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Butler, 1925

(Part of Worthington Twp.)

Instructions:  Check each INDEX page for the name of your ancestor.  Once you've located the name, click on the coordinating section map to see where their property was located.

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Plat Index Map

Name Index


Ramsey, L.

Bemiller, Eliz.

Stoffer, J. & M.

Wilson, O. & S.

McClellan, M. & M.

Spayde, Sam.

Charles, M.E.

Ramsey, Andrew

James, H. & E.

Allen, M.L.

Keller, Christina

Swendal, H.

Fisher, John

Teeter, J.C.

Long, Miller J.

Forbes, W.A.

Butterbaugh, S.

Piper, Hannah

Spohn, A.J.

Butterbaugh, G.

Oberlin, S.M.

Martin, C.D.

Phipps, Clara

Wilson, Frank

Stahl, R.E.

Young, Malinda

Spohn, T. & B.

Young, Amos

Teeter, Manuel

Kunkel, Boyd

Spayde, S.C.

Mix, M.L.



Myers, Eliz.

Rush, L.S.

Mullinex, W.H.

Zartman, Mary

Laribee, Paul

Butterbaugh, A.E.

Heldenbrand, C. & I.

Thompson, J.S.

Morrison, W. & C.



Dill, J.E.

Ritter, Blanche

Eisenbach, H.C.

Lanehart, J.F.

McCready, D.

Cushman, A.A.

Daugherty, Viola

Reiff, E.A. & F.M.

Switzer, G.C.

Eisenbach, W.W.

Kirkpatrick, H.

McClellan, Meda

Farst, Luthera

Hagelbarger, M.

Phipps, Frank

Force, Rob. & Cath.

Ramsey, T.B.

Plank, W.L.

Stafford, W. & R.

Grubb, J.A.

Bemiller, S. & C.

Hitchman, B.

Oberlin, S.M.

Hammon, J.M.

Guisinger, W.A.



Coe, Mary

McCullough, H.C.

Hubbs, Pearl

Trustees of M.S. Church

Greer, Henry

Leedy, Jemima

Swank, Elmer

Hubbs, Floyd

Wise, Laura

Hubbs, Margaret

Hubbs, Ada

Mix, Lizzie

Cushman, A. & L.

Bone, William

Pearce, J.B.

Geiselman, J.

Wise, M.A.

Leedy, Dory

Price, Leah

Grubb, Ena

Dilts, John

Greer, Rachael

Darling, Robt.

Trustees of M.P.C

Innes, J.E.

Daniels, M. & F.

Overholt, E.

Bowman, C.

Greer, H. & H.

Greer, McCarthy

Hissong, W.L.

Hissong, Levi

Wise, Sylvia

Wise, Floyd

Wallace, E.A.

Winkler, W.E.

Faust, Oliver & V.

Wallace, E.A.

Cox, Fred R.

Reeder, Phillip

McClay, D.W.

Hess, George

Ford, Hoyt

Federal – Buster Corp.

Bemiller, S.E.

Fisher, John

Griffeth, Mary

Etz, Albert

Swank, Jacob

Kern, John W.

Grubb, Jos.

Thuma, Nellie

Morgan, D.A.

Secrist, L.R.

Neal, Anna

Neal, A.P.

Armstrong, John

Whistler, Sam

George, Ira & C.

I.O.O.F. Lodge

Spayde & Black

Citizens Bank

Wise, Marilla

K. of  P. Hall

Beal, Floyd L.

Ritchie, R.H.

Harris, Clarence

Winkler & McBride

Beal, F.L.

Geiselman, J.D.

Zartman, David

Rinehart, Wades

Guisinger, W.A.

Butler Equity Ex.

Richland Handle Co.

Hammon, J. & G.

Bemiller, D.J.

Clank, Mabel

Bemiller, W. & C.

Loos, Fannie

Spayde, A. & A.

Keefer, George

Bone, W.F.

Scott, D.C.

Beal, O.L. & F.L.

Hazlett, Edgar

N.E. Church Par.

Reed, J.A.

Bumpus, J.F.

Plank, Mabel

Burkholder,, W.O.

Taylor, Chas.

Home Oil & Gas Co.


Traxler, H.M.

McKown, D.W.

Culp, Myra

Culp, Myra C.

Geiselman, J.D.

Winkler, Wm E.

Hill, B.C.

Hill, Benj. C.

Bell, E.A.

Bingman, A.L.

Eisenbach, H.C.

Hale, A.R.

