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Cass Twp., 1890

Instructions:  Check each INDEX page for the name of your ancestor.  Once you've located the name, click on the coordinating section map to see where their property was located.

CLICK HERE to see how the sections in Cass Township are arranged.

** The NAMES of property owners can be found on the extreme RIGHT EDGE of the MAP page.

Section Index Map

Name Index

Section 1


Noble, John


Miller, Daniel

Hoak, H.D.

Moffitt, Hiram

Chamberlain, Matilda

Gettings, Wm.

Scoby, Archibal

Eckey, H.W.

Noble, Wm.

Tongue, Henry

Hodges, Eliza

Seaman, Samuel

Mosier, Jane

Hodges, Elizabeth

Miller, William

Moser, Jane

Noble, W.P.

Church Lot

Culver, O.

Hoak, Cath.

Davis, S. & L.

Dawson, E. T.

Ma ? ing, H. S.

Page, Anna

Dawson, Florence

McBride, O. E.



Section 2



Bray, Eliza--heirs

Bray, Samuel

Barns, A. B.

Dick, Levi

Miller, Frank W. & Cora E.

Martin, Wm.

Mosier, Jane

McBride, Calvin

McBride, Alexander

Opdyke, C. L.

Prame, F.

Pettit, Wm.

Page, Anna

Strimple, S. O.

Willet, Wm.

Vilger, Sarah J.

Barns, T. A.

Bray, S. N.

Mt. Hope Cemetery



Section 3



Brown, Amelia J.

Barnes, Ross R.

Carmichael, James

Carmichael, Robert & Ann

Carmichael, Anna

Davidson, Mary L.

Hodges, H. T.

McBride, Robt. A.

McBride, Lucy A.

Pettit, Merrit

Ruckman, Daniel

Rooks, Elizabeth

School Lot

Cockburn, Algy

Robinson, Clyde

Miller, Jacob   Est.

Lofland, Ned

Brumback, A. F.

Willet, P.L.   et al



Section 4



Cole, T. F.

Dickey, Michael

Deviney, M.M. (sp. Devincy on map)

Dick, Josiah

Helfer, Peter

Paterson, Eben  (sp. Patterson on map)

Payne, L or S. M.

Ruckman, Daniel

Seaton, Marvin W.

Willet, William

Willet, Abram

Patterson, Mary E.

Brumback, E. S.

Myers, Andrew



Sections 9 & 10



Bevier, Mathew

Briggs, Robert

Briggs, M.

Malick, Daniel

Mount, Andrew

Willet, William

Willet, John

Willet, Abram

Willet, Wm.---heirs

Willet, A. J.

Beelman, Christian

Barnes, J. B.

Baldwin, Wm.

Dick, Isaac

Dawson, Jno. W.

Dawson, Ira & M.

Dawson, Sarah S.

Hodges, H. T.

Landes, Tobias

Mattison, Wm.

Markham, Jos.

Nelson, Matilda

Smith, Jno. E.

Cline, Jno.

Grascot, A. D.

Willet, P. L.---et al

Mattison, John




Sections 11 & 12



Adams, Daniel

Backensto, Henry

Champion, Wm. C. & W. S.

Ferree, W. A.

Ferrell, Peter

Gilger, John

Gilger, Joseph

Gettings, Wm.

Long, Wm. R.

McLaughlin, Wesley

Swanger, Eli

School Lot

Wolf, Jno.

Shiloh Corporation

McLaughlin, W. W. & S. W.

McBride, O. E.



Sections 13 & 14



Broach, Peter

Douglass, Mary

Delancy, Jos. W.

Delancy, Jacob

Ferrell, Peter----heirs

Glasgow, Eli

Henry, Cyrus

Henry, William

Hollenbaugh, Susan

Hollenbaugh, Isaac

Kinsel, T. F.

Leppo, T. H.

McCormic, A. A.

Mead, Sarah

Nelson, Catherine

Robison, J. D.

Sewell, H. P.

Snyder, Artie

Backensto, Henry

Clay, Tracy

Guthrie, Oliver

Guthrie, James

Garrett, Sarah

Marriott, Saml.

Swanger, Alex. J.

Swanger, Lone C.

White, H. N.

Smith, Jno. E.

Smith, Carrie

Clemens, Mary

Nelson, David

Doyle, John T.

