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Bloominggrove Twp., 1910

Instructions:  Check each INDEX page for the name of your ancestor.  Once you've located the name, click on the coordinating section map to see where their property was located.

CLICK HERE to see how the sections in Bloominggrove Township are arranged.

* NAMES may appear on the extreme right edge of the Map image instead of on the index.

Section Index Map

Name Index

Section 3---map page


Williams, John & Ida

Moser, Walter W. & E. C.

McCormick, Lydia

Watts, Edgar S.

Cline, R.S.

Zeigler, Manuel

Zeigler, Allen

McCormick, David

Ellis, Lester & Ruth

K? ? ? , J.D.

Shorthouse, K. & Bertha

Geary, Sherman

Geary, Isaac C.

M ? ? ? s, J. D.



Section 4----map page


Thompson, Emma F.

Thompson, Hannah

Thompson, John & Hannah

Delancy, Louise

Marvin, Thomas

Houston, Alex

Pennell, E.E.

Copeland, James

Copeland, C.G.

Latimer, Norris J.

Zeigler, Sarah

Thompson, E.B.

Copeland, Elizabeth

Copeland, Chas.


Section 5----map page


Ellis, Stephen P.

Maynard, Polly

Pennell, E.E.

Beveridge, Jas. A. & H.L.

Smith, Warren O.

Egner, Alice

Noecker, Louisa M.

Cleland, Amaziah

Copeland, James

Copeland, Eliz.

Coover, Lonorah

Cras?? , Eliz.


Section 6----map page


Lopper, Anna B. (sp. Lapper on map)

Middlesworth, Geo.

Hopkins, W. S.

Miller, Wm. Sr.

Moser, H. S.

Noble, W. P.

Fidler, C.A. & Loenna

Culver, Ozias

Dart, Wm. R.

Miller, John

Selby, B.B. & Stella M.

Maring, H. S.

Noble, John

Young, Franklin C. & Eliz.

Ferrell, A. I.

Cleland, Henry C.

Steinhoff & Morton

Myers. H. P. & F. M.

McLauglin, Emma

Strimple, Will

C ? ? lade, E. A.


Section 7----map page


Waltz, V. J.

Holtz, John

Maring, H. ?

Dickerson, Thos.

Brumbauch, E. S.

Guthrie, Frank D.

Walker, M.E.

Berger, John

Pittenger, Ira


Section 8----map page


Burns, Scott

Curtis, Wilbur C.

Grabill, Samuel

Flook, Mary

Kaylor, Mary E.

McGaw, A.A.

Koerber, Wm.

Glasgow, W.R.

Curtis, Z. S.

Flook, V.V. & L.P.

McGaw, Almira

Weaver, Shannon

Fackler, Boyd

????kler, Sam'l F.

Hopkins, Jas. & Anna


Section 9----map page


Dunlap, Melissa, Maggie & C.H. (sp. Dunlah on map)

Latimer, Norris J.

Starkey, Jas. & A.

Gilger, Joseph

Hammon, C.D.

Sloan, Clarissa A.

Sloan, Jas. R.

Grabill, Samuel

Black, Frank N.

Starky, James


Section 10----map page


McQuillan, Almira S.

Geary, I.C. & Ella

Cobban, Chas. I.

Carew, Mary

Laser, Lemuel W.

Zeigler, A. G.

Latimer, Norris J.

Tooker, Hannah

Moser, A.C.

Cuppy, Abraham F.

Hunter, Jas. D.

Boyd, Helen M.

Moser, Rebecca J.


Section15----map page


Wolford, O. F.

Shirey, Margaret

Shirey, Frank

Amstutz, Henry C.

Humbert, Albert W.

Wolf, Elmer

While, Eeanest R. & Bertha


Section 16----map page


Amstuts, Henry

Sturts, Mary

Young, John

Zeigler, Samuel

Forsythe, Clara B. & J.S.

Huston, James

Huston, Ira

Orlyh, Maude

Sturts, F.C. & E.A.

Simms, A. Ross

Sloan, J.G. & V.G.


Section 17----map page


Hammond, Jessie

Guthrie, R.F.

Fair, Eva

Wells, Daisy P.

Hackett, Asher C.

Hammon, Boyd C.

Beaver, Chas. R. & Lena F.


Section 18----map page


Guthrie, R.F.

Guthrie, A.B.

Dickerson, George

Snyder, J.B.

Kinsel, F.F.

Guthrie, Nathaniel

Ferrell, Druzilla

Keineth, Wm. C. & Eva C.

Beaver, Chas. R. & Lena F.

Backensto, Emma

Benedict, Maggie

Kinsel, Almira E.


Section 19----map page


Hunter, Alverda

Chew, Alverda

Ferrell, Druzilla

Arnold, Joseph

Tongue, Henry

Hines, Jacob

Chew, John----Heirs

McDowell, Frank

Pittenger, Letti

Faulkner, John

Chew, Wm.

Dicke, Anna P. & Ed

DeLong, James B. & Pearl

Chew, Verda

Llewallyn, B. & Sibbett

Zeiters, Jno. J.


Section 20----map page


Ferrell, Austin M. (sp. Farrell on map)

Latimer, William (sp. Lattimer on map)

Huston, Dora L.

