.

Whisler, Israel

White, Phillip----Heirs

Young, Wm. S.

Zeigler, A. G.

Seymore, J.

Tucker, Martha

Tucker, M.


Section 15---1880----Map Page

Dennison, Rebecca

Henry, J. B.

Humbert, Wm.

Powell, Wm.

Stoner, H.H. & J. C.

Walton, George

Whisler, C.----Heirs

Wolf, Elizabeth

Wolfard, O. F.


Section 16----1880----Map Page

Huston, Jesse----Heirs

Huston, James

Huston, Ira

Hackett, H. T.

Latimore, Nancy

Powell, James

Sturts, Andrew

Zeigler, Sarah


Section 17----1880----Map Page

Guthrie, R. F. G. & B.

Hackett, Ira

Hackett, H. P.

Hammond, Jessiah

Hammond, Susan

Zeigler, Lydia


Section 18----1880----Map Page

Burns, Sovina

Creveling, Jacob----Heirs

Dickerson, T.

Guthrie, R. F. & A. B.

Kinsell, T. F.

Snyder, J. B.

Guthrie, R. F.

Guthrie, J. E.----Heirs

Section 19----1880----Map Page

Chew, E.M.

Chew, Amon

Chew, Wm. M.

Chey, Amy

Creveling, Jacob----Heirs

Chew, John----Heirs

Hackett, William

Foy, James----Heirs

Hines, Jacob

Keineth, Jacob

Orr & Ferrell

Tongue, Henry


Section 20----1880----Map Page

Armstrong, Mrs. E.

Caton, A.S.

Chew, A.S.

Chew, Wm.

Ehret, Christian

Ferrell, G. W.

Hackett, William

Martin, Moses

Pifer, Lydia

Stack, Uriah----Heirs

Stack, Samuel----Heirs


Section 21----1880----Map Page

Armstrong, Mrs. E.

Bell, John S.

Crouse, Eliza

Emery, Christian

Fralick, Mary

Hunter, Andrew

Hunter, Mary

Hackett, George W.

Hess, Wm.

Powell, William----Heirs

Terman, Hiram

Weaver, Shannon


Section 22----1880----Map Page

Hunter, Benjamin

Hunter, J.P.

Myer, Peter

Powell, James

Wilson, John

Wolf, John

Wolf, Jeremia

Wolf, Eliz.

Seaton, Alex


Section 27----1800----Map Page

Hisey, John

Lindsey, Wilson

Miller, Michael

Mitchell, George F.

Sampsel, J.

Starr, Mitchell

Starr, Grattan

Kline, S.

Zeigler, Margaret


Section 28----1800----Map Page

Armstrong, Mrs. E.

Alsdorf, Adam

Benedict, A.

Backensto, Jacob spelled Backestoe on the map

Bricker, Levi

Crawford, William

Davis, L. J.

Harvey, John

Miles, Enos

Madden, Alex

Ozier, A. & D.

Snapp, Peter

Valentine, Jacob

Zeigler, Martin


Section 29----1880----Map Page

Ruth, Jacob----Heirs

Alsdorf, Adam

Reynolds, Wm.

Ehret, Christian

Witt, Elizabeth

Valentine, Rebecca

Devore, Loxley

Section 30----1880----Map Page

Stevenson, Duncan

Schambs, George

Mohn, Leonard

Keineth, Jacob

Lybarger, Anthony

Pittenger, J. W.

Clinesmith, William H.

Whisler, William


Section 31----1880----Map Page

Bricker, Levi

Burgoyne, John P.

Barr, Calvin

Burgoyne, George

Ferrell, Peter----Heirs

Lybarger, Eliza

Laser, Daniel

Pittenger, A. R.


Section 32----1880----Map Page

Arnold, John----Heirs

Bricker, Levi

Creveling, Jacob----Heirs

Geisinger, D. & Cv.

Pittenger, A. R.


Section 33----1880----Map Page

Crawford, Wm.

Creveling, Jacob----Heirs

Ferguson, Harrison

Gates, Martin

Pittenger, Mary M.

Quinn, Mary----Heirs

Quinn, Samuel

Quinn, George

Section 34----1880----Map Page

Cummins, Christian

Ferguson, Harrison

Foulks, Wm.----Heirs

Lindsey, Isabell

Miller, Michael

Miller, D.

Morris, J.P.

Paul, A.

Ropp, Eliza M.

Ropp, Emanuel----Heirs

Sanker, J. G.

Sonnanstine, Sarah

Mc???? , A. Jas.

Mc ???? , J. K.

Thanks to Dina for creating a name index for this map set.  (10/07)

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