Ferree, W. A.

Douglas, Nana




Sections 15 & 16



Bevier, Lewis

Bevier, Samuel

Clark, Z. J.

Malick, Jno. A.

White, H. N.

Willet, Abram.

Willet, Thos.

Willet, William

Willet, Wm. ---- heirs

Willet, P. L.

Willet, A. J.

Downend, Chas.

Downend, Thomas

Mount, Andrew

Moore, J. & M. A.

School Lot

Ward, Sarah E.

Mattison, John

Dawson, Jno. H. & Sarah L.





Sections 21 & 22



Bevier, Rebecca

Fitzmons, Paddy (sp. Fitzmorris on map)

Fitzmorris, E.

Moore, Jno. L.

Moore, James

Moore, Catherine

Moore, John

Quinn, Angeline

Willet, A. J.

Willet, Abraham

Adams, Isaac

Dick, Josiah

Dick, Levi

Kuhn, Cyrus

Kuhn, S. M.

Willet, A. H. & S.

Malone, Ida

Malone, Matilda




Sections 23 & 24


Bloom, Salathiel S.

Bloom, S.

Cronenwett, Hulda M.  ( Cranford written above Cronenwett)

Bloom, C. L.

Kester, Hester A.

Moore, J. L.

Meyer, Luella J. (sp. Meier on map)

Marriott, Saml.

Nelson, David

Mohn, E. S.

Bradley, Thos.S.

Glasgow, Eli

Lybarger, L. & A.

Lybarger, Valentine

Lybarger, M. E. & A. E.

McBride, T. J.

Stevenson, Duncan

Stout, Ed

Sackman, Henry (looks like Fackler on map)

School Lot

Kohl, Geo.

Co______?, W. D.

Ga______?, Jno. S.




Sections 25 & 26



Bloom, Geo.

Dick, Geo.

Glasgow, Eli

Glasgow, Otho

Glasgow, Mary

Lybarger, Wm.

Shambs, Geo.

Sonders, Geo.

Shatzer, J. W.

Shatzer, Mary A.

Bestline, Michael

Bestline, Margaret

Farick, Daniel

Farick, John

Freize, D. K.

Fiseworth, Eliza

Flutter, J. M.

Stroup, David

Wood, J. C.

Zeiters, David

Zeiters, Jacob

Zeiters, Cora C.

Fackler, Henry

Wood, A.

E____?, Jno.

Reynolds, F. L.

Stout, J. & J.

Barber, J. S.

Sheely, F. W.

Stout, A.




Sections 27 & 28


Adams, Isaac

Dick, Levi

Fireoved, Levi

Friezr, D. K.

Sheely, Jacob

Wentz, Solomon

Wentz, Eliz.

Zeiters, Jacob

Zeiters, C___?  B.

Zeiters, David

Cemetery Lot

Bushey, Jacob

Briggs, Mariah

Finicle, W. S.

Fitzmorris, Paddy

Finicle, David

Moore, Thos.

Moore, John

May, Henry

Quinn, Angeline

Rone, Jacob

Swartz, Mary G.

Bricker, Jas. A.

Malone, Matilda

Bristline, E.

S____?, Jno. C.

Dalton, R.




Sections 33 & 34


Adams, S. J. & G.

Bushey, Abram. Jr.

Bushey, Eliz.

Dick, H. M.

Finicle, David

Hershiser, Lewis

Hershiser, L. M.

Hollenbaugh, W. S.

Kramer, Abram.

Miller, H. T. & Jno.

Wentz, L. S.

Snyder, David

Bloom, George

Cline, Benjamin

Dick, Josiah

Eastley, Jno.

Lybarger, Oliver

Miller, Isaac E.

Stroup, David

Stern, Henry

School Lot

Stroup, S. L.

Sheely, M. E. & ?




Sections 35 & 36


Buck & Bloom

Salathial & Bloom

Dempsey, Jno.

Dick, Josiah

Fackler, Henry

Wider, Edom

School Lot

Ficker, Wesley ( sp. Fiches on map)

Fickers, Austin J.

Holtz, Simron ( Simon on map)

Lybarger, Lewis

Lautermilich, C.

Lautermilich, John

Russell, Seville

Russell, Chas.

Schambs, Geo.

Thanks to Dina for indexing this map set.  (1/08)

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