Hunter, Alverda

Chew, Wm.

Gedney, Alice L.(sp. Gidney n map)

Phifer, Netta (& Edwin on map)

Hammon, Chas. A.

Zeigler, J.B. & Elizabeth

Devore, Mary

Dick, Anna P. & Ed


Section 21----map page


Crouse, Mary E.(sp Kruse on map)

Crouse, Rosena

Dick, George G.

Devore, Mary(sp Devoe on map)

Hackett, George W.

Hamman, A.N. & Chas. A.

Kissel, Michael

Lamer, Margaret

Powell, Wm.----Heirs

Terman, Hiram

Valentine, Henry E. & Grace

Weaver, Shannon

Weaver, Sherman

Amstutz, H. C.

Owens, Bird M. & Oofta Q.

Dick, George G.

Crouse, M ? ? ?

C ? ? ? , G. ?


Section 22----map page


Hunter, Susan J. & R.

McQuate, Henry G.

Myers, Mary

Myers, Peter

Martin, Wm.

Seaton, Alex

Wolf, Elmer

Wolf, Jerry

Wolf, Jeremiah

Wilson, John

Te? ? ?, Wilson

Cutler, James

Wolford, O. F.

Wainwright, J.E.


Section 27----map page


Ferrell, A. W. (Arthur on map)

Funk, Upton

Hisey, J. H.

Kuhn, Wm.

Reynolds, Tobias

Seymour, Nancy

Starr, J. C.

Starr, Judson C.

Saviers, Janette(sp Savers on map)

VanHorn, George W. & Hattie

Weaver, Shannon

Buzard, Alvin & Ida

Frye, Paul J.

Fry. J.M.

Esbenshade, Jesse C.

Reynolds, Henry


Section 28----map page


Benedict, A.

Backenstoe, Anthony

Devore, Mary

Graham, Amelia

Holtz, Simon & Albert(sp Holz on map)

Lindsey, Shannon

Quinn, Clarissa

Reynolds Henry

Stahl, Emma

Weaver, W. S.

Zeigler, Irene S.

Zeigler, Martin

Stoner, Mary J.

Harvey, Tobias W. & Minnie

Benedict, Lottie

Weaver, Shannon

Weaver, Sarah

Benedict, Albert

McCormick, Ed & Nora

Stall, Emma J.


Section 29----map page


Fisher, Joseph S.

Fleming, Reed A.

King, I. & Mary

Moore, Sarah A.

Reynolds, Henry

Shields, Wm. A.

Witt, Eliza

Zeigler, J.B. & Eliza

Zeigler, Martin(& Irene S. on map)

Reading, Ora

Daup, Henry & Jane

Scott, Geo. A. & Anna

Arnold, B. ???

M? ? ? , Albert

Moore, John S.

Dick & Hoak

Henderson, Jos. A.

McE ? ? ?, Effie

Stal, Elroy


Section 30----map page


Bistline, Lemuel S. & Emma

Holtz, Mrs. Barney

Kineth, Jacob

Reynolds, F. D. (Frank on map)

Taylor, Charles M.

Zeiters, John

Slatter, H. D.

Buzzard, none entered

unreadable, Geo. G.

Pittenger, Sherman

Wolf, Elmer


Section 31----map page


Burgoyne, Jno. W.

Boals, Wm.

Boals, Nancy

Bricker, Alice

Bly, Arminda

French, F.W. (Frank on map)

Holtz, Simon (sp. Holt on map)

Laser, Daniel

Lybarger, Arminta

Light, Ira

Pittenger, Sherman

Roush, W. S.

Zellers, Jacob H.

Zeiters, Eliza

Burggraf, Michael

Boals, Tesa & C. E.


Section 32----map page


Clawson, Martin

Creveling, Jacob----Heirs

Geissinger, E. D.

Pittenger, Sherman

St John, Sarah

Arnold, A. W.

Creveling, B.B.

Geissinger, Elmer E.

Burggraf, Michael

Geissinger, David


Section 33----map page


Ferguson, Martin

Graham, Amelia(sp. Amella on map)

Myers, Mrs. Mary

McCormick, Edward

Pittenger, Sarah

Quinn, Clarissa

Quinn, Sam

Redick, Sylvia

Sonnanstine, Geo. F. & C.

Goldsmith, Nancy

Alverson, Jno. G.

unreadable, Grace

Hollenbaugh, ???? & J. E.

Alverson, W. T. & Dora

Raush, Walter B. & Ruth J.



Section 34----map page


Bell, Geo.

Black, Carrie O.

Backenstoe, Emma

Christian Church, Trustees of

Fry, J. M.

Fry, James M.

Ferguson, Martin A.

Hisey, Prescilla

Humphries, Jessie S.

Kuhn, Wm. N.

Myers, Abraham

Mercer, John J.

Richards, Clate

Reynolds, Tobias

Ropp, Melvin D. & Eliza

Seymour, Nancy

Cline, Judson

Reynolds, Henry

unreadable, Lee

Wharton, Benj. F.

Zeigler, Della

Zeigler, Eliz.

Ropp, Melva

Wells, Tully

McLain, A.

Thanks to Dina for indexing this map set.  (11/07)

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