Swank, G.C.

Stafford, Wm J.

Wise, Oscar

Hale, W.W.

Savini, V. & M.

Leedy, Dora H.

Kirkpatrick, H.

Friday, Jacob

Wise, Floyd E.

Wise, Marilla

Remy, John

Yarger, Otis

Yarger, O.H.

Law, John

Brubaker, T.J.

Phipps, Robt.

Culp, Myra

Swank, L. & A.

Leedy, Aaron

Long & McCuen

Swank, Lyman

Swank, Carleton

Divelbiss, Frank

Divelbiss, Leva

Harrison, D.

Harrison, Dell

Mathews, Wm W.


Heldenbrand, A.

McFerren, F.

McFerren, Frank

Stafford, W.J.

Brubaker, Leo

Swank, Chester

Swank, L. & A.

Swank, L.L.

Winkle, Fay

Ruby, John A.

Warren, Sam.

Mathews, Wm



Trustees of Evan.

Statler, Jno. M.

Cutnaw, J. & E.

Swank, Mary

Davis, S.J. & J.M.

Grubb, Wm B.

Wise, Marilla

Countryman, W.

Phipps & Plank

Daugherty, Ethel

Wilson, D.L. & Ida

Freehafer, U.F.

Butterbaugh, G.

Beal, Floyd

Citizens Bank

Grubb, William

Coe, Jno. & M.

McCuen, H.

Geiselman, J. & D.

Mishey, James

Harrison, Dora

Culp, Myra C.

Swank, Chester

Bell, Essie R.

Swank, L. & A.

Wise, Jacob

McCullough, Jos.

Ritchie, Jas.

First Presbyterian

Coe, John

Taylor, Chas.

Wise, Oscar

Andrews, Wm.

Murphy, Alma

Collier, W.H.

Statler, Jno.

Swank, M.A.

Swank, L.L.

Ruby, John A.



Delong, Eda

Teeter, John

Remy, John

Ramsey, Eliz.

Lewis, Elosia

Stewart, Geo.

Wolford, Anne

Stahl, E.P.

O’Hearn, M.

O’Hearn Ida

Secrist, R.

Wharton, Isaac

Stake, James

Bowman, B.

Bell, E.A.

Kunkle, Delevan

Cates, C. & S.

Beeman, C.

Oberlin, S.M.

Mix, Glenn J.

Beeman, Con.

Halsey, Chas. & Mae

Clever, Alvin

Young, Silvia L.

Young, Ora M.

Switzer, Gertrude

Wharton, I. & E.

Farst, Elizabeth

Zody, Leland & Annis

Stake, Jennie

Stahl, Eliza.

Butterbaugh, S.

O’Hearn,, I.M.



Bowlus, E. & G.

Pritchard, B. & H.

Brooks, J.C.

McCullough, I.

Bingman, A.L.

Pearce, James B.

Renner Weber Co.

Ramey, Blanche

Hosfeld, J.M.

Zartman, D.

Treen, Anna

Bierly, Wm

Frye, Sophia

Stanton, F.

Nichols, Anna

Bemiller & Phipps

Taylor, Hallie

Crowner, Mattie

Crowner, M.B.

Scott, W.O. & M.A.

Stanton, E.E.

Bemiller, Arabella

Zartman, David

Wohlford, Anna

Bumpus, J.F.

Scott, W. & M.

Teeter, N. & K.

Pritchard, A.

Ramsey, Z.A.

Dalbey, E.C. & L.M.

Young, Amos



Neer, E.W.

Emmet, Maria

Lamb & Hart

Guisinger, W.A.

Neer, Edward

Switzer, D.J.

McCready, O.M.

Bemiller, S. & C.

Beal, Nellie E.

Garber, Maria

Zartman, David

Grubb, Jos.

Stafford, W. & R.

Statler, John

Beveridge, Lee

Teeter, N. & K.

Scott, W.O. & M.A.

Wise, Oscar

Baker, F. & S.

Mix, Mary L.

Morrison, W. & C.

Leedy, Chas. M.

Shafer, Ithmar

Lewis, Maude

Lewis, B.P.

Andrews, Wm

Traxler, H.M.

Swank, A. & L.

James & Hess



Stanton, E.E.

Price, Leah

Scott, W.O. & M.A.

Wise, Laura A.

Shaffer, F. & V.

Snavely, Daniel

Teeter, Manuel

Teeter, M.M.

Ralston, Elmer

Thanks to Suzie for creating this index.  (1/08